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Outfit Ideas White Collar

Outfit Ideas White Collar Dress

In many of my previous blog posts I have talked about many different types of beautiful dresses that you can wear to cocktail parties and proms. Today I go to something else. I will talk about the white collar dress, something that you can easily wear as part of your casual or work suit. You can very easily build a lovely outfit around a white dollar dress. To help you get started, I've compiled some of the best ideas about white dress clothing and I'll share with you right now.

Black half-heated white collar skater dress

To start with, I'll show you this classic way to wear a white collar dress. You can easily wear a black half-heated white collar dress with black knee high socks and black loafers to create an adorable girl next door. A light pink handbag can further add a little extra ladylike feel to the outfit.

White collar sleeveless black skater dress

white collar sleeveless black skater dress

When I look at the white collar in the dress, I immediately think of white shirts with collars that people wear to work. It makes sense that a white collar dress can be worn as a business suit or even formal work suit. To design a white collar sleeveless black dress in a professional way, you can do so by keeping things simple. Just wear the dress with the usual black heels and the result is a professional looking outfit that has a little touch of sweetness.

White collar Navy Floral long sleeve skater dress

white collar navy floral long sleeve skater dress

Now let's look at an outfit that would be perfect for friends to gather and meet. For an artistic and ladyic look, you can wear a white collar floral skater dress with black felt hat. Wear black ankle strap with open toe heels to complement the outfit with an elegant touch.

Black skater dress with subtle white details

black skater dress subtle white details

To create a stylish black and white look, you can wear a black skater dress that comes with some subtle white details near the collar and sleeve cap. Very creative, have fishnet socks and black and white oxford shoes to give a lot of character to the suit.

White collar Burgundy skater dress

white collar burgundy skater dress

Although white collar and black dress work flawlessly together, this white collar burgundy dress is also pleasing to the eye. To design it elegantly, you can wear it with black leggings and black suede boots. This outfit definitely looks beautiful enough for dating and elegant enough for work.

Black skater dress with leather boots

black skater dress leather ankle boots

This outfit is a minimal costume consisting of a black skater dress and black leather boots. As simple as it looks, this is such a neat way to wear the white collar dress especially in the fall and spring.

Two-tone leather and cotton black mini dress

two toned leather and black black dress in cotton

This dress looks like another white collar black dress. But if you look closely you can see that it is actually a two-tone dress, with the upper part of leather and the lower part of cotton. With the different textures and the small white collar detail, it gives so much elegance and depth to the look. Wear black ballet heels to complete this minimal outfit in a clean way.

White rounded collar black mini dress

white rounded collar black mini dress

Here is a little tip for choosing a white collar dress. If you want to look extra pretty, choose one that has a rounded collar. As an example, you can wear a white remote black black mini dress with three quarters with sandals in the ankle to get an absolutely adorable look.

Black shift dress with strappy heels

black dress dress strappy heels

Up to this point, I have shown you a lot of skater dress, because skater dress just works perfectly with the white collar. But if you think it's a bit too cute to wear for work, you might want to wear the black shift dress instead. Just wear the dress with black strappy heels and a black handbag and you are ready to go to work in a professional and beautiful outfit.

Black skater dress with white knee high socks

black skater dress white knee high socks

For those of you who look young and feel young, here is another classic outfit for you. Just wearing a black white collar skater dress with white knee high socks and black suede heels. It is a lovely suit but frankly it is not one that is easy to pull off. You really have to try it here and see if it suits you. A simpler version would be to replace the white stockings with black stockings.

Black and White Plaid Fit and Flare Mini Dress

black and white checkered fit and flare mini dress

For an adorable and easily accessible look that you can wear for hangouts, wear a black and white plaid skirt dress. Pair it with black ankle heels with open toe and a black handbag to complete this beautiful and unique look.

White collar black pleated dress with blazer

white collar black pleated dress blazer

For a beautiful layered outfit that fits the fall and winter, you can wear a black collar in black collar with a thin fit long long blazer. Wear them with black socks, black leather boots and a black felt hat to complement this stylish black outfit. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas of similar hats, take a look at our blog post on how to design a black felt hat.

White collar black dress with clean sleeves

white collar black dress clean sleeves

Many times a dress looks more elegant with some semi-clean details. This white collar black dress that comes with black half sheer mesh sleeves is a good example of that. You can wear it with black leather boots to give a cool cool touch to the elegant suit.

Black dress with blazer draped over the shoulders

black dress blazer draped over the shoulders

For a super chic look, you can wear a black collar in black collar and drape a black blazer over the shoulders. Then complete the suit with black socks and a pair of black and white checkered ballet flats.

Black dress with white polka dot details

black dress white polka dot details

For a beautiful and unique look, you can choose a black dress that has a white collar and some extra white polka dot details. Complete outfit with black ballet flats to keep the beautiful feel consistent.

Here I have just shared with you some of the best ideas about white dress clothing. They are very easy to pull off and they simply look good. Try them out and dress up your outfit game.

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