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Military Jacket for Women
  Outfit Ideas

Military Jacket for Women Outfit Ideas

The military trend is coming back and going out of style for several years now. Each time it has a different character. When you say military jacket I think of big silver or gold buttons, rich embroidery and interesting cut. Nowadays, under the term military jacket, we can also find the green parks and olive buds.

This time we will stick with the first group. I like the luxurious and rich models of military jackets. If you are looking to pair them with your clothes, don’t worry, we will. And you will see how easy it can be.
You can look elegant and cool if you pair it with different materials. However, remember that you can also look very elegant when you pair your military jacket with a nice dress or skirt.

I chose some of the best combinations, just for you! Scroll down to see how you wear and integrate military jacket into your wardrobe.

Military jacket + tulle skirt

military jacket tulle

When I said I love when the military jacket looks rich, I meant exactly this. Look at this embroidery work. It looks good! Wear it with the black belt buckle and tulle skirt for a super cool look. Pair it with the flat boots, made of high-heeled stilettos.

Crop Military Jacket + Leggings

alloy jackets leggings

If you thought the white classic sweater is just for sleeping, I’m afraid you’ve slept on the wrong side of the pillow.
Wear this military cropped jacket with gold buttons in combination with the white sleeveless tee and high waist leggings with a detailed gold waist.

Velvet Military Jacket + White Dress

velvet military jacket

If you want to look super glamorous, just wear a velvet military jacket. On the other hand, you can facilitate this glam look with the simple A-line dress, made in white cotton fabric. If you really are a velvet fan, you can also try wearing the shoes, made from this material.

Military jacket + white skirt

military jacket white skirt

These types of jackets will never go out of style. This military jacket has red details on the sleeves and silver buttons. It is very elegant and elegant. Wear it with the pleated white skirt and high thigh boots, for an elegant and romantic winter look. Add details like red bag or baskets.

Military jacket + jeans

military jacket jeans

This could be your new work clothes. It looks so chic and relaxed that you want this combination every day. The military jacket has gold embroidery details and gold buttons. Under it you can wear a classic white button-down shirt and a nice jeans. Finish it with vintage two-color shoes.

Green military jacket + black jeans

military jacket blazer

A great way to design your military blazer is to wear it as a jacket. Under it you can wear a white tee and black jeans as the bottom. Wear a belt, because it looks like a super cool detail.
Snakeskin boots and a bandana give this combination a very interesting finish.

Military jacket + Camel sweater

military jacket camel

I didn’t know that the navy blue and the camel color can look so good together! This embroidery jacket looks very luxurious, so you should pair it with something elegant. You can do this by combining it with the tulle skirt and camel turtleneck. Add a bag, with floral embroidery for an even better look.

Military jacket + cat heels

military jacket kitten heels

The Vogue France editor loves to wear military jackets. It’s definitely a sign that you should at least consider recreating her style. It looks very elegant and simple. The combination is very easy to do. All you need is a fantastic pair of black jeans paired with the white tee and a fantastic black military jacket with the red details.

Black military jacket + leather pants

military jacket leather pants

Leather pants and military jacket make a perfect staple combination! If you want to achieve this stylish look, you should pair your black military jacket with the black button and leather legs. Round everything up with open-toe ankle boots.

Military jacket + mom jeans

military jacket mom jeans

You can get this amazing admiral look if you pair your military jacket in fine olive color, and high waist and A-line mommy jeans. It is a fantastic chic outfit combination for both everyday and special occasions.
For the shoes you choose fine sandals with the wrist strap.

Military jacket + Maxi skirt

military jacket maxi skirt

If you’re ever wondering what a modern queen looks like, here’s a great example of that!
This military jacket looks very nice because of the furry details and gold embroidery which is very rich and nicely done. To give your outfit a modern look, pair it with the white printed tee and maxi white skirt.

Military jacket + pleated mini skirt

military jacket mini skirt

Pair your military jacket with the mini pleated skirt to get a super casual yet elegant look that you can wear every day. You can combine it with pointed toe boots for a modern vibe.
Finish it with the small bag in fine brown leather.

Military jacket + brown sweater

military jacket brown sweater

This jacket looks a little different from the others. It doesn’t have gold or silver details but it has a lot of embroidery on it. It is made in stunning olive green color and it looks like you borrowed your grandfather’s medals from war to embroider your military look. This is a perfect jacket that can easily be worn every day.

Military jacket + black mules

military jacket mullets

A great way to style your military jacket is to wear it with ripped jeans and fishnet tights. If you want to look even more trendy, style them with the black mules, which are huge autumn trends.
Military jacket looks fantastic with embroidery and silver details.

These were the 14 best outfit ideas I have prepared for you today. I hope you liked it and that you will try to integrate a military jacket into your wardrobe.
As you can see, you can wear it as an elegant staple, but you can very easily turn it into an everyday jacket that you will love. It looks just as good in pairs with both jeans and skirts.

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