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Printed Pants for Women

Printed Pants for Women

Pants are just not what we wear every day. But believe it or not, if you start trying to wear them more often, may be something like every other week, I'm pretty sure you will find some ways to look unique and good. For this blog post, I try to put together some of the best ways to wear your printed pants in an attempt to help you find some beautiful outfit ideas that are right for you, but that you have never tried before. Let's check out these ideas now. 

Denim shirt with printed trousers

denim shirt printed trousers yellow bag

For a casual and elegant look, you can wear a denim shirt with a black and white dress. Wear nude sandals a yellow handbag to complement this wonderful outfit that is surprisingly easy to pull off. 

Wear with silk black shirt

floral printed pants of silk shirt

It's not that often you would find me talking about silk shirts, mainly because they just aren't too easy to put together with other pieces. Now this outfit is a rare example of good clothes in silk shirt. Just wear a black silk button with black floral printed pants. You can choose to wear black heels for a darker tone or floral heels for a more balanced look. A long neat necklace can really help to put all these pieces together. 

Blue printed trousers with white blouse

blue printed pants white blouse pink heels

Instead of the more popular black and white printed trousers, let's talk about a color that is much more eye-catching: the royal blue. Light blue printed pants like this look amazing when paired with a simple white blouse and pink heels. Do you notice the details of what type of outfit upgrade? Yes, it is the blue crystal necklace that matches the print pants and puts the whole outfit in better balance. 

Floral trousers & white half-shirt

chiffon half blue white shirt floral print pants

Chiffon is a fabric that you probably don't wear as much except for a cocktail party. Try to integrate it into your daily suit. It is surprisingly easy to do and the results are often adorable. Take this outfit as an example. The white chiffon half-shirt simply looks fantastic when paired with the colorful, white flowers with floral print. 

Black and white trousers with leather jacket

black and white pants black leather jacket

Choose a black and white print trouser so you can look good if you know how to design them. You can wear the pants with a white vest top, a black leather jacket and with heel sandals. 

Wear with yellow knotted shirt

yellow knit shirt printed trousers

I have to admit that printed trousers don't really belong to the mainstream that consists of items like jeans and leggings. But they look unique in a good way. And a cool way to carry a unique article to pair it with another unique article. For example, this outfit consists of a yellow knit shirt with black and white printed pants. When you put together the outfit looks surprisingly comfortable. 

Blue Slim Fit long sleeve T-shirt with printed trousers

blue slim fit sweater printed pants

As a very clean and easy way to design the printed trousers, simply pair them with a long fit sleeveless t-shirt. And if you want a little more character from this outfit, try a complex color like tiffany blue. 

Wear with gray bat shirt

black floral printed trouser sweater

This outfit is a perfect example of how you can wear your trousers in the elegant way. Simply wear a gray sweater with a sweater in the black flower. A pair of beautiful silver heels and a white purse are what make this outfit so elegant and beautiful. 

Plaid Print Pants with Deep V Vest Top

plated print pants deep V vest top outfit

You can use this plaid pants to complement an artistic and sexy black and white outfit. Wear your pants with a black deep v-vest top and white heeled sandals. It is a simple but attractive outfit for those who do not care about showing some skin. 

Wear with White Crop Top

white crop top printing trousers sandals

This is another sexy outfit but in a more low-key way. Wear a white crop top with high waist black and white crop pants. Wear with black sandals matches this elegant look quite well. 

Wear with gray knitted sweater

pale pink knitted sweater flowers print

For those of you who have a beautiful waistline, you can show it off in a low-key way by wearing a slim fit gray knitted sweater with skinny flowers with pants and black heeled sandals. 

Floral trousers with light green or yellow knitted sweater

floral pants green yellow knitted sweater

When it comes to printed pants, floral designs play a huge role. If you like to dress in a more fun way, you can choose floral pants that have some yellow elements and pair them with a yellow or light green knit sweater. 

Navy blue trousers with T-shirt and long necklace

navy pants t shirt long necklace

For those who aren't tall or those who don't have long legs, you can make yourself look taller by wearing high waist pants. Pair your navy blue pants with a color matching t-shirt and an elegant long necklace. In addition to high waisted pants, heels can further extend your legs visually. Then you want to move people's attention to the upper body by having a long necklace. 

Wear with blue shirt & white blazer

blue shirt floral print pants white blazer

Although it is a bit rare to see printed trousers as part of a business formal suit. It can actually be done. Just wear a blue button up shirt with the black and white print pants. Pair them with a white blazer, solid brown heels and a color matching brown belt to complement the elegant suit. 

Here is the list of my favorite ideas with printed pants. I guess not too many of you are used to wearing printed pants, and I hope this blog post can convince you that they are actually a lot of fun to play with. Adding them into a part of what you wear regularly adds an extra dimension to your look. Hopefully you will find this content useful to inspire you to further expand your fashion sense and knowledge. Also check out our other blog posts on many more different idea ideas. 


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