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Sequined Crop Top Outfit Ideas

Sequined Crop Top Outfit Ideas

Sequins are one of the best materials for New Year's Eve, Christmas parties and other parties. The sequined crop top is usually seen on the younger girls, but that doesn't have to be the reason for you not to wear it. You can design this item in many different ways, and it will be the main theme of today's post. Scroll down if you are interested in seeing how to wear lovely sequin crops.
You know these moments – formally smooth and nothing decent to wear. Well, if you only have a sequined sequin, you can actually put together a nice and elegant combination. Let's see all these clothes that I have prepared for you.

Black Sequined Crop Top

sequin crop black

Black is usually the best choice when it comes to elegant clothes. It is stylish, elegant and always glamorous. This outfit seems quite young and interesting. The stretchy mini dress seems to be very flattering and accentuates your body shape. Fedora hat and solid necklace are great accessories to complete this look. You can choose between ankle boots or cyclist shoes.

Yellow details

sequin crop top green

Yellow was one of the most portable colors last year. Guess what? The trend has also been extended to this season. Follow the girl's rules to wear a lovely yellow skirt, bag and turban with sequin. This peak seems very interesting because it is cut. It has butterfly cut and looks very flattering and shiny. Round everything with white heels.

Sequined Mix

sequin crop with black wide leg

Black wide leg trousers are one of the most flattering and most comfortable items you can have in your wardrobe. If you ask yourself now why not worry – I explain. These pants are usually made of very fine materials – cotton or polyester. They are broad legs, so they do not stick to your skin in the summer. Is it enough? Style this pants with a sequined crop top and make yourself the head star.

Open back and sequins

sequined crop top rihanna

Rihanna is one of the biggest stars following the trends. She always surprises us with something new and exciting. This is also the case with this summit. Sparkling and open-backed, this top seems very interesting and glamorous at the same time. You can wear it as she does – with boyfriends jeans and heels. You can go with the matching clutch bag.

Spaghetti Strap Top

sequins with green tops

Spaghetti strap tops are perfect for summertime. They will definitely give you an A-line cover but it doesn't matter. It's summer, and everything is allowed! This crop top is definitely a perfect staple to use with jeans, skirts or denim shorts. You can also consider it not only elegant but also as a temporary staple, and you can design for everyday clothes.

Gold Maxi skirt and black sequined crop top

sequin with top cut in maxi

Elegant occasions are perfect for combinations like this one. Maxi gold skirt is made of satin or silk, and it seems quite interesting and glamorous. If you are wondering how to design maxi skirts like this, you should definitely try black sequins with black sequins. It will look very nice, elegant and above all – this look can be your classic outfit for many different occasions. Round everything off with uneven sandals and clutch.

Statement crop top and pumps

sequined cropping objects on top

Sometimes you don't need all your staples to be statements. Details are important and you should always follow that rule. This girl knows this rule. She styled a-line skirt and crop top with yellow pumps. The top is shiny and has many colors, while the satin pumps are in beautiful mustard yellow. If you need a good inspiration, this look can be your choice.

Jungle Sequined Top

sequins with sequined crop

Botanical, floral or jungle print – whatever. All of these designs are trendy and for me – they are my first choice. This beautiful white glittery top has the same sparkling floral print that looks very stylish and trendy. Personally, I would wear this top with jeans in high waist, pants with wide legs in the summer or with a denim skirt. When it comes to shoes, you can design this look with flats or heels – it's up to you.

Emerald Green Crop Top

sequin with lubricated top

Emerald green is one of the most beautiful colors ever. It is elegant and sophisticated and works perfectly with all other staples. You can wear what this fashion blogger did. The beige skirt looks very interesting and elegant at the same time. You can wear this combination as your work clothes or for other formal events such as weddings, cocktail parties, etc.

Gold Crop Top and Polka Dot skirt

sequin gold

Gold sequins are probably my favorites. They look very flattering and elegant. If you want a polished look, pair this sequined palette with a black midi polka dot skirt. The combination seems very sophisticated, and you will be ready or some elegant or formal occasion. Black pumps with wrist lace look fantastic and give the outfit a retro vibe.

Wrap velvet dress

sequin with top crop

Top with silver green and emerald shawls are perfect companions for this look. This is a great party look that you can wear when your New Year's Eve or Holiday Dinner Costumes. It does not look provocative, although there is a lot of skin tone. On the contrary, this look seems quite sophisticated and polished.

Gold-lined top and mini skirt

sequined top crop in mini

Black velvet mini skirt is the perfect staple for transitional weather – spring autumn. In winter you can wear it with black or nude tights. If you decide to pair it with a gold harvest, make it like this girl. Round everything off with black pumps and add a shoulder bag or clutch.

Silver and white

sequin with green tops

It is obvious that even celebrities could not resist this sequined trend. This actress wears the silver crop top and silver wide leg trousers as an elegant and sophisticated outfit combination. This color is perfect for summer time. Follow her rules for the ultimate chic outfit combination.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas that I have prepared for you!


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