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Off The Shoulder Skater Dress

Off The Shoulder Skater Dress

The skater dress can sound like a sporty clothing by the name. But it is actually very misleading. It really is one of the most refreshing, youthful and feminine dress forms. There is something perfect to wear for cocktail parties, proms or casual. Today I will talk more specifically about a sexy version of it, namely the dress off the shoulder. To show you how stylish and versatile it is, I have put together a list of some of the best clothes for off-the-shelf clothing for an interesting list. Let me show you right now. 

Red Off Shoulder Skater Dress with black ankle shoes

Here is a red of shoulder skater dress that has a very typical and timeless cut. As you can see, the dress is not that difficult to pull off. At the same time it allows you to show off your beautiful shoulders and legs so that you look low-key sexy. To wear it as part of a street outfit, you can pair it with black leather boots and a stylish black necklace to complement the outfit with style. 

Black off the shoulder Sweetheart Neckline Skater Dress

black off shoulder sweetheart neckline skater dress

A typical off-shoulder skater dress like the previous one shows only the shoulders and sleeves. If you want to push the envelope further to show even more skin and curves, you may want to choose a darling darling with darling like this black one. This dress is perfect for cocktail parties and proms. All you have to do is pair it with open toe heels in black or silver. 

Black Off-Shoulder Cutout Skater Dress with mesh sleeve

black off shoulder cutout skater dress mesh sleeve

To look more elegant, you can choose a skater dress that has more beautiful details. For example, this black ski dress without a shoulder has a feminine mesh sleeve design. In addition, it has two small cutouts at the waist. Pair it with black heels with open toe to make this feminine and attractive look. 

Burgundy skater dress with black ballet heels

burgundy skater dress black ballet heels

A color that can make you look feminine and deep is the color of burgundy. You can pair a burgundy skater dress with a pair of black ballet heels to get a mature and elegant look. A black handbag would fit perfectly with the outfit. 

Wine Red Off The Shoulder Skater Mini Dress

burgundy off shoulder skater mini dress

For a slightly lighter color than burgundy, you have burgundy. To build an elegant and elegant cocktail suit around this red skater dress, you can wear it with a statement necklace and silver open heels in silver. 

White off-shoulder Floral Breezy dress

white off shoulder floral, windy dress

For a refreshing and beautiful look, look no further than this white floral skater dress. The cut off the shoulder and the refreshing floral pattern just fit perfectly, so you look both low-key sexy and airy. Wear light pink heels with open toe to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

White Off Shoulder Deep V Neck Skater Dress

white off shoulder deep v-neck skater dress

For a super sexy look, wear this white off-shoulder deep v-neck skater dress. You can pair it with a statement necklace and a black handbag to look more stylish. Finally, wear white heels with open toe on the heels to complete the suit. 

White Off Shoulder Skater Dress with Open Toe Heels

white off shoulder skater dress open toe heels

Although this is also a white ski dress without a shoulder, it is very different from the one mentioned earlier. It is one that has the typical skater dress, which means it has no deep cut of the v-neck. When you pair the white dress with white heels with open toe on the ankle, you just get the outfit so elegant. 

White skater dress with black leather cases

white skater dress black leather ankle

This white skater dress is almost the same as the one mentioned earlier. But I would really like to put this outfit idea here in the list to illustrate how wearing another pair of shoes can make a world of difference. By replacing the white open-toe heels with black leather boots, the outfit becomes a very stylish street outfit instead of a cocktail party outfit. 

Blush Pink Off-Shoulder Skater Dress

pink pink off shoulder skate dress

The color of the dress can also make a world of difference. To look completely feminine and adorable, wear a pink pink color from the skirt dress. For the shoes, either black or silver open toe heels would work perfectly. 

White and blue floral skater dress

white and blue floral skater dress

For a refreshing and ladyike outfit that can make you stand out in a cocktail party, you can wear a white and blue floral midi-skater dress. The colors and the trim make the dress look so blushy. Use silver with open toe heels to give an elegant touch of the outfit. 

Two tone of the shoulder skirt dress

two toned off shoulder skate dress

Here is a more unique skater dress. It is a two-tone dress without a shoulder with the upper part in black and the lower part in white. It also has some beautiful lace details along the bottom edge. The perfect shoes to wear with the dress would be the black heels with open toe. 

Black lace of shoulder mini dress

black lace of the shoulder mini dress

If you want to look a little more mature and feminine, some lace details in your dress can often help. For example, you can wear this black lace-up skirt dress with silver open heels to get an elegant and mature look. This is the kind of dress for executives and managers to wear for corporate events such as annual dinners. 

Burgundy Strapless Sweetheart Velvet Skater Dress

burgundy strapless darling velvet skater dress

Whether you go for a walk or a cocktail party, wearing this outfit would probably catch all the attention. The dress here is a burgundy of the shoulder sweetheart skater dress made of velvet. Both the fabric and the color make the dress look deep and sophisticated. To make the outfit more elegant, wear the dress with black socks and black ballet heels to complete the suit. 

I hope you can enjoy the ideas I have just shared with you from the shoulders. These clothes are simply gorgeous but they are surprisingly easy to pull off. For your next cocktail party or prom, you may want to consider one of these clothes. 


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