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Purple Lipstick Trend

Purple Lipstick Trend

Wearing a dark lipstick is always a good idea when autumn and winter seasons hit the city. If you have finally left the bright summer colors, in one corner of your beauty box, it’s time for us to see how to wear amazing shades of purple lipstick. The truth is that some of the makeup trends come and go, but there is still one that always comes back, and that is – dark lipstick. This year, purple lipstick in all its nuances took the throne over the red. Many girls tried to find their perfect color. While some of them succeed, they still look. Therefore, in this post, I will show you some of the latest trends, but also how to wear purple lipsticks, depending on your skin type, makeup and hairstyle.

How to wear purple lipstick according to Makeup Artists

If you are going to have a dark lipstick, you must first scrub your lips. Put on the scrub, massage them and then apply a conditioner that you usually apply. If it is too oily, put a tissue on your lips and collect the greasy residue. Now you are ready to put on your purple lipstick.

How to choose color depending on your skin type

There are many shades of plum. Some of them are probably already known to you – lavender, purple, plum or violet. But the important thing to do before you buy one is to put it on, to determine if it goes well along your skin tone. purple lipstick nice skin If you have a nice face skin and china, look for a fresh and lighter shade of purple lipstick. The shades of light lavender, purple and violet match perfectly with your light skin tone. purple lipstick dark skin On the other hand, girls with dark skin can test darker shades, such as plum or dark violet. You can also try shades that are between red and purple. They look fantastic with some winter makeup.

Here’s how to wear the rest of your makeup with purple lipstick

purple lipstick makeup When you find the right purple lipstick color, it’s time to see how you can apply the rest of your makeup. What makeup to put on the eyes and cheeks? Let us see. All makeup artists say you should keep the rest of your outfit and makeup minimal. This means that you should not apply a heavy pigmented eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara at the same time. Instead, consider just applying a small amount of neutral eyeshadow or just a little mascara. Do not worry; Your lipstick will make enough color statement.

How to choose the best purple shade depending on your hair color

When we talk about hair color, you can apply the same rule as your skin tone. purple lipstick dark hair If you are a brunette or have dark black hair, you can wear dark purple lipstick. Don’t worry, you don’t look monotonous. The purple lipstick is a great choice for dark hair girls. purple lipstick blonde hair But if you are a blondie or have light hair, you can wear purple lipsticks in shades that range from very light to some darker. I can say that it is easier for the blonde girls to choose because there are many different options.

Matte or shiny purple lipstick

In recent years, the trends have changed a lot. For a few years, Matt was the queen of lipsticks, and today glossy and metallic took over the makeup world. purple lipstick matte If you want your lipstick to last a whole day, you should definitely choose matte and creamy, as they can stay on your lips most. purple lipstick metallic On the other hand, metallic and shiny are only good for photoshoot sessions. Whether you choose a matte or shiny purple lipstick also depends on what outfit you are wearing. Scroll down to see how you can nail your purple lipstick with many outfit combinations. purple lipstick olivia palermo Purple lipstick is a perfect makeup for colder days when you can design it with a printed scarf or fur. Follow these examples and pair the lipstick color with the accessory or the color of your dress. purple lipstick black outfit All clothes in black everything is good for showing off your amazing makeup. They are usually relaxed and straightforward so you can dominate with your purple lipstick color shade. This dark lipstick is excellent and it fits well with the brown hair and a black coat. purple lipstick satin outfit When wearing elegant satin or silk dress, the best option is to try wearing purple matte lipstick. That way you will never be over-the-line. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, and just highlight your eyes. purple lipstick colorful outfit You can also wear more eye-catching outfit combinations with the purple lipstick. This charming dress has so many colors on it. But it still looks very elegant and attractive. Pair your purple lipstick screen with the color of the clutch bag. purple lipstick earrings When it comes to jewelry that you can wear with the dark lipstick, you can try on big earrings like this one. They can be your statement. Style them with a French bun and super elegant dress. Make the rest of your makeup very simple and clean. purple lipstick fuchsia If you follow the trends, you’ve probably seen fuschia everywhere! Pink colored staples are this season. That’s why I wanted you to see how you can wear your purple lipstick and fuschia coat together and still look super chic! Round everything off with bell bottom jeans and black turtleneck. purple lipstick all purple Finally, you will see how to design the complete purple suit! Pairing the same color on your pants and sweater with the bright purple lipstick is exciting. The blondes can wear this combination all the time. I hope you found this makeup guide useful. I wanted to show you that it is perfectly safe to have dark lipstick, whether you are brunette or blonde. It depends on your skin tone and your outfit combinations. Make sure you read the post about using matte lipstick.

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