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Outfit Ideas Black Fringe

Outfit Ideas Black Fringe Dress

The black French dress is perfect for both wearing random or wearing a cocktail party. A lot of the time, a black French dress is a simple shift dress that comes with a little subtle design to create that extra airy feel. For those who haven't tried wearing it before, you might think it would look strange on you. In fact, black French dresses are usually quite easy to pull off. To help you get started, I've compiled some of the coolest ideas for black dress to share with you. 

Black Low V Neck High Low Midi French Dress

black low v neck high low midi fringe dress

To start with the list, I'll show you a dress that's perfect for cocktail parties. It is a black midi fringe dress with a low v-ring and has a nice high cut. Just wear the dress with black heels to complement this minimal outfit. This is one of those clothes that would not require crazy attention but which would make you look attractive and customizable. This will suit you if you like talking to people while holding a low key in a cocktail party. 

Black High Neck High split fringed Bodycon dress

black high neck high split fringed bodycon dress

For a slightly more feminine and mature look, you can wear this high neck, high split bodycon dress. Pair it with black ankle strap with open toe heels to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Black sleeveless mini dress with long fringes

black sleeve mini dress long fringes

This black sleeveless dress has a very interesting and creative cut. Without fringes, it is actually a mini dress. Now with the lashes, because the lashes are so long and close to the distance, the dress looks like a maxi dress. To look even more stylish, wear black ankle boots with open toe to complement the suit. 

Black sleeveless dress with long fringes

black sleeveless dress with long fringes

After looking at a lot of dresses designed for cocktail parties, let's take a look at one that can also be worn casual. The black sleeveless fringe dress is basically a plain black shift dress just a little twist. For the shoes, I have three suggestions for you that would work just as well but give very different styles. Suggested are the black ankle boots, the black heels with open toe and the white sneakers. 

Black cut French dress with black felt hat

black cutout fringe dress black felt hat

For a unique and sexy look, you can wear a black French dress with a sexy cutout at the waist. You can wear this bodycon mini dress with black striped ankle boots to create this interesting edge-on fringe outfit. Wear a black felt hat for an extra artistic touch. For more outfit ideas of similar hats, check out our blog post on how to design the black felt hat. 

Black fringed sleeve Bodycon dress

black fringed bodycon dress

If you like to wear a bat-sleeve top, you can get a similar look by wearing a black bodycon dress in black fringe. The edge of the long sleeves is so tight and long that the dress looks like a bat-sleeve bodycon dress. You can add some extra elegance to the outfit by wearing silver heels. 

Black dress with light blue blazer draped over the shoulders

black dress light blue blazer draped over the shoulders

If you want a black dress with a black shift in an elegant way, you can pull a light blue oversized blazer over your shoulders. Complete outfit with black ankle boots for an extra touch of elegance. 

Black spaghetti strap Shift French dress

Black spaghetti strap shift French dress

For a sexy look with a key, you can wear a black spaghetti strap dress. One thing I really like about a spaghetti strap dress is that it makes you look like you're not trying so hard to look sexy, compared to wearing a strapless dress. To look a bit more eye-catching in a cocktail party, wear open toe heels in silver case to complete the suit. 

Black Halter Mini Dress

black halter mini dress

Here is a beautiful stylish black halter mini dress. The subtle lashes really take the dress to the next level. To complement the outfit with a lot of character, you can wear a pair of black boho style open toe sandals. 

Sleeveless Belted Fringe Mini Dress

sleeveless belt mini dress

For a beautiful work suit, you may want to consider the black and god costume. Wear a sleeveless black dress that comes with a gold belt for a powerful look. Complete outfit with gold heels and a gold clutch bag to fit perfectly with the dress and belt. 

Black Long Sleeve High Low Fringe Maxi Dress

black long sleeve maxi dress with high lashes

For a windy and natural look you may want to choose a black maxi dress with high low fringe. For a little extra style, wear the dress with black patches with open toe. 

Black overall waist dress in the waist

black overall waist dress at the waist

Here is a cute dress that you can wear as a casual street outfit. It is a black overall waist dress that fits loosely. For a stylish look, you can wear the black ankle boots or use white sneakers for an ultimate casual look. 

One Shoulder Black Mini Dress

a shoulder black mini dress

In the fashion world, asymmetrical can be the same as style. It can be strange if it is used too much. This particular black shoulder mini dress has the perfect amount of asymmetrical element in its design. The dress is basically a two-tone dress with the upper part a top with a shaft and the lower part is a multi-layered tulle skirt. 

Black deep v-neck lace Mini dress

black deep v-neck lace mini dress

For an absolutely sexy look, you might want this black dress in deep v-neck. You can either wear it with silver heels or black heels to look elegant. With a wonderful dress like this one really does not need any accessories to achieve this amazing and minimal look. 

Black strapless Midi dress with gold heels

black strapless midi dress gold heels

For a classy and sexy look that is perfect to wear for a formal event or prom, you can wear this black strapless midi dress. Pair the dress with gold heels to make it look amazing. 

Hopefully, these black French dress notes can inspire you to try something you've never tried before. It's great to upgrade your fashion game by dancing around the edge of your comfort zone.


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