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Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeve

Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top

If I have to choose an item that you can build a feminine casual outfit around, the watch sleeve off the shoulder is definitely one of my top 5 choices, if not my first pick. For those who have beautiful skins, it is very likely that you would have beautiful shoulders and sleeves. Wearing an off shoulder top is a low-key way to look sexy and amazing. To help you get off to a good start, I have put together some of the best of the top shaft sleeve top equipment ideas for a list. Let's dive right in. 

Black off shoulder bell sleeve top with skinny jeans

The watch sleeve off the shoulder is most popular in white and black. Here is a black that looks stylish and timeless. To build a stylish and casual outfit around the black top, you can simply wear blue skinny jeans and black banded sandals. The top is already so attractive in its own right that you just need to put it in a simple outfit to look wonderful. 

Black and white vertical striped shoulder blouse

black and white vertical striped shoulder blouse

To get a refreshing look, the white jeans would probably do just that. Pair the white skinny jeans with a black and white vertical striped watch sleeve without shoulder blouse. Complete outfit with gray sandals and a light pink leather bag to give an extra feminine touch. 

White of shoulder clock sleeve shirt

white from shoulder bell shirt

This white off the shoulder sleeve shirt has a very creative and unique design. The neckline is like an extended collar on a white button up shirt. You can wear the nice shirt with a pair of hard ripped cut jeans. Pair the pieces with pale pink heels and a pink leather bag to complement this sleek and elegant outfit. 

White off shoulder blouse with blush pink lace skirt

white off the shoulder blush pink lace skirt

For an adorable look that is perfect for dating, this pink and white look is something you should consider. Wear a white from the shoulder sleeve blouse for the top. Pair it with a pink pink high waist pen skirt with lace details. Finally, carry white heels and a pink clutch bag for a little extra feminine feel. 

Black top with black ripped skinny jeans

black top dark blue ripped skinny jeans

Thanks to the feminine black from the shoulder top, the all-black suit doesn't look dark at all. It looks low-key sexy and deep instead. To get this look, wear the black watch sleeve with dark black ripped skinny jeans and a black leather case. You may want white heels instead of black ones to add some color. 

Color Block Bell Sleeve Blouse with jeans

color block bell sleeveless jeans

This is a clock sleeve without a shoulder blouse that has some really wide stripes that I would call them color blocks instead. You can pair the black and white top with cuffed skinny jeans and black laced toe heels to complement the outfit in a simple and clean way. 

Striped Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Blouse

striped shoulder sleeve blouse

This windy and elegant outfit is easily my favorite among the list. The suit consists of a wonderful white and gray stripe of shoulder-sleeve blouse, blue skinny jeans and brown leather boots. Pair them with a brown leather clutch bag to make the outfit look even more stylish. 

Gray off the shoulder bell top

gray from the top of the shoulder bell sleeve

Up until this point, the peaks that I mentioned have very subtle and naturally designed watch sleeves. Now let's look at a more crazy design. This is a gray top from the shoulders with an exaggerated clock sleeve design. You can pair it with an embroidered denim mini skirt and nude sandals to look youthful and beautiful. 

Black lace top with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

black lace top ripped boyfriend jeans

This is a very interesting outfit that has some nice pieces and some feminine pieces put together. It consists of a black shoulder top with lace details and a pair of hard-ripped boyfriends. The combination of these contrasting pieces looks really good. To better glue the pieces together, wear black heels to do just that. 

Blush Pink Off Shoulder Blouse with Flared Jeans

pink rose of shoulder blouse flared jeans

Here is an interesting idea to design this pink pink blouse from the back off the shoulders. If you think about it, the watch sleeve blouse looks like a shirt version of protruding pants, so it makes sense to pair it with protruding pants. In this case, the top is paired with puffed-out jeans and the result is feminine and elegant look. You can simply wear white heeled sandals to complement this amazing outfit. 

Red Off Shoulder Top with Denim Shorts

red denim shorts top

The red and blue color combination is a trick that can help you get people's attention every peak. As an example of such an outfit, you can pair a red bell sleeve without a shoulder with blue denim shorts. For the shoes you can wear white sneakers for a more casual look or white heeled sandals for a chic look. 

Floral bell top with white skinny jeans

floral watch sleeve top white skinny jeans

Up to this point we have seen many massive peaks. Now let's look at a floral top and see what it looks like as part of a relaxed street outfit. Here is a blue and white floral bell sleeve top that looks sexy and refreshing. You can simply pair it with white skinny jeans and nude platform sandals to look simple yet beautiful. 

Black top with embroidered denim skirt

black top embroidered denim skirt

Very rarely would you see people chucking an ax. It is easy to pull off the nasty suit because you can hide your stomach. But if you have a narrow waistline, you can definitely tip the black shoulder up into the dark blue embroidered denim skirt. Pair them with black ballet heels to make them look slim and thin. 

Navy floral blouse with gray skinny jeans

navy floral gray skinny jeans

This is a very cozy navy blue and gray look. To get this look you can wear a navy flower of the shoulder bell blouse with a pair of gray skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear nude heels in the ankle strap with open toe heels to give a feminine touch. 

Pink folded shoulder sweater with black mini skirt

pink folded shoulder top black mini skirt

For a unique ladylike look, you can carry the pink folder's shoulder pad that comes with a black bow bow. Pair it with a black mini skirt and black ballet heels to look gorgeous. 

Here is the watch sleeve off the shoulder that I want to share with you. Don't hide your beautiful shoulders and sleeves. Try these outfits and expand your outfit game. 


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