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Outfit Ideas Belted Cardigan

Outfit Ideas Belted Cardigan

A cardigan can often instantly and magically make the outfit look more cozy and more feminine. A belt cardigan is a variation that also carries the magic touch. Unlike a typical cardigan, a belt often looks more professional and formal instead of the windy feeling that a typical one carries. To explore how you can instantly change the style of your outfit, I have compiled a list of some of the best belt-to-suit equipment ideas. Let's take a look now and try them out. 

Cream Belted Cardigan with Floral Shift Dress

This outfit can definitely be worn as a happy looking business suit. Wear a creamy long-sleeved cardigan over a blue floral shift dress to create some nice layers. Continue the laying game by wearing black leggings and brown knee-high leather shoes. 

Light gray belt Cardigan over dark gray mantle dress

light gray belt cardigan sheath dress

Here is another work suit, but this one is nicer and more professional and elegant. Wear a light gray belt cardigan over a gray linen mantle dress. Wear white heels and an ivory bag to complement the outfit with elegance. 

Wear with black lace dress with brown heels

black lace dress brown heels

For a minimal look, you can simply wear a black lace dress with a gray belt cardigan. For the shoes, I would recommend you wear black ballet flats for an absolutely minimal look or brown heels to add some color to the suit shown in the image. Either way, the outfit is simple and clean and it is perfect if you want to dress in a low way to work for a certain day. 

Gray Belted Knitted Cardigan with Skinny Jeans

gray belt knit cardigan skinny jeans

This is a rare full gray outfit that simply looks elegant. Wear a gray belt, marbled knit cardigan for the top. Wear it with gray skinny jeans and gray heels. To add a magical touch to the costume, wear a cheetah clutch bag that shines among all the gray pieces. 

Gray cardigan with white button shirt & wide leg jeans

gray cardigan white shirt wide leg jeans

To create a nice layering effect, you can wear a gray cardigan with an unbuttoned white shirt. Make sure you wear a white vest top under the sweater. To make the legs look longer, wear dark blue wide jeans with heeled suede ankle boots. 

Gray Belted Cardigan with Sky Blue Dress

gray belt cardigan sky blue dress

For a princess-like adorable look, you can wear a gray belt knit cardigan with a gorgeous sky blue mantle dress. Wear purple ballet heels to give extra feminine feel to the suit. To make the suit even more dreamy, match the dress with a sky blue floral necklace. 

Wear with blue floral mantle dress

blue floral mantle dress outfit

A form-fitting belt cardigan can be seen as a tool to make the upper body look narrower and for the body to look narrower. As an example of that, wear a short gray belt cardigan with a blue floral robe dress and pink heels. 

White belt Cardigan with gray Maxi dress

white belt cardigan gray maxi dress

To get a feminine and windy look, a flowing maxi dress may be something you need. Just wear a white belt cardigan over a gray, blue maxi dress. The dress should be a chiffon dress for best results. The shoes don't really matter that much in this case, I would still recommend you to wear a nice pair of boho-style nude sandals. 

Gray oversized knitted cardigan and green shirt dress

gray oversized knitted cardigan green shift dress

This outfit is perhaps the most simple suit among the list, but it is also my favorite among the list. The suit consists of an olive green shirt dress, a gray oversized knitted sweater cardigan and gray suede heels. These three simple pieces just seem to match each other flawlessly to create this uniquely beautiful, minimal outfit. 

Gray Belted Cardigan with white lace dress

gray belt cardigan white lace dress
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Since a white lace dress can often give a feminine and elegant feel, it seems to be wearing another elegant piece in the gray belt jacket to enhance that feeling. To complete the elegant look were nude sandals and a brown clutch bag. 

Red cardigan with Navy Fit and Flare Dress

red cardigan navy blue fit and flare dress

A fit and flare dress is often worn only with heels to create a clean and minimal look. This time is a navy blue fit and flare dress paired with red belt cardigan, brown flats and a navy blue and red checkered scarf. The result is just as good, but with a completely different style, a more cozy and friendly style. 

Dark blue belt cardigan with gray silk top

dark blue cardigan gray side top

This is a very creative and interesting outfit that involves a bow blouse. To design the gray blue in silk bow, wear it with a dark blue cardigan and a dark gray tweed pencil skirt. Complete outfit with socks and black heels.  

Gray cardigan with white fit and flare lace dress

gray cardigan white fit and flare lace dress

A gray belt cardigan seems to be the perfect Robbin for the white fit and flare lace dress, Batman. For such a nice combination as this one, simply use low profile shoes like the brown ballet flats to stay focused on the dress. Some boho style bracelets can further bring out the beauty of this outfit. 

Plaid Belted Cardigan with yellow dress

plaid belt cardigan yellow dress

It is never an easy task to design a yellow dress, especially if we are talking about lemon yellow. A little surprisingly, wearing the yellow dress with gray belt cardigan can make the bright dress look more natural. A pair of yellow and silver heels would fit perfectly with the rest of the suit. 

Red cardigan with skinny jeans & knee-high boots

red cardigan skinny jeans knee high boots

After talking about many clothes that involve heels, let's talk about one that involves the brown knee-high leather shoes. Just wear the boots with a white top, a red belt cardigan and black skinny jeans. 

As you can see, layers of a belt cardigan over your already stylish outfit can often create a magical result. Get started and try some of your clothes. Here and there you can find a little surprise. 


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