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Open Shoulder Dress Outfit

Open Shoulder Dress Outfit Ideas

For those who want to look refreshing, fun and low-key sexy without showing much skin at all, the open shoulder dress will be a great choice. Today, I will mainly cover street outfit ideas that can make you look attractive and customizable whether you are wearing the costume for dating or for casual hangouts. The most important thing is that these clothes I'm talking about are very easy to pull off. So here are some of the best open shoulder dress ideas I've collected for you. Let's jump right in. 

Black and White Polka Dot Open Shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress

Usually you can very easily build a casual and beautiful outfit around an open shoulder dress, but to start the list with a little surprise I'll show you this vintage look. To achieve this, you can wear an open shoulder black and white waist dress that comes with some nice ruffle details. Pair it with pale pink banded open toe heels to give an extra feminine touch. 

Green Open Shoulder Long Sleeve Mini Shift Dress

green open shoulder long sleeve mini shift dress

Now let's look at a very minimal and refreshing look. To achieve this look, you can wear an olive green open shoulder dress with long sleeves. Pair it with a pair of light gray suede boots. To look more stylish, you should have a long boho style necklace to make the beautiful look. 

White Open Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Mini Shift Dress

white open shoulder ruffle sleeve mini shift dress

For those who like to look innocent and relaxed, you might want to try a white mini-shift dress. This time, the dress comes with an open shoulder and a ruffle sleeve design that makes it look more unique. Pair the dress with metallic sneakers in a very creative way to complement the outfit nicely. 

Sky blue open shoulder Floral embroidered ruffle dress Mini

sky blue open shoulder floral embroidered ruffled mini dress

To get an absolutely gorgeous look, you might want to try this outfit dominated by the sky blue color. Wear a sky blue cold shoulder floral embroidered mini shift dress to form this outfit. Wear light pink striped heeled sandals and a neon pink shoulder bag to look even more ladylike. 

White Semi-Sheer Open Shoulder Chiffon Swing Dress

white semi open shoulder chiffon swing dress

Now let's try a more unique and artistic black and white look. To get this cool look, wear a white, open shoulder chiffon swing dress that has some boho style details. Pair it with a pair of black suede ankle boots and a black felt hat to complement the outfit with an elegant touch. For more outfit ideas of similar hats, you may want to check out our blog on how to design a black felt hat. 

Gray Tribal Printed Mini Skater Dress

gray tribal printed mini skater dress

This is a very beautiful and unique outfit. But it's not just that. The trim of the dress can actually make you look long and slim. In detail, the dress is a gray tribal printed mini-blown dress. Pair it with black sandals and a stem printed clutch bag to complement this super chic look. 

Pale pink open shoulder lace hang mini dress

light pink open shoulder lace mini dress

Sometimes, a few small details on your dress can make a world of difference to your overall look. Here, for example, is a pale pink mini dress with open shoulder that comes with a lace at the bottom hem that simply makes the dress look more feminine and attractive. Pair the dress with light pink heels with an open toe to complement this beautiful look. 

Blush Pink Three-Sleeve Sleeveless Open Shoulder Mini Lace Dress

blush pink three quarter sleeve open shoulder mini lace dress

Let's continue to look at another very ladylike look. To get this simple and beautiful look you can wear a blush pink three quarter sleeve open shoulder mini dress that has some beautiful lace details near the hem. Wear a long necklace and a pair of nude sandals to look refreshing. 

Black Tribal Printed Open Shoulder Mini Flared Dress

black tribal printed open shoulder mini flared dress

For those of you who love to wear boho style clothes, this is the one to keep in mind. The dress is a black tribal printed gathered waist dress in an open shoulder. Pair it with brown platform sandals and a brown fringed paper bag to complement the outfit with style. 

Gray Maxi Bodycon open shoulder dress with boots

gray maxi bodycon open shoulder dress with boots

To look cozy and relaxed you may want to choose a gray cotton dress. In this case, it comes in the form of a maxi bodycon open shoulder dress. To build a relaxed and elegant outfit around the dress you can wear a pair of black leather boots and a black leather shoulder bag. 

Sky blue floral embroidered ruffled midi blown dress

sky blue floral embroidered frilly midi-extended dress

This is a very attractive and refreshing look that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. To form this outfit, wear a sky blue, open shoulder floral embroidered midi-flared dress. The dress also comes with a combined waist cut and some beautiful ruffle designs that make you look lean and beautiful. For the shoes, light pink heels with open toe swear to complement the outfit with an extra feminine touch. 

Blush Pink Deep V Neck Tie Midi Mini Flared Velvet Dress

blush pink deep v-neckline waist mini blown velvet dress

This is not only a very sexy dress, it is also a very deep and beautiful dress thanks to the use of velvet fabric. In detail, the dress is a pink pink deep v-neck mini-extended dress. You can simply pair it with pale pink ankle strap with open toe heels to complement this ladylike all-pink look. 

Blue and white striped open shoulder Mini-dress

blue and white striped mini dress with open shoulder

This is such a youthful and refreshing street look that can make you look very approachable. To get this amazing look, wear a blue and white striped open shoulder mini dress that also comes with some cartoon prints. Pair the dress with nude sandals and a white straw hat to look beautiful and unique. 

Sky Blue Mini Swing Dress with white sneakers

sky blue mini swing dress with white sneakers

This outfit is probably the simplest suit among the list. It is especially suitable for those looking for a very causal and youthful street equipment. To get this look, just wear a sky blue mini open shoulder gown and pair it with white sneakers. 

Black and gray open shoulder T-shirt dress with sandals

black and gray open shoulder dress with sandals

For those of you who like to wear t-shirt dresses, here is a black and gray striped open shoulder t-shirt dress that is a low-key sexy version of what you wear. Pair the dress with a pair of brown banded sandals to complement the outfit in a refreshing way. 

I hope you like the open shoulder dresses that I just mentioned above. For those looking for sexy and refreshing outfit ideas, the list above should be a good place to start. 


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