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Sheer Kimono Outfit Ideas

Sheer Kimono Outfit Ideas

I have mentioned many different types of kimonos in previous blog posts. As a quick explanation of what a kimono is for those of you who do not already know, it is basically a loosely fitting long shoulder inspired by the Japanese traditional kimonos. Today I will talk about a very ladylike, very specific kimono, the pure kimono. It is very interesting that this feminine object is often paired with elegant pieces that rip denim shorts to give the best results. Now let's check out some of the best pure kimono outfit ideas I've compiled for you. 

Black Polka Dot Sheer Long Kimono

To start the list, let's look at a more casual outfit that is very easy to pull off. To achieve this stylish look, you can simply wear a black tunic with leggings in black leather. Layer a long clean black polka dot kimono over the pieces. Wear a pair of black banded heeled sandals to complement this unique and beautiful outfit. 

Black rose printed clean Kimono with striped knee length dress

black rose print pure kimono striped knee length dress

Here is an even more relaxed outfit that looks more youthful and energetic. To get this look, you can simply wear a black pink printed long sheer kimono over a black and gray striped bodycon knee length dress. Wear a pair of black leather boots to give an extra nice touch. 

Rainbow Color Tribal Printed Long Sheer Kimono

rainbow color stem print with long clean kimono

This long half pure kimono is one such eye-catching. It is filled with stem print from the color of the rainbow. It's amazing to see how this unique kimono can be paired with casual and stylish items like a white vest top and blue denim shorts and looks so well matched. Wear black strapped heeled sandals to give a feminine touch. 

Black floral printed Kimono with ripped boyfriends Jeans & boots

black flowers printed kimono ripped boyfriend jeans boots

For a very unique and artistic look you can use a black felt hat. Pair the hat with a white t-shirt and light blue ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Put a long black floral printed kimono over your t-shirt. Wear black ankle boots with a black lace-up toe to add some extra character to the suit. 

White Maxi Sheer Kimono with Black Mini Denim Shorts

white maxi pure kimono black mini denim shorts

Here is a simple and beautiful black and white outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a black t-shirt with black mini denim shorts. Lay a white long floral printed pure kimono over these pieces to give a feminine touch. For the shoes you can wear black ankle boots with open toe to look both stylish and standing. 

White Kimono with Black Cropped Vest Top & Denim Shorts

white kimono with black cropped vest with denim shorts

For those of you who have put a lot of effort into keeping fit, here is a sexy low-key outfit that lets you show off your slim waist. You can simply wear a black cropped vest top with a pair of black mini denim shorts. Wear a white pure kimono and white sandals to look more feminine and refreshing. 

Black Lace Sheer Kimono with Gray V Neck Tee & Denim Shorts

black lace pure kimono gray v-neck tee denim shorts

This is a beautiful and playful outfit that you can have a lot of fun to wear every now and then. To get this unique look, wear a gray t-shirt with blue denim shorts. The magic part is the combination of the black lace kimono and the black floppy disk. Finally, you can wear black suede ankle boots to complement the outfit with style. 

White Maxi Crochet Lace Sheer Kimono with Blue Denim Shorts

white maxi crochet lace pure kimono blue denim shorts

You can see some shade of the Japanese traditional kimono in this white crocheted lace maxi pure kimono. You can wear this absolutely refreshing and feminine piece over a white vest top and blue denim shorts to create a very interesting and intense contrast. Use red heels with open toe to make this beautiful outfit stand out even more. 

Red floral printed semi-sheer Kimono with pale pink tank Maxi dress

red floral printed semi sheer kimono with white tank maxi dress

Not just because the black pure kimono or the white looks good, here is a red maxi floral printed pure kimono that looks attractive. Simply pair it with a light pink tank maxi dress to create a beautiful and windy look. Wear nude sandals for the shoes to complement the outfit easily. 

Navy Sheer Short Kimono with White Bodycon Mini Dress

navy blue short kimono white bodycon mini dress

Since most kimonos introduced earlier are long, windy, here is a card that looks more relaxed. It is a navy blue kimono that is paired with a white bodycon mini dress. Wear white sand-heeled sandals to make the color simple and make the outfit look more refreshing. 

Pink Kimono with Black Bralette & Mini Denim Shorts

pink kimono black bralette mini denim shorts

To get an extremely sexy look, here's an outfit you can think of. To do that, you can wear a black lace bralette with black mini denim shorts to show off the waist and long legs. Wear a pink printed pure kimono to look more refreshing and feminine. Pair these pieces with bare sandals to complement the outfit in a simple and clean way. 

Wear with gray tank Top & Straight Ben Jeans

gray sweater with straight legs

This outfit perfectly shows how a kimono can turn a stylish outfit into a beautiful one. For example, you can wear a gray tank top with a pair of gray-blue straight leg jeans and black heels to form a casual outfit that looks decent. Now, with the white lace kimono, the outfit looks so much more attractive. 

Wear with oversized white vest top and denim shorts

big white denim trousers

This is an outfit that looks both youthful and beautiful. To achieve that, wear only a black pure kimono over a white oversized vest and blue denim shorts. Wear black combat boots to add some toughness to the suit. 

Black skater dress & pure kimono with details in silver sequence

black skater dress pure kimono silver sequin details

To achieve this ladyike completely black look, you can wear a black skater mini dress with black suede open toe platform heels. Create a black sheer kimono that comes with silver sequin details on top of the dress to make this outfit more beautiful and eye-catching. 

Blush Pink Sheer Kimono with White Vest Top & Blue Mini Denim Shorts

blush pink pink kimono white vest top blue mini denim shorts

For a refreshing and windy swimsuit, you can simply wear a pink pink kimono over a white vest top and blue denim shorts. Complete outfit with nude sandals to add some boho style to the mix. 

Here are the pure kimono outfit ideas that look feminine yet elegant. It's amazing how a simple kimono can take an outfit to another level. Try these outfits and you will probably have a lot of fun styling. 


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