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Sailor Shirt Outfit Ideas

Sailor Shirt Outfit Ideas

If you follow what people are wearing all over the world you may know that seaman's shirt is a very popular thing in Japan. It is actually their school uniform for high school students. Over the years, Korea has also adopted it and there are more and more celebrities wearing the sailing shirt from time to time. Recently, in Europe and the United States, there are more and more people wearing something that is inspired by or heavily influenced by seamen's shirt. Let me show you some of these ideas about sailor shirt equipment and see if you like this trend or not.

Navy blue sailor shirt with white stripes

To start with this creative and interesting list, I'll show you how some people wear it in Asian countries. Here is a navy blue sailor shirt that comes with some white stripes. You can pair it with white shorts and a pair of white heeled sandals to look refreshing and youthful.

Navy blue and white striped V-neck T-shirt

navy and white striped v-neck shirt

Let's do a 180 degree turn and look at a suit that kind of has the feel of a sailor sweater. You can wear a navy blue and white striped v-neck shirt with green shorts. Pair them with black sandals for a unique and relaxed look. This way of borrowing the idea from a sailor costume should be very easy to pull off for most of you.

Black sailor shirt with Blue Ribbon Bow

black sailor shirt blue ribbon bow

As you can see from the previous suit you can in a navy blue and white striped v-shirt that makes you look like wearing a sailor's shirt. Still, wearing a real one is really not as fun. Here's a real sailor shirt, this time in black with a blue ribbon bow. You can simply pair it with a white skirt and white sandals.

White and navy sailor T-shirt with pleated mini skirt

white and navy sailor t-shirt pleated mini skirt

I really like this t-shirt because it's obviously a white and navy navy shirt, but the exaggerated details are removed from it to make this easier to wear. You can pair the sweater with a pleated navy blue skirt. Pair them with black ballet flats to add a feminine touch to the look.

Cropped shirt with Navy Skater Mini skirt

cropped shirt navy skater mini skirt

This image shows a fairly typical way to dress in the current Korean pop culture. The girl wears a cropped sailor shirt with a navy skate skirt and black thigh high lacing boots. The slim fit and low-cut sexy clothes are the current trend and it looks like the trend is here to stop, at least for another decade.

Wear with big red bow and black flared mini shorts

big red bow black blown out mini shorts

Wearing a sailor shirt as a casual street outfit is an already very creative and playful act. To make it even more fun, you can wear a large red bow to accompany your sailor shirt. Pair them with black mini protruding shorts and dark green open toe ballet heels to complete this sweet and attractive look.

Two-color mini skater shirt with high socks on the thigh

two colored mini skater shirt dress thigh high socks

This is simply a lovely and youthful shirt dress. It is a two-color mini-skater sailor shirt dress, with its upper part a white sailor shirt and the lower part is a super mini navy skate skirt. To match perfectly with the dress you can wear chicken socks from navy thighs that come with white stripes. Use black leather laces in black leather to complement the suit.

Navy blue and gray striped T-shirt with denim shorts

navy and gray striped t-shirt denim shorts

Now let's go back to the west and see a casual outfit that looks like a sailor shirt outfit. To get this relaxed and elegant look, you can simply wear a navy blue and gray striped t-shirt and pair it with denim shorts. Tie a chambray shirt around the waist to look super chic. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sneakers.

White long sleeve sweater with high waist button front Mini Mini skirt

white long sleeve seaman shirt with high waist button front skirt

Today, you can slowly see celebrities in the states starting to wear the sailor sweater as part of their clothing. For example, here is a white long-sleeved sailor shirt paired with dark blue, high waist button front skirt. Pair with black thigh high suede boots to complement this super chic look.

Wear with navy blue high waisted shorts and boots

navy high waist with blown-out shorts

Here is a very similar outfit to the previous one. Seamen's shirt is really the same. But by wearing different pieces, the overall look is completely different. For example, here seaman's shirts are paired with navy blue with high waist, shorts. You can pair with brown leather calf boots to give an elegant touch to the outfit.

White Navy V-neck T-shirt

white t-shirt navy blue v-neck

Here is another example of a white t-shirt that comes with a navy blue v-neck ring. It's close enough to a sailor's shirt. You can pair it with a navy blue mini shorts and a pair of white sandals to look both relaxed and refreshing.

Blue and white striped T-shirt with straw hat

blue and white striped t-shirt straw hat

For a happy and relaxed look you can choose a blue and white striped t-shirt. Pair it with a pair of navy blue shorts and navy ballet flats. Wear a straw hat to complement this outfit that will probably give you just a little sailor style.

White flared Mini-shirt dress with navy silk boat scarf

white deferred miniskirt dress navy silk scarf

You can also create a suit that has a small sailor style by wearing a navy blue silk scarf to resemble the navy collar in a sailor's shirt. Pair the scarf with a white dress in miniature shirt and black banded sandals to complement the suit.

Navy blue and white striped T-shirt with white collar

navy and white striped tee white collar shirt

Another way to simulate a seaman's shirt is to wear a navy blue and white striped long sleeve t-shirt over a white collar shirt and let the collar peek out from the t-shirt. Pair them with a black knee length skirt and black lace up heels to complement this smart casual outfit.

Here are the ideas for sailor shirts that I want to share with you. It is a little early to say that seamen's shirt will be a big part of the fashion world. But as the world gets smaller and with Asian countries promoting seamen's shirt, it would be fun to see more of it in the mainstream.

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