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Red Blazer for Women Outfit

Red Blazer for Women Outfit Ideas

Red dominated last year's fashion scene. However, don't say goodbye to it too soon, because it's here to stay. If you followed the street style and the track you probably show that girls are crazy about the red blazer. Yes, this classic staple is not the only portable in navy or black. Let's see how you can design it in a different, colorful way and feel good about it!

Red blazer is not a common staple. You can find it in many stores, but not many girls risk wearing it. Why? Well, red is not an easy color to work with. But with my tips and all these outfit ideas that I have prepared, you will see that it is very simple. Let's start.

White Jeans White Shirt + Red Blazer

red blazer white shirt jeans

Blue jeans, the white shirt is one of the eternal and classic combinations that you can really wear every day. These looks are comfortable and elegant and are ideal for work. But a red blazer gives your outfit a glamor touch.
You can choose the embroidered clutch bag with red details for a matching moment.

Flowers are in

red blazer flowers

Floral red blazer is something very beautiful, I must admit. It may be difficult to combine, but you will. Just follow the girl's instructions.
She pairs it with a white white tee and beige mini skirt. The gold chain is very trendy so make sure your skirt has it!
Red sandals are matching with a blazer and look absolutely stunning.

Red pants suit

red blazer matchy pantsuit

Mixing casual staples with elegant was always my thing. I do it with my everyday look, and I have to admit it is a lot of fun to do.
This lovely pantsuit is matching in coral red. It is a good combination for both day and night occasions. You can even consider carrying it to your office.

Layers and asymmetry

red blazer layer asymmetry

If you are a fan of asymmetrical garments and like to put your things together to get an even better look, then this outfit is for you.
This cool Brit combines garments in coral red. The asymmetrical pleated skirt above chino pants, blazer and a white tee, makes a fantastic and quite surprising combination!
If your look is a bit eccentric like the style of this fashion girl, take a look!

Flowers Red Blazers (Part II)

Two red blazer flowers

This floral blazer was obviously of the popular last year. If you weren't impressed with the outfit I've already shown you, and you're a jeans person, here's something for you.
You can style it with mom jeans and white boots, which was a huge trend last year. The floral scarf that matches a blazer is an amazing detail that makes your outfit even more interesting.

Modern sweater and red blazer

red blazer shirt

Do you know the moments when you struggle internally between feeling good and feeling comfortable? This outfit represents the ideal balance between these two. You will feel warm and comfortable enough in your beige sweater, while you will look stylish and very modern in vinyl pants and red blazer.
This is a great look for a coffee or shopping.

Denim Mini Skirt

red blazer denim skirt

The comeback of jeans and denim skirts made me really happy.
This look is perfect for early summer days when you need something warm to drape over your shoulder while leaving your legs bare. Pair your red blazer with a white V-neck shirt and you're ready to go!

Red and pink

red blazer pink combo

Even if you are not a fan of pink and red together, you need to take a look at this outfit. It is very elegant and sophisticated. I have to admit that I was not a lover of pink and red in the same combination. But when I explore different clothes and combinations, I've learned that these two colors can be quite beautiful together.

Simple chic

red blazer simple

Nicole Richie wears this casual outfit in a very elegant way. She pairs the white button with red blazer and bell bottom. It is undoubtedly the ladyike look that you can design for both casual and elegant occasions.
When it comes to shoes, you can wear this combination with pointed heels. Add a black bag to round out the look.


red blazer all red

When I say everything, I mean everything literally. This look is simply amazing. Blazer and skinny chino pants are excellent for everyday wear. You can add a beige fedora for a ladylike vibe.
Gold jewelry is a good idea to accessory your outfit. Don't forget to pair your patent leather ankle boots with this lovely look.

Cropped red suit

red blazer cropped

Culotte's or flare pants are very flattering. However, you have to be careful. These pants are not suitable for everyone. Try it before you buy it.
Olivia Palermo knows that red is definitely the color of the season. She pairs her cropped pants with beige knee-high boots. Adding white details like this bow tie is always a good idea!

Black and white + red

red blazer geometric print

Red blazer is good for styling with black and white combinations. As you can see, the geometric pattern on the skirt works perfectly with a white blouse and red blazer. This combination is ideal for work and for formal occasions such as weddings, dinners or birthday celebrations.
Add a white bag to round everything off.

Ruffle costume

red blazer ruffles

When I saw this outfit, I was instantly in love. It has everything I love – red color, ruffles and bow.
This look is ideal for your working hours, but also for going out. All you need is red lipstick and elegant black shoes.

Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll Style

red blazer rock n roll

For an edgy look, pair your black printed tee with red blazer and chino pants. This look is incredibly cool, but very elegant at the same time. You can wear it during your working hours and to go out. It is very versatile and stylish.

The red blazer definitely deserves a place in our wardrobes. As you can see, it is very versatile. Wearing it alone or with matching pants looks very chic. So what are you waiting for?


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