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Outfits Army Pants for Women

Outfits Army Pants for Women

"Army pants" is a general term that refers to pants made of tough fabric and often comes in the form of camo pants and solid army green pants. They look best with your casual clothes. But in a causal fashion trend filled with skinny jeans and boyfriends, you don't see them being worn often. In this blog post, I will put together a list of great ways to wear my pants. Let's check them out now. 

Black leather jacket with Camo Army Pants

To start with the list, I'm going with this stylish casual casual outfit. Instead of the usual way to design the leather jacket with slim jeans, replace them with camo pants. Use leather boots in the middle calf to make this tough and smart look. 

Wear with oversized Tee & Gray Knitted sweater

gray knitted sweater army pants

To add a touch of casual to the tough army pants, wear an oversized t-shirt and put a gray, thin fit shirt over it. Pair the suit with black leather boots. This suit is also a great business suit for business. 

Wear with denim shirt and red sweater

denim shirt red sweater army pants

Let's play with more colors by adding a red knitted sweater over a denim shirt. Pair these pieces with camo pants and light pink heels. 

Wear with denim jacket

denim jacket camo pants outfit

For a more casual street look, you can simply wear camo army pants with a gray t-shirt and a light blue denim jacket. Pair this cheerful and young stylish outfit with ballet flats. By the way, you may also be interested in our other blog post on how to wear ballet flats. 

Black Blazer & White Print Tee

black blazer white print t shirt armpits

This outfit is best suited for artists and designers. Simply wear the white print tee and the black blazer to make the top slim and creative. Wear the camo pants and red heels for the bottom. 

Wear with black leather jacket & felt hat

black leather jacket armpits

The felt hat and camo pants combination is one of these outfit ideas that sounds weird but actually works when you put them together. Only wear a black sweater with a black leather jacket. Wear camo trousers with black ankle boots for the bottom. Wear the black felt hat to give this unique and artistic outfit. 

Cropped Army Pants & Gray Hoodie

cropped army pants gray sweaters white sneakers

For a relaxed and sporty street look, especially suitable for autumn and spring, you can simply wear a gray hoodie and cropped camo pants. Wear white sneakers for the ultimate casual look. 

Cropped Camo pants with black blazer

cropped camo pants black balzer

This is another outfit idea that shows how to keep the top slim fit and the bottom more loose can make you look long and slim. Wear a white tee for the upper with the slim fit black blazer. Then for the bottom, wear cropped army trousers with fantastic yellow heels. 

Wear with washed boyfriends Denim shirts

boyfriend denim shirts army camo pants

As a unisex and low key suit, you can simply wear a boyfriend-washed denim shirt with armpits and fleece boots. Because boyfriend sweaters are such popular items and most of them come in the form of checkered shirts, you can ask if you can replace your denim shirt with a checkered one. My answer is no, putting the camo pants together and the pattern becomes too much. If you want to know more about how to design boy's sweaters, be sure to check out our other blog post.  

Wear with black bomber jacket and heels with open toe

black bomber jacket army trousers with open heels

As mentioned before, because most armpits are either straight legs or loose fit, you can pair them with a thin fit top like a black t-shirt and black blazer, you can really make yourself look slimmer. Wear a pair of open toe black heels to complete the minimal and beautiful costume.

Solid color cropped trousers with half white shirt

semi pure white shirt cropped army pants

After sharing many outfit ideas about army pants that come in the form of camo pants, let's move on to talk about those who have the solid army green color. For a very minimal and beautiful work suit, you can wear your pants with a semi-pure white button-up shirt. This refreshing look is perfect for spring. 

White knitted sweater with armpits

white knitted sweaters army trousers bare heels

For a feminine and elegant look, you can simply wear a white knit sweater and armpits with bare heels with open toe. The comfortable sweater can really balance the roughness that comes with armpits and which makes the outfit so comfortable to look. 

Wear with gray boyfriend shirt

gray boyfriend shirt camo pants

For a tougher look you can camo armpits with a gray denim boyfriend shirt. Pair them with bare heels or black ankle boots for a perfect balance. 

Black T-shirt with Camo pants

black t-shirt camo shirt outfit

For a more sporty look, simply wear camo pants with a black t-shirt and a pair of black and white cloth shoes. For more outfit ideas on similar shoes, go to our blog post about cloth shoes outfit id. 

Wear with Army Green Military Jacket

army green military jacket camo pants

For an interesting green-to-green look, try wearing an army green military jacket with a pair of army green camo pants. Complete this unique outfit with a black t-shirt and black heels.

So here is my list of some of my favorite ways to wear armpits. Whether you like the lone colors or camo pants more, they are all outfit ideas that have that little extra toughness that comes with the texture and color of the pants. If you belong to the huge group that wears skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans all the time, I highly recommend that you try these army pants to add more variety to your own fashion world. The more variety you have, the more you can spice up your usual costume and the more fun you will have. I hope you enjoy my outfit ideas. And if you do, I'm pretty sure you'll also love the other outfit ideas I've put together in other blog posts through the site. So go check them out now and enjoy. 


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