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Pinafore Dress: Basic Staple

Pinafore Dress: Basic Staple

If I ask you to think about the basic garments you have in your wardrobe, I guess you will think of white T-shirts, ankle boots, trench coat and blazer. What happens if I say that I know of a staple that can be combined with all these basics? I present the pinafore dress.

Pinafore dress is a staple that had a huge comeback a few years ago, and it's still in style. You may not quite remember, but as early as the 90s, this garment was part of the school uniforms. So girls loved it. But if you don't want to look like a schoolgirl because that time is far behind you, then I will show you the best ways to wear a pinafore dress as an adult.

This "overall-dress hybrid" has made the girls crazy about it. It is perfectly reasonable to pair with the white tee, button-down or turtleneck.
To see how you wear your pinafore dress, keep scrolling down where I've rounded up some outfit ideas just for you!

Suede Pinafore dress

pinafore dress khaki suede

Suede is good material for a pinafore dress. It is very popular at the moment to speak, so if you are considering buying, go for it. This khaki suede dress is paired with the black turtleneck for an elegant and very elegant look. Rounded off with the black ankle boots with pointed toe. 

Orange Pinafore dress

pinafore dress suede orange

When I said that suede is a trend, I meant it. Many dresses are made of this material. This is the same. This is a perfect bright orange pinafore dress. It is combined with the striped sweater for a relaxed and elegant look. It is perfectly safe to wear on everyday life.

Gray suede Pinafore dress

pinafore dress gray suede

This gray pinafore dress has some charm. It is modern and very neat. You can pair it with the simple white T-shirt and white sneakers. That way you will have a fantastic outfit for every day. Style it with red velvet shoulder bag and choker.

Leather Pinafore dress

pinafore dress leather emerald green

If you are a fan of leather clothes or leather skirts, you will definitely love this dress. It has beautiful emerald green color. It's short, so it's better if you design it with the flat shoes. Under the pinafore dress you can wear the classic white tee. Style it with the black shoulder bag.

Knitted Camel Pinafore dress

pinafore dress knit camel

Camel is a color that makes every piece very glamorous and expensive. You can wear it with black or white color for excellent contrast and appearance. This V-neck pinafore dress is a great choice for every day. But do not exclude her as a night look. When paired with high heels or ankle boots it can look delicious. 

Black velvet Pinafore dress

pinafore dress velvet black

When paired, black and red can look very elegant and glamorous. If you like this look, it should be your new workwear suit. It's perfect for going to meetings and business lunches. On the other hand, you can also wear it with the burgundy ankle boots for a weekend coffee with your best friend.

Corduroy Pinafore dress

pinafore dress orange corduroy

You may not have noticed it yet, but corduroy has come back to fashion through the big door. This dress is made of this material and has lovely orange shade. The mix of trends is definitely present. Orange color, corduroy and lace are huge trends that you will be able to wear if you choose this look!

Black Pinafore dress

pinafore dress black white

If you are dedicated to the black and white combinations, here is the example how you can achieve this look with pinafore dress. You can combine black dress with the white lace and finish everything with the black shoulder bag. Try to design it with the knee boots or scales.

Denim Pinafore dress

pinafore dress denim long

The denim-made button down dress looks stylish and has a vibe from the 90s. Denim overall dresses were very popular back then, and now the pinafore form took its creed.
Pair your long denim dress with button closure, long cardigan and beautiful beige thigh high boots.

Striped Pinafore dress

pinafore dress striped

If you are skilled in stock, you should try to mix the romantic ruffled blouse with this cascading neckline and pinafore dress. The stripes on it make this dress stylish and very exciting. The basic colors like black and navy are perfect to combine. You can wear it with high heels for elegant, or with flat boots for a more relaxed look.

Navy blue Pinafore dress

pinafore dress navy blue

This outfit idea is for the single-color outfit fans. The color of the dress is paired with the knee boots and with the jacket. Under the dress is the white button-down shirt. This look is very elegant and elegant. You can wear it on different occasions: from leisurely walks to late nights with friends.

Blue Pinafore dress

pinafore dress sporty top

Did you ever think of combining sporty top with elegant pinafore dress? Well, this fashion blogger absolutely nailed this look! She decided to combine two styles by wearing Nike's sporty top and elegantly clipped pinafore dress. I have to admit that the combination is quite surprising, but it looks incredible.

Bright orange Pinafore dress

pinafore bright orange dress

This is a lovely blend of a basic color and very bright unexpected. Orange pinafore dress looks very interesting in combination with a black turtleneck. The most surprising thing is the fact that you can carry the blue bag and it still will not see the top line. This outfit is a wonderful workwear inspiration.

The Pinafore dress is definitely a garment you need. After this article we can easily count it as one of the basic staples that every girl should have in her wardrobe.
If you are considering buying a Pinafore dress, you should definitely go for it. It's the perfect winter staple, easily paired with soft sweaters and turtlenecks.


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