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Open Shoulder Sweater Outfit

Open Shoulder Sweater Outfit Ideas

Achieving a relaxed and relaxed look is not always easy, but it is possible. Jeans and sweater combinations are the best for winter. When I try to design something or add some other staples, I quickly go back to my favorite sweater and slim high waisted jeans. In this post we will see how to wear an open shoulder sweater – the ultimate elegant staple on a cool girl.

Open shoulder sweater is a fairly casual and stylish clothing that you can wear every day. It works perfectly with jeans, pants, heels or flats. You can wear it standard or oversized. Whatever you choose, it will always look very elegant.

I tried to collect all the best outfit ideas on how to wear this lovely sweater. You will see how cool girls wear this garment and how you can recreate their style.

Ripped or open shoulder sweater

open shoulder shirt worn

Yes, I know it looks like it's broken. But at the same time, this turtleneck sweater looks so cool! This navy blue knit sweater is perfectly paired with khaki pants and a brown snakeskin bag.
You can wear white or black ankle boots and super cool everyday sunglasses.

Every day combination

open shoulder sweater every day

When I mentioned the combination jeans-sweater, I mean something like that. A navy blue knitted open shoulder sweater is great for work, casual meetings or walks. If you want, you can wear high heels or ankle boots, depending on where you plan to wear this outfit.

Layered with dress

open shoulder sweaters stock

This sparkling navy dress looks very elegant. But if you like it and want to wear it as a casual outfit combination, put it on with a black turtleneck and voila! You have calmed it down to be more relaxed and suitable for occasional occasions.

Elegant and neutral shades

neutral shades in shoulder sweater

This sweater looks very comfortable. When you wear it with black cargo pants (surprisingly, right?) You get an ultimate chic and stylish look that is perfect for work. Neutral colors are suitable for everyday wear; the key is in detail. Put on some minimal jewelry and finish with a small purse.

Striped open shoulder sweater

striped sweater with open shoulder

Watch sleeves, stripes and cut shoulders – three huge trends in just one outfit combination! If you add very interesting asymmetrical denim skirts, your outfit will definitely be a head turner.
Navy blue is almost the same as black. It's so easy to work with and it connects with literally everything.


open shoulder shirt minimalist

I love the minimalist way to dress. The spotted jeans are fantastic to design with ankle boots, as well as with mules, like these in the picture above. Minimalists always go with neutral and basic colors such as black, white, beige or any other pastel color.
This outfit is a perfectly acceptable option for temporary and daily occasions.

Silk skirt and white sweater

open shoulder sweater silk skirt

This is not a classic open shoulder sweater, but what if you want to do it yourself? Just pair in a large open shoulder sweater with a silk skirt above. Mix materials to get a super chic outfit that you can wear for many casual and elegant occasions. This outfit will really make you feel better.

autumn colors

open shoulder sweater colors

These fall colors are really amazing. The open shoulder sweater is made of crocheted thread. Velvet burgundy pants seem very warm and comfortable. If you want to add a trendy touch to this look, pair it with the straw bag, which was very popular last summer.

Slim jeans and heels

open shoulder sweater naked sandals

The dark gray sweater is very stylish. If you are a jeans person (as I am), you will mix it with ripped skinny jeans and nude high heel sandals.
This combination is great for weekend coffee or shopping with your girlfriends.

Red and vinyl

open shoulder vinyl

Red is bright and very happy color to wear. But it is also sophisticated and elegant. This open shoulder sweater looks really fantastic in combination with vinyl pants. Make them even chic by rolling them up. Round everything off with bare pointed toe shoes and a small handbag.


open shoulder strap striped red black

Black and red stripes seem perfect when paired with high waisted jeans. One sleeve is long, while the neckline is full of ruffles. This sweater is amazing, and the best option is to wear it – well, right away! It seems very comfortable, while your clothes remain stylish. When it comes to shoes, wear flats, mules or ankle boots.

Red and black combination

open shoulder red red black

When you pair black and red shades in an outfit, it looks nothing short of amazing. The look seems elegant and very sophisticated. You can wear it for dinners, business meetings or for working hours.
These two colors can give your clothes a luxurious lift you need.

Mixing pattern

open shoulder blend pattern

This outfit is the real example of how you should not be afraid to mix patterns and materials. If you had these two staples together, I guess you wouldn't even think about pairing them together, but look at this photo above! Striped pants together with this open shoulder sweater make a fantastic combination.

All-Black Everything

open shoulder sweater everything black everything

All-black outfits are the best for combining. You don't worry about pairing shades; you can only worry about adding the right accessories. Here, as you can see, this outfit is dressed in burgundy strappy heels and white bag. They look fantastic and very elegant. The Culotte pants look very comfortable and flattering to wear.

Relaxed and elegant

open shoulder sweater white casual

As I said, the open shoulder sweater is a staple of cool girls. Anine Bing is definitely one of them. She pairs the white sweater with simple and elegant straight jeans and with white sneakers. This is an ideal combination for short walk, market or shopping. I love casual and elegant clothes that you can wear all the time.

Sweaters are perfect for winter as well as for spring and autumn. I think you should invest good money in sweaters since you will realistically end up wearing them most often in cold weather.
As you saw, the open shoulder sweater is a fantastic garment that you can design with many different staples and for many different occasions.
Make sure to read all the other outfit ideas we have prepared for you.


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