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Red Pleated Skirt Outfits for

Red Pleated Skirt Outfits for Women

Many of you may already have pleated skirts. They are definitely something that looks good and easy to pull off. Of all the different colors, my favorite color for the pleated skirt is the color of red, because it can simply turn your outfit into a happy and energetic. To show you how to build a wonderful outfit around it, I've put together a list of some of the best red pleated skirt outfit ideas. Let's check them out now. 

Royal blue sleeveless top with red Maxi pleated skirt

royal blue sleeveless top red maxi pleated skirt

Some people may think that the color of red is something very difficult to style and to pull off. When it comes to the red pleated skirt, it is surprisingly easy to style. You can wear it with a white top, a black top or even a contrasting top like this royal blue sleeveless top. In this particular costume, the royal blue top is paired with a red maxi pleated skirt and black heels to look absolutely stunning. 

White printed vest top with red Midi pleated skirt

white printed vest top red midi pleated skirt

For a more summer-like look, you can wear a red midi-pleated skirt with a white printed vest top. Wear a pair of neon pink heels to make the suit even more eye-catching and stylish. For those of you who love sporty looks, you can pursue this outfit energetically by wearing a baseball cap. 

Black long sleeve Sweatheart top with red flared pleated skirt

black long sleeve sweatheart top red flared pleated skirt

This black and red look is a very classic and iconic way to wear a red pleated skirt. To get this look, wear the red elongated and pleated midi skirt with a black long sleeve crossover. Wear black ballet flats to complement this outfit clean and beautiful. 

Wear with black shaped sweater and white sneakers

black form fitting sweater white sneakers

This is yet another black and red outfit. But this time it's a much cooler and more relaxed look. Wear a black mock neck shape that fits long-sleeved sweater. Pair it with a red pleated midi skirt. To complement the casual outfit, you can simply wear a pair of all-white low top sneakers. 

Pink leather jacket with red Maxi-pleated skirt

pink leather jacket red maxi pleated skirt

A very neat and feminine way to wear a red pleated maxi skirt is to pair it with a pink pink leather jacket. When it comes to leather jackets, the pink one is definitely not the color that comes to you first. But if you look at the street, you would say them and usually they are part of a beautiful outfit. For this particular outfit, you can simply pair the pink jacket and the red skirt with a white top and light pink heels. 

Wear with white button front pocket

white button up front pocket shirt

For a refreshing and relaxed outfit, you can simply pair a red pleated mini skirt with a white shirt with a linen button. To add some elegance to this outfit, you can pair the pieces with some shiny accessories. For example, wear a pair of silver metallic heels and a silver sequin clutch bag to look amazing. 

Maxi red skirt with black sleeveless sleeveless top

maxi red skirt black velvet sleeveless top

A little earlier we have already seen the beauty of a black and red outfit. This particular outfit is a deep and elegant version of it. Wear a black suede neck as a sleeveless top at the top that simply adds so much depth to the outfit. Pair it with a red pleated floor-length skirt and silver open toe heels to complete this remarkable and wonderful look. 

Light Blue Button Up Shirt with Red Polka Dot Midi Skirt

light blue button up shirt red dot midi skirt

This is a very creatively designed and beautiful skirt. It's a red polka dot midi pleated skirt. You can pair it with a light blue button up shirt and a pair of silver pointed toe pumps to look stylish and elegant. As a bonus, carry a light red leather clutch bag to take the outfit to another level. 

White floral long sleeve blouse with red pleated Mini Skater skirt

white floral long sleeve blouse red pleated mini skater skirt

Now let's look at a sweet and ladyic look. Wear a white floral long-sleeved blouse for the top, which looks adorable on its own. Pair it with a red pleated mini skater skirt to show off some bones and look youthful. Finally, add a feminine touch by wearing a pair of light pink toes. 

Red Maxi-pleated skirt with white chiffon T-shirt

red maxi pleated skirt white chiffon t-shirt

For a casual yet eye-catching look, you can simply pair a red skirt with a white top. In detail, the top of this outfit is a stylish white chiffon shirt. It is paired with a red pleated maxi skirt. Wear red pointed toe heels to fit the outfit perfectly. 

Wear with black turtleneck knitted sweater and leather jacket

black turtleneck knitted sweater leather jacket

Usually you would wear black and dark when wearing a black leather jacket. Not in this case. When the red pleated maxi dress is thrown into the mix, the whole feeling changes. To achieve this cool black and red look, pair the red skirt and black leather jacket with a black turtleneck-knit sweater and black leather boots. 

White off shoulder top with red mini pleated skirt

white off shoulder top red mini pleated skirt

For a minimal and feminine look, you can wear a white from the shoulder short sleeve top. Pair it with a red mini-pleated skirt. Pair these pieces with black socks and black leather boots to complement the outfit in an elegant and feminine way. 

Wear with white from shoulder ruffle top

white from the ruffle top of the shoulder

Here's another one from the shoulder-white top. But this time it's even more elegant that comes in the form of a ruffle top. Pair it with a red pleated midi skirt and, very creatively, a pair of gold boards to look stylish and low-key sexy. 

Red skirt with gray sweater & cheetah bag

red skirt gray shirt cheetah bag

For a casual work suit, you can wear a white button-up shirt with a gray sweater for the top. Pair them with a red midi-pleated skirt and pale pink pointed toe pumps to complete the costume. Carry a cheetah clutch bag that is the icing on the cake. 

Red pleated skirt with navy blue blouse

red pleated skirt navy bell sleeve blouse

For a windy and stylish look you can think of this red and navy blue outfit. Wear a navy blue sleeve blouse with a red pleated midi skirt. Wear navy pointed toe heels to match the navy's top and complement the costume in a simple and clean way. 

I hope you like the red pleated skirt outfit ideas above. If you find this type of blog post useful, you may want to check out thousands of other outfit ideas on this site. 


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