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Pleated Culottes Ideas

Pleated Culottes Ideas

The pleated culottes are a very unique piece that borrows the elegance from skirts and the cool factor from wide leg trousers. They are mostly worn as part of a businessless business suit. The reasons I like it so much is that they are so comfortable to wear and they look very cozy, which helps to give a refreshing feeling to a serious work day. They are quite easy to style as long as you keep things simple. In this blog post I am going to show you some of the best pleated culottes. 

Button Up shirt with white pleated Culottes

As mentioned, one of the keys to style is the folded culottes to keep things simple. As a perfect example, this outfit basically consists of a form fitting white shirt and white pleated culottes. For shoes, simply wear nude sandals. It is basically a completely white outfit that works well for you who are minimalists. 

White Lace Crop Top with pale pink plated Culottes

white lace crop top pale pink plaid culottes

As another minimal outfit, this one is more sexy and feminine. Wear a white lace top and bleach it with light pink plated culottes and heel sandals. For your information, plaid culottes in the color of pale pink are very easy to design especially with white top. The white top, pale pink culottes and heel sandals combination almost always works. As an extra thing to note for just this, this one is more suitable for eating out or friends gathering which in my opinion, showing some skin in the workplace is not really good, even if you do it in a beautiful and healthy way. 

Wear gray Culottes with wool coat

gray culottes with wool coat

Let's make a more creative one that you don't see often. It is an outfit consisting of a gray wool coat and color matching plaid culottes. Complete this monotonous outfit with heels in exactly the same color. Monotone clothes can look fantastic when done right and can look really boring if done poorly. The suit is a good example of the former group, with its smart texture combination of wool and culottes. Another thing that can really get rid of the boring factor is the character of the person wearing it. So for those who are charismatic, you will go well with monotone clothing. 

Wear off the Shoulder White Blouse

off shoulder white blouse pale pink culottes

I can see this as a perfect outfit for friends to gather and eat out. The suit consists of a white shoulder-blue, with no gray plated culottes and color-matching sandals. The colors and cuttings in the pieces look just as well adapted, giving the outfit the elegant look that feels just right. 

Wear with cropped long-sleeved white blouse

cropped white blouse pale pink culottes

To go a step further, especially for those with the perfect waist, wear a similar outfit as the previous one, but this time you should have a cropped blouse off your shoulders to show more skin. You would want to balance it though by wearing a long necklace to make the outfit better balanced. 

Off The Shoulder Black Top with White Culottes

white plaid culottes from shoulder black top

I can't finish a list of outfit ideas without mentioning the white version of the item I'm exploring. With zero surprise is a black and white outfit that I would recommend you. Wear one of the shoulders black fitting blouse on top. Pair it with white plated culottes and nude sandals. This outfit is also a good demonstration of the narrow top-wide-bottom trick that can make you look taller and slimmer. 

Wear with Longline Black Blazer

longling black blazer culottes

Now it's time to mention the black plaid culottes. One way to design it is to wear them with a black and white horizontal striped tee, a long-line black blazer and black striped heels. 

V-neck top and white plated Culottes

v-neck tank top white plaid culottes

You can also wear culottes as a casual street outfit in the summer. For those of you who never like the young and casual look of tee-and-denim shorts summer clothes, something that looks more mature and feminine may look like this outfit for you. Just wear a black v-neck top with white plated culottes. Complete this elegant outfit with open toe heels. 

Wear with White Lace Top & Denim Jacket

white lace top denim jacket

This is interesting if you take a closer look. You may notice that the bullets are made of silk. So it adds some uniqueness and eye catching to the outfit. Even more interesting are the bullets paired with a white lace top, a denim jacket and gray converse. It's like putting four pieces that don't work at all on paper. Surprisingly, they match really well together. It's mix-and-match at its best. 

Wear with gray oversized knitted sweater

gray oversized knitted sweater black culottes.

I have mentioned before that narrow top-wide-bottom is a nice trick that can make you look taller and slimmer. On the other hand, wide-top-wide-bottom is something to avoid. That being said, this particular outfit really shows that there is an exception to it, and this exception only happens to those who are already tall. So, for you who belong to the happy group of people, it is good to wear a gray oversized sweater with black plaid culotte that they will make you look smaller and more delicate. 

Black tee with gray pleated Culottes

black t-shirt with gray pleated culottes

For a stylish street look, simply pair in a black cropped t-shirt with gray high waist, pleated culottes. For the shoes you can wear something funky like the silver heels or just keep it relaxed with white sneakers. 

Wear with black and white striped tee & blue denim jacket

black and white striped t-shirt blue denim jacket

Seems like I haven't talked enough about how to wear plaid culottes with a jacket. A great way to style them is to wear a denim jacket. You can easily wear a black and white striped t-shirt with the pale pink carrots. 

I hope I can enjoy the list of collected ideas for the culotte outfit I just shared. Hopefully you will find them useful and give some of them a try. 


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