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Navy Blue Bodycon Dress

Navy Blue Bodycon Dress Outfits

I know many people just love to wear bodycon dresses for proms and cocktail parties because the dresses make them look elegant and feminine. There is no doubt that the black bodycon dress has the most popular color. But you should also consider wearing navy blue bodycon dresses. It is such a beautiful and understated color. To show how good they look and how to design them, I've put together a list of some of the best navy blue bodycon dress outfit ideas. Let's look at the interesting list now. 

Navy Blue Long Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress

navy long-sleeved bodycon midi dress

I'll start with the list with a navy midi bodycon dress with long sleeves. It has a timeless design and cutting that is relatively easy to pull off. With no deep cut in the v-neck and no backless cutting, the dress is just simple and elegant. You can pair it with white heels with open toe in the heels to complement a beautiful little outfit that is perfect for proms and cocktail parties. 

Navy blue short-sleeved bodice with deep V-neck

If you want to look a little sexier, here is a navy bodycon dress that comes with a deep v-neck cut. To build a stylish look around this dress you can wear white heels and a white clutch bag. 

Blue spaghetti strap Velvet Bodycon Midi dress

blue spaghetti strap velvet bodycon midi dress

If you have beautiful shoulders and sleeves, even better with beautiful skins, a long-sleeved or short-sleeved dress may not be the best choice for you. How about wearing a navy blue spaghetti strap in velvet bodycon dress to show off your strengths a bit. This bodycon dress is such a beautiful dress with so much depth. An interesting way to style it would be to carry some nice pieces with you to create some contrast. For example, wear black leather boots and a black choker to complete the suit. 

Criss Cross Neck Cutout Bodycon Dress

criss cross neck cutout bodycon dress

For a more unique and sexy look, you can wear this navy blue criss cross bodycon dress with several cutouts at the waist. For those who have a slim waist, this dress is perfect. Pair the dress with black ankle strap with open toe heels to get a minimal and sexy look. 

Navy Blue Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Dress with Lace Detail

navy spaghetti bodycon dress lace details

If you want a feminine touch for your outfit, some lace details in your dress can really help. For example, you can wear a navy spaghetti strap bodycon dress that comes with a lace semi-sheer hem. This small elegant detail can make a lot of difference. Pair the dress with silver heeled heels for a feminine and elegant look. 

Navy blue long-sleeved bodycon dress

navy blue long sleeve bodycon dress

Up to this point I have mentioned many bodycon dresses that are designed for proms and cocktail parties. Now you can wear this navy blue high-neck bodycon dress for parties and you can wear it casual as a casual street outfit or a business casual outfit. If you are going to wear the dress for a cocktail party or a prom, silver open heels of silver are the best choice. Otherwise you can wear the dress with black ballet flats or black ankle strap heels. 

Navy Criss Cross Neck Bodycon Dress

navy criss cross body body dress

For those of you who are managers or managers who love to wear the dress when you go to work, here is a dress that is perfect to wear for corporate events. With this navy blue criss cross body dress and the white open toe heels, this outfit is formal enough for you to look formal and powerful. The white clutch bag helps you a lot so that you are also professional. 

Navy blue dress with semi-Sheer Mesh Stripes

navy dress half pure mesh band

If you're not comfortable showing too much skin but you want to look feminine and low-key sexy, here's a navy bodycon dress that has some pretty semi-sheer mesh details. As for the shoes, I recommend that you wear silver open toe heels to complement this outfit with a little extra elegance. 

Navy Velvet Bodycon Midi Dress with Slit

navy velvet bodycon midi dress with slit

A velvet dress often looks deep and beautiful. This navy velvet bodycon dress is a good example of that. The dress has a subtle slit design that makes the dress look even more feminine. Pair this dress with black ankle strap with open toe heels to complement this low profile yet elegant outfit. 

Navy blue from shoulder Midi dress with white open toe heels

navy blue from shoulder midi dress white open toe heels

Like a bodycon dress is a skinny fit dress that shows your curves and makes you look feminine. It makes sense to throw in another feminine feature in the dress to further push the envelope. As you can see from this navy blue dress, the off-the-shoulder trim works just wonderfully with a bodycon dress. Easily wear the dress with white heels with open toe heels and you would have a minimal and sexy outfit. 

Navy Fringe Bodycon Mini Dress

navy fringed bodycon mini dress

Usually, bodycon dresses are about elegance and there is nothing wild and rough about it. But this navy fringed bodycon dress shows that the details of the fringe can actually dramatically change the overall style of the dress. Wear black heels with open toe to complement this unique and elegant look. 

Bodycon Sequin Dress with three quarter sleeves

three quarter sleeve bodycon sequin dress

I just have to mention a sequin dress when it comes to bodycon dresses. Black sequins with bodyconcon and silver dresses are extremely popular. The navy blue ones look good too. They are just underrated right now. For an elegant and eye-catching look, you can wear this three-quarter sleeve bodycon dress with silver sequin pattern. The open toe heels in silver would be the best choice for shoes. 

Navy Choker Bodycon Mini Dress

navy choker bodycon mini dress

For a sexy and trendy look, you can wear a navy bodycon choker dress. The choke neck also leads to a sexy open chest. Pair the dress with black heels with an open toe for a stylish look. 

Navy Blue Backless Bodycon Dress

navy backless bodycon dress

For an extremely sexy look, you can wear a navy backless bodycon dress. This is especially suitable for those who have beautiful skin. Pair the dress with silver heels to complement the outfit with elegance. 

Off Shoulder Sweetheart Neckline Bodycon Dress

off shoulder sweetheart neckline bodycon dress

For a feminine look, you can wear a navy beloved neckline bodycon dress. Pair it with either black heels or silver heels to complete this low-cut sexy and minimal look. 

I hope you enjoy the list above which contains some of the best navy bodycon dress outfit ideas. Remember that black looks great but it is definitely not your only choice when it comes to parties and proms. 


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