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Sexy Cover Up Dress Outfit

Sexy Cover Up Dress Outfit Ideas

When summer comes, what's a better activity than chilling with friends on a beach. Whether you are comfortable wearing a bikini or if you like traditional swimsuits more, a cover dress can be both very practical and beautiful. Imagine that when you drink or play some beach volleyball on the beach, you will feel more natural when wearing a cover dress. What you are seeing are some of the best clothing ideas I have collected. Let's dive in. 

Black Cover Up Dress Over Pink Bikini

This list is filled with great outfit ideas ranging from really sexy to some sexy and refreshing ideas. To start the list I'll show you a sexy low key that is pretty sexy to pull off. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black dress up fringed dress over your bikini, a shocking pink to be ideal. 

White Deep V-neck Sheer Cover Up Dress

white deep v-neck back dress

If you want to look a lot sexier, you can definitely choose a white that is semi-transparent. This particular one is a mini dress that has a deep v-cut. You can wear a bikini that is more colorful than the multicolored polka dot one to become even more attractive. 

White Cover Up Maxi Wrap Dress over Black Swimsuit

white dress up maxi wrap dress over black swimsuit

Wearing a mini dress is definitely not the only way to show off your long legs. Another way to do it in a more seductive way is to wear a maxi white semi-gloss high split dress. By covering up your legs but at the same time allowing the entire legs to be exposed through the clean fabric and the slit, the outfit simply looks sexier and more smart. 

White Lace Semi-Sheer Mini Flare Cover Up Dress

white lace semi sheer mini flare cover dress

For a more casual and windy look you can choose a white chiffon lace mini dress that is not so transparent. In this case, it is almost as if you are just wearing a refreshing boho-style dress. To make the outfit more sexy, wear a bikini in bright colors like the orange. Use a white floppy hat to look more refreshing. 

White Cold Shoulder Crochet Cover Up Dress

white cold shoulder crochet dress up

Here is another example of a cover dress that almost looks like a regular dress. Because you are actually wearing a bikini inside, you can wear a white cold shoulder dress that is really short. It allows you to show both your beautiful legs and shoulders. 

Tribal Printed Maxi Silk Cover Up Dress

stem printed maxi-silk dress up

I would consider this outfit as a more stylish and unique outfit than a sexy one. The cover up dress here is a maxi-silk cover-up dress that comes with colorful and unique tribal prints. Wear it over a white biniki to complete this summer beach look. 

Black and white patterned dress

black and white tribal printed dress

If you are preparing for your profession you can look for a cover dress that will make you look very natural and airy as you hang around the beach area, here is a beautiful and relaxed black and white patterned mini dress. You can wear naked sandals with it to form a really refreshing outfit. 

White Lace Sheer Cover Up Dress

white lace sheer dress

Up to this point, we still haven't covered an outfit that is completely transparent, finally we can see it from this outfit. Let's see how the dress is used. In detail, the dress is a white clean dress that has some lace details both near the neckline and the hem. Just wear it on top of a white bikini to look really sexy. 

White and blue tulle mini dress

white and blue taffeta mini dress

If you are looking for a more youthful and casual swimsuit instead of a really sexy suit, this outfit is just for you. To get this beautiful look, you can simply wear a white and blue taffeta mini cover dress over a white bikini. Wear a straw hat to make the suit even more invigorating. 

Light Blue Chiffon Maxi Cover Up Dress

light blue chiffon maxi dress up

Your maxi cover dress looks a lot like a huge shoulder. It's basically a maxi light blue chiffon trim that comes with exaggerated bathe sleeves. You can wear it over a white bikini to look amazing. You can also wear a white necklace to add an extra elegant touch to the overall look. 

White crochet mini dress over black bikini

white crochet mini dress over black bikini

For a refreshing and girly look, you can wear a white crocheted mini dress that has a certain boho style in it. Wear it over a black bikini and a nice boho style necklace. You can even wear sandy sandals to make the suit more invigorating. 

Blue Floral Maxi Chiffon Cover Up Beach Dress

blue floral maxi chiffon cover up beach dress

If you are looking for a dress to wear for a photo shoot on the beach, you may want to find one that uses a lighter and deeper color to make you more eye-catching. For example, you can wear a light blue floral printed maxi chiffon dress over a white bikini to become the center of attention. 

Green Backless Chiffon Semi-Sheer Maxi Cover Up Dress

green backless chiffon semi sheer maxi dress up

For a deep and refreshing look, you may want to use the black and green color combination. For example, you can wear a green backless chiffon dress in floor length. Wear it over a black bikini to look low-key. 

Pink Collared Waist Chiffon Cover Up Dress

pink gathered waist chiffon dress up

To achieve a more feminine beach look can usually help with a color of pink. For example, you can wear a pink gathered waist chiffon mini cover dress. Pair it with a white bikini and some silver bracelets to stand out from the rest. 

White crochet lace Boho Style Cover Up Dress

white crochet lace boho style dress up

For a totally refreshing look, you can simply wear a white boho-style crocheted mini dress. You can basically choose a non-clean one that can still let the bikini look out from the dress's stylish lace details. Pair the dress with nude sandals to complement this beautiful look. 

Here are some really attractive ideas for clothing that I just shared with you. They can really make you feel more natural, especially you are the kind of people who like to just calm down, read books and have a few drinks on the beach. Try them and you will love it. 


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