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Outfit Ideas White Maxi Dress

Outfit Ideas White Maxi Dress

When the color of the white and maxi dress goes, you often create a windy and refreshing outfit. You can also design a white maxi dress to look completely elegant for a formal event as well. Whether you are looking for an outfit idea for a photo shoot before the wedding or if you are simply looking for a casual street outfit idea, I have a list of a white maxi dress that will not disappoint you. Let's check out the outfit ideas now and hopefully they will inspire you to come up with your own. 

White Boho Maxi Flowy dress

This white boho maxi dress can either be worn as a street outfit or as a refreshing outfit to wear on the beach. One advantage of wearing a maxi dress is that you really don't have to do much to style it. It literally covers the entire body. So it comes to the style and cut of the dress, and accessories and shoes that affect whether the outfit looks good. In this case, you can simply wear the beautiful dress with nude sandals and you will look amazing. 

Semi-Sheer White Button Up Maxi Dress

semi pure white button up maxi dress

This dress has such a beautiful detail that makes the outfit so remarkable. The white maxi dress has a unique button up design and it is made of half pure chiffon. There is another detail that is so beautiful and you will see if you look really carefully. The lower part of the dress is divided into parts of sparsely ruffled parts. With such a dreamy dress, simply use nude sandals to complement this gorgeous look. 

High Split White Maxi dress with denim shirt

high split white maxi dress denim shirt

Outfits mentioned so far are absolutely beautiful, but if you are one of those who like more creativity or if you simply like more layers this may be for you. Simply wear a high split white maxi dress with buttoned camel heels. Then pull a denim jacket over your shoulders for a super chic look. 

White mantle Maxi dress with silver heels

white mantle maxi dress silver heels

This is a rare outfit that involves a combination of silver, gold and white. The outfit consists of a white mantle maxi dress, silver heels and a gold bag. Although wearing gold with silver and white doesn't sound right to me, the result actually shows me wrong. It looks good and unique. 

White Maxi collared waist dress

white maxi gathered waist dress

For a windy and refreshing look, you can choose a white maxi-flare dress that gets wind as you walk. To complement this minimal outfit, you can simply wear white sandals to match the dress. By the way, the overall waist cut of the dress makes the waistline look more obvious so you look skinny.

Wear with black leather jacket

black leather jacket outfit

The black leather jacket is such a versatile piece that seems to look good with 90 percent of things. It is almost inevitable to mention it somewhere in the list. This outfit consists of an elegant flowing white maxi dress with a contrasting stylish black leather jacket. The silver heels match perfectly with the rest of the suit. It is very interesting to see contrasting pieces as these are put together to form such an amazing looking outfit. 

Belted Maxi dress with denim jacket

belt maxi dress denim jacket

This is one of those clothes that can look a little awkward if you wear it on the street but it looks as beautiful and refreshing as a beach photo shoot suit. You can simply wear a white maxi belt pleated dress with nude heel sandals. Pair them with a short denim jacket and a straw hat to complete the suit. 

White jacket Maxi dress with gray denim jacket

white mantle maxi dress gray denim jacket

A little earlier I have mentioned an outfit that consists of a white maxi dress and a blue denim jacket and it looks really nice. When the blue denim jacket is replaced by a gray, the style changes quite dramatically. The initially stylish and refreshing look is transformed into a more low profile and mature look. To complement this suit, wear brown open-toe heels in the ankle strap to give a touch of elegance. 

Two pieces white maxi dress

two pieces white maxi dress

If you don't mind showing a bit more skin, this two-piece white maxi dress may be for you. The two-piece set consists of a white cropped vest top and a high split maxi flare skirt. Wear open toe ankle heels to complete this stunning all white outfit. 

White Wrap Maxi dress with gold belt

white wrap maxi dress gold belt

This outfit is a unique white dress with some beautiful details. It is a pleated dress that has a high split cut. Wear a gold belt to take this outfit to another level. For the shoes, the black heels with open toe would be the perfect choice. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to design black footrest heels. 

Breezy Maxi dress with Boho Style Statement Necklace

breezy maxi dress boho style statement necklace

For an absolutely stylish look that looks fantastic for a photo shoot, wear a white flowing maxi dress with nude flip flops. Turn this outfit into a boho outfit by wearing a boho-style statement necklace and some boho bracelets. 

Denim jacket with white pleated chiffon dress

denim jacket white pleated chiffon dress

This costume is an adorable street outfit that is perfect for dating and friends. Wear a loose fit white pleated maxi dress with chiffon with a blue denim jacket. Pair them with black suede shoes to complement this cozy outfit. 

Asymmetrical white lace wrap dress

asymmetrical white lace dress

For a feminine look, you can wear a white lace wrap dress. This particular wear is a maxi dress that has a nice asymmetrical design. Use only a pair of pale pink sandals to match the dress. 

Deep V-neck White Boho Maxi dress

deep v-neck white boho maxi dress

This dress is a beautiful white boho maxi dress. It is a deep v-neck that has a nice boho-style lace element. Just wear the dress with brown heeled sandals and you get a sexy and elegant look. 

If you have reached this point in your blog post, I really want to encourage you to take a little step further. It is to go to your wardrobe or your local stores to try some of these clothes and get out of your comfort zone. 


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