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Quilted Vest for Women

Quilted Vest for Women

When it comes to an item in the wardrobe that I like to wear in the fall, spring and winter, the quilt vest is one of the most versatile clothing. The biggest reason I like it so much is that it can look good with almost any causal outfit. More than that, there are often times when I feel that I'm just a little cold and a quilted vest just gives me the little warmth to keep me warm. Usually I try not to dress too clumsy unless the weather freezes cold. So instead of wearing a really thick coat, I just store a quilted vest over a sweater or a long sleeve tee. Now let me share with you some of the best ways to wear a quilted vest. 

Red plaid quilted vest over black sweater

red checkered quilted vest

I know that the black quilted vest is the classic color, but I will start with a unique and beautiful stylish red plated vest to get your attention. If you put it on a long sleeve black t-shirt or black shirt and then pair them with jeans, you will make a happy and beautiful causal outfit. 

Black quilted vest over gray long sleeve tee

black quilted western gray t-shirt

This is an outfit idea that will probably make you look slimmer and taller and easy to pull off. Just put the black quilted vest over a long, gray long-sleeved t-shirt. The key to this outfit is that the t-shirt must be thin fit and long. Pairing with skinny jeans and sneakers makes this a perfect street outfit. 

Navy blue quilted vest over black striped T-shirt

navy blue quilted vest striped tee

You don't always have to put the quilted vest over a full top. Padded vests work wonderfully with striped t-shirts, especially white t-shirts with black stripes or navy blue stripes. For this outfit idea, you can see that a blue quilted vest and black striped t-shirt make a comfortable look combination. 

Long quilted vest

long quilted vest

In colder weather, it is a good idea to wear a long quilted vest to keep the body warmer. That's the functional part. Now the styling part is that it can make you look slimmer, especially if you have a pear-shaped body. 

Black quilted vest with warm colored shirt and refreshing hairstyle

black qulited vest over soft colors

Up to this point, I have not touched on the importance of your hairstyle. Now this outfit idea is dedicated to those of you who have refreshing short hair. If you belong to the happy little group that looks good with short and slightly wavy hair, try pairing a black quilted vest with a warm colored top and jeans. Although the combination seems simple on paper, you will not be able to imagine how beautiful you will look when you pair this outfit with your short hair.   

Tan quilted vest over denim shirt

tan quilted vest over denim

I have mentioned many outfit ideas that pair a quilted vest with a t-shirt or a full-color sweater. This outfit idea is more unique when it comes to the use of color and texture. Laying a tan quilted vest over a denim shirt and white jeans is such a refreshing outfit idea. 

Creamy quilted vest over black tee

cream quilted vest over black

Cream over black is another color combination that makes you look more unique. This outfit has a more serious color tone and it really suits you if you want to remain low key in the office. 

Quilted vest with fur hood

quilted vest with fur hood

If you like to add some details that can spice up your outfit, try choosing a quilted vest that comes with a fur cap. Not only because it can make you look more feminine, it can also keep your neck warm during the cold weather. 

Red quilted vest over cream knit sweater

red quilted vest over knitted sweater

Red is a color that can really make you stand out especially in the winter. The red quilted vest over cream knit sweater is a fantastic demonstration of using color contrast to attract eye yellows. This combination of texture, knitted and quilted vest also makes this outfit so pleasing to the eye.  

White quilted vest over navy striped tee

white quilted vest over striped tee

I have talked about many ways to wear the black quilted vest. Let's talk white now. Laying a white quilted vest over a navy striped long-sleeved tee makes a happy and refreshingly stylish outfit. This color combination is especially good when spring comes.

Couple with shorts and colorful striped T-shirt

quilted vest colorful striped tee shorts

Let's talk about an outfit idea is that you can go in the spring, even in the summer. Among this list, this idea is the most youthful outfit idea. You simply pair a quilted vest with shorts and a colorful striped t-shirt. That's all. Try this outfit idea to look energetic. 

Yellow happy look

yellow quilted vest

If you have a happy personality in you, you can probably pull off wearing yellow. I know you probably won't wear a yellow quilted vest as often as a black one, but wearing a yellow now and then can make you really stand out from the rest. More than that, wearing yellow often makes yourself more happy. So don't look dark and cool every day, try to look sharp and happy sometimes. 

Wear with scarf and sweater

navy blue quilted vest with scarf

A quilted vest is so versatile that it works well with different clothes. Try pairing it with a scarf and a sweater for a more stylish look when autumn comes. 

Black quilted vest over hood

quilted vest over hood

This is another classic outfit idea. It is relaxed and it is very easy to pull off for all body types. Just put a black quilted vest over a gray hoodie. Sure, it's no surprise, but it still looks good. 

Heather Gray Quilted Vest Over White Tee

Heather gray gray quilted vest over white tee

For a feminine casual look, you can simply put a light gray quilted vest over a white long-sleeved sleeve. It's a simple outfit idea but the color combination works wonderfully. 

Now you should have many ideas in mind about how to style with your quilted vest. Before you go, if you find this paragraph helpful for you, make sure you also check out our other outfit ideas on this site. 


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