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Pinstripe Shirt Outfit Ideas
  for Women

Pinstripe Shirt Outfit Ideas for Women

A striped shirt is basically a shirt that has very thin stripes. Most cases are vertical stripes. Not only because it looks good on men, it can also look really good on women. Whether you prefer elegant and tough looks or feminine and elegant looks, you can achieve them with the pinstripe sweater. To make your styling easier, I have put together some of the best clothes sweater ideas. Let's dive in.

Sky blue and white striped shirt with navy high waist knee length skirt

Let's start the list with a ladylike work suit. For the top, you can wear a sky blue and white striped shirt. Pair it with a dark blue high waist skirt. To make the outfit look more elegant and professional, you can wear light pink heels and a pale leather bag to complete the suit.

Gray and white striped shirt with oversized denim jacket

gray and white striped sweater oversized denim jacket

Let's take a 180 degree turn and look at a nice and slightly unisex outfit. You can simply wear a gray and white large pinstripe shirt with a large denim jacket to create a tough look. Complete outfit with black skinny jeans and white sneakers to give a relaxed and easy touch.

White and gray oversized Pinstripe shirt with jeans

white and gray oversized jeans with jeans

Not only is this outfit stylish, it is also low-key sexy. To get this look you can wear a seriously big white and gray boyfriend shirt. Release the two or three upper buttons to make it almost like an off-shoulder blouse. Pair your shirt with gray skinny jeans and light pink flats to make this simple yet stunning look.

Pinstripe boyfriend shirt with black blazer

pinstripe boyfriend shirt with black blazer

For a dark and stylish business suit, you can wear a black and white t-shirt with a black blazer for the top. Pair them with black skinny jeans and a pair of black leather boots to complement this serious and dark look.

Navy blue and white striped shirt with gray pencil skirt

navy and white pinstripe shirt gray pencil skirt

Are you bored with your typical work gear yet? Here is a youthful and stylish work suit that may give you energy. To achieve this look, wear a navy blue and white striped shirt with a gray wool pencil skirt. Complete outfit with black lace-up heels and a gray handbag.

Navy blue and white striped shirt with black chinos

navy and white striped sweater black chinos

You've seen how you can build a girly and adorable work suit from the previous idea, but if it's not your preferred style, here's a tough looking work suit that might be for you. You can simply achieve this stylish and tough look by wearing a navy and white striped shirt and stuffing it in a pair of black chinos. You can even wear black loafers to add some extra toughness to the look.

Wear with black leather pants and denim jacket tied around the waist

black leather pants denim jacket tied around the waist

This shirt is basically the same navy blue and white striped sweater as the previous suit, but this time it is designed very differently and the result is dramatically different. This time, wear the pinstripe shirt up and tie a denim jacket around the waist. Complete outfit with black leather pants and black ballet heels to look stylish and elegant.

Black and white shredded shirt with leather Mini Skater skirt

black and white pinstriped shirt leather mini skater skirt

For a stylish and low-key sexy costume that lets you show off your legs, you can wear a black and white needle shirt with a black leather skate. For the shoes you can wear black ballet heels for a more feminine look or black leather shoes for a more stylish look.

Light blue Pinstripe shirt with white skinny jeans

light blue striped shirt white skinny jeans

Sometimes you can hardly see the stripes on a striped shirt. This light blue and white striped sweater is a good example of that. But still, the thin stripes give the little extra depth even if you don't see them. You can wear this blue shirt with white skinny jeans and white sandals to get a very refreshing and beautiful look.

Blue shirt with Navy Belted Skater Mini skirt

blue shirt navy belt skater mini skirt

If you are looking for a youthful and colorful business suit, here is a good one for you. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a blue and white pinstripe shirt with a navy belt mini-flared skirt. Pair them with a pair of red suede-ballet heels and a brown leather bag to add some bright colors to the suit.

Blue and white boyfriend shirt with skinny jeans

blue and white boyfriends shirt slim jeans

Here is a stylish and boyish suit that uses a seriously large shirt. More precisely, it is a blue and white pinstripe boyfriend shirt. Pair it with dark blue ripped skinny jeans and black bread slices to keep the elegant and unisex feel consistent.

Pinstripe Light blue shirt with black floral Bodycon Midi skirt

pinstripe light blue shirt black floral boydon midi skirt

For a work suit that can make you look long and slim, you can wear a light blue and white stocking-up shirt with a black floral midi bodycon skirt. Easily complement the outfit with white pointed toe pumps.

Off Shoulder Blue Pinstripe Shirt with black skinny jeans

of shoulder-blue striped sweater black skinny jeans

Let's look at this adorable and sexy outfit. The sexy part obviously comes from the white and blue shredded by the shoulder sweater. Keep the lower part simple and skinny by wearing black skinny jeans and black heels with open toe.

Two toned Pinstripe shirt with cropped knee length shorts

two toned pinstripe shirt cropped knee length shorts

Here's another boyish costume that is fun to wear every now and then. The Pinstripe shirt here is one that has different stripes for the core of the shirt and sleeves. You can simply pair it with blue knee length denim shorts that are cuffed. Pair them with white sneakers to look casual and unique.

Blue and white Pinstripe Boho Style shirt

blue and white striped boho style shirt

For a refreshing look in boho style, you can wear the blue and white striped blouse that has some boho style flowers. Pair shirt with white skinny jeans and white sandals to look stylish and refreshing.

Here are ideas for pinstripe shirt equipment available in a variety of styles. There should be one or two of these clothes to suit your character. Just try them out and have some fun styling.

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