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Outfit Ideas Ballet Flats

Outfit Ideas Ballet Flats

This blog post is about wearing ballet flats with your clothes. Before I go on, I have to admit that I am one of those people who simply wears completely white sneakers most often when I dress casual, because you simply cannot be wrong about it. That being said, I rank ballet flats as the second most versatile shoe that can look good with almost any casual outfit. I have put together a list of beautiful ideas about ballet flats of different styles. Let's check them out now. 

Wear with denim shirt & navy leggings

light pink ballet flats denim shirt navy blue leggings

The pale pink or nude ballet flats have the color that fits really well with clothes of almost any color. As an example, you can simply wear a denim shirt and navy blue leggings with the light pink ballet flats. Wear a light green scarf to add some extra joy to the outfit. 

Wear with blue knee length dress & denim jacket

ballet shoes blue knee length dress

As another sharp stylish casual look, you can wear a royal blue knee length dress with a denim jacket. Pair the pieces with naked ballet flats. For outfit ideas of similar color use, see our other blog post on how to wear royal blue.  

Blue ballet flats with black sleeveless maxi dress

blue ballet flats sleeveless maxi dresses

This outfit does a great job of showing you how to dress in a black dress, pair it with shoes or accessories with more unique color to balance the darkness. As an elegant and minimal costume, you simply have a black sleeveless maxi dress with a beautiful pair of blue ballet flats. 

Wear with pink dress & grass hat

pink dress felt hat

Not only do the ballet flats look great with casual street outfits like the ones mentioned, they can also look great in the refreshing spring outfits that you usually wear when traveling. Wear only a miniskirt with a grass hat to finish off this refreshing tourist costume. 

White sweater jacket & jeans

black ballet shoes white sweater jackets

Here is a good outfit idea for you to visualize how you wear the white sneakers and the ballet flats can look very different while the rest of the costume stays the same. For example, if you imagine this outfit with jeans and a white sweater jacket dressed in white sneakers, you can imagine how relaxed, low-key and stylish you can look. On the other hand, when the outfit is paired with the ballet flats, you will look more chic and mature. 

White cold shoulder blouse with pencil skirt

white cold shoulder pencil skirt

Ballet flats really match very well with simple and elegant clothes. This outfit as an example, the black ballet positions are paired with a white cold shoulder in the middle sleeve blouse and a mini skirt with black and gray pattern. These three simple pieces really form a beautiful outfit that is perfect for a minimalist. 

White knitted sweater with cuffed jeans

white knitted sweater cuffed jeans pink ballet flats

For an extremely casual outfit you might want for grocery stores and casual hangouts, you can wear a white knit sweater with cuffed jeans and pale ballet flats. This is one of those clothes that looks very natural with a backpack. 

White sleeveless Polka Dot blouse & skinny jeans

white sleeveless polka dot blouse ballet flats

For a stylish fit that works best for you with a slim waist, you can wear a white sleeveless polka dot blouse with skinny jeans. Simply pair the pieces with a black ballet platform to complete this elegant and beautiful look. 

White chiffon top, black leather jacket & jeans

black ballet flats black leather jacket

Wear a white chiffon top with a black leather jacket and slim jeans as a nicer and smarter outfit. Match your leather jacket perfectly by wearing the black ballet flats. 

Wear pleaded skirt and knitted sweater

pleaded skirt long sleeve shirt

An interesting trick for color use is to match the color of the shoes and the skirt. For example, you can wear a pale plated midi skirt with ballet flats in exact color. For the top, you can wear a knitted sweater of gray or green. This two-color combination really makes the outfit look so warm and comfortable. 

Longline Brown leather jacket

long line brown leather jacket black ballet flats

For a tougher look, you can wear a long-line brown leather jacket over a gray knitted jacket. Wear black leather pants and black ballet flats for the bottom. In some other blog posts I have talked about how I can dress formally for work. On the other hand, this particular outfit is a good example of how to dress in a casual outfit. 

Wear with white blazer and cuffed jeans

White blazer cuffed jeans ballet flats

This is a good business idea for the causal outfit involving the white blazer and cuffed jeans. What makes the outfit stand out are the shocking pink ballet flats. 

Striped vest Top & Polka Dot Mini skirt

striped vest top polka dot skirt ballet flats

For a summer look that has a sense of artistic feel, wear a black and white striped vest top with a black polka dot mini skirt. Instead of pairing with white sneakers and looking more sporty, wear black ballet flats for a more chic and artistic look. 

Red oversized shirt with black shift dress

red big shirt black shift dress ballet shoes

I would like to throw in an outfit idea that involves the red color here. I agree that not everyone looks good in red for some reason, but for you who do, there is no reason for you not to try to look fantastic with the bright color. As a red outfit idea, you can simply wear a black shift dress inside and put a red big shirt jacket over it. Pair them with red ballet flats to complete the costume. 

White blouse with clean sleeves and black mini dress

Black ballet flats look really neat when paired with a black and white outfit. For example, you can pair them with a white blouse with clean sleeves and a black mini dress. 

For you like me, who simply pair each casual outfit with white sneakers, hopefully the outfit ideas would make you want to try something different, especially the ballet flats. If you are interested in this blog post, make sure you also check out our other blog post on all kinds of outfit ideas. 


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