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Silk Choker Scarf Outfit Ideas

Silk Choker Scarf Outfit Ideas

The choker fashion trend has become more and more popular over the past year, and the trend is not disappearing. It's here to stay. Last time we got about the choker necklace. This time I'm going to talk about a more feminine and elegant alternative, the silk choker scarf. Usually you can wear a thin silk scarf like a choker scarf, or you can simply fold a regular silk scarf to achieve the same. To show you how to design it, I've put together a list of some really good silk choker scarf equipment ideas. Let's look at the list now. 

Black slip dress with silk choker scarf

A silk choker scarf can give an elegant touch to an already beautiful outfit. As an example of this, this minimal outfit consists of a black neck dress and strappy sandals. The outfit definitely looks nice but just a little too plain. Usually you would wear a necklace to spice up the outfit a bit. Instead, wear a black silk choker scarf for a very unique and elegant look. 

Red skinny scarf with black and white striped tee

red skinny scarf black and white striped tee

The choker scarf can look really nice with a casual outfit too. For example, wear a black and white striped t-shirt with jeans and white sneakers. Wear a red thin silk choker scarf to complete the suit. Although a silk scarf and a stylish casual outfit do not sound like they can fit well with each other, the real result is surprisingly good. 

Red silk choker scarf with white vest Top & Boyfriend jeans

red silk choker scarf white vest top boyfriend jeans

If you are still not sure if a casual street outfit can look good with a choker scarf, this ultimate casual outfit should give you a good answer. Wear a top with scoop neck vest with cuffed boyfriend jeans and sandals. This outfit would have been too simple and a bit careless. Wearing a red silk choker scarf seems to remove this problem. 

Black silk skinny scarf with white of the blouse

black silky thin scarf white from the shoulder blouse

For an elegant outfit, you can wear an off-white blouse with white and black striped pencil skirts. Pair these pieces with nude heels and a black silk scarf to complement the outfit with elegance. 

Black Satin Button Up Shirt with Mini Skirt

black satin button up shirt mini skirt

This outfit uses a red choker scarf to add some color to all the black pieces to make the look more interesting and not so dark. To get this cool look, wear a black satin button shirt with a black mini skirt and buttoned open toe heels. Wear a red silk choker scarf to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Navy Silk Choker Scarf with blue and white striped shirt

navy silk choker scarf blue and white striped shirt

In this outfit, the silk choker scarf gives some elegance to balance the unisex stylish pieces. The suit consists of a blue and white striped shirt, boyfriend jeans, black combat boots and last but not least, a navy blue and white silk scarf. 

Choker scarf with black long line cardigan and puffed jeans

choker scarf black longline cardigan blown jeans

For a slim and smart look, you can wear a white blouse with a black long line cardigan for the top. Wear bottom jeans with black platform heels on the bottom. Pair them with a red silk scarf to soften the tone of the suit a bit. 

Black floral silk scarf with white chiffon shirt

black floral silk scarf white chiffon shirt

This outfit is to demonstrate that a black floral silk choker scarf and a white chiffon button shirt fit perfectly. You can complement the suit with black skinny jeans and black ballet flats to get a minimal but beautiful look. 

Gray knitted felt cardigan with red scarf

gray knitted blanket cardigan red scarf

This outfit is a casual outfit that has some very pretty details. Wear a black silk top with a gray knit cardigan for the top. Wear ripped skinny jeans with nude sandals on the bottom. Wear cardigan very relaxed so that it slides slightly from the shoulders. Wear a red choker scarf with a choker necklace very creative to give a little extra character to the overall look.  

Black Maxi dress with black skinny silk scarf

black maxi dress skinny silk scarf

This is a very classic and beautiful maxi dress with black robe. Simply pairing it with nude sandals would have already made it a fantastic minimal costume for parties and events. With the black choker scarf, it adds a little depth to the outfit and makes this outfit look more unique especially in an environment where black dresses are everywhere. 

Wear with Silver Silk Deep V Neck blouse

silver silk deep v-neck blouse outfit

For those of you who don't like to wear dresses for parties all the time, you can still look sexy with an outfit like this one. Simply wear a silver deep v-neck silk blouse with black dress pants and black heels. Wear a silk scarf to give a faint feminine touch. 

Black Polka Dot Choker scarf with T-shirt and denim skirt

black polka dot choker scarf denim skirt

Here is an outfit that demonstrates how to wear a choker scarf in a very cute way. Choose an adorable black and white polka dot choker scarf and wear it with a black t-shirt, light blue denim skirt and white sneakers for a really relaxed and beautiful look. 

Black and pink silk scarf with Button Up Denim Mini skirt

black and pink silk skinny scarf denim mini skirt

A tiffany blue top always seems to have a special magic in it that requires a lot of attention. You can wear this tiffany blue long sleeve tee with a button up denim mini skirt, white sneakers and a black silk choker scarf for a casual look that just stands out from the crowd. 

Choker scarf with black long wool coating

choker scarf black long wool coat

In this case, silk shawls are used to add a little feminine feel to a slightly unisex outfit. To achieve this harmonious powerful look, wear a black v-top with black long wool coat, jeans and black heels. Wear the black silk choker scarf to complement this outfit with elegance. 

Red silk choker scarf with printed tube top & skinny jeans

red silk choker scarf printed tube top

For a sexy and energetic look, you can wear a red silk choker scarf with a colorful printed tube top for the top. For the bottom, simply use skinny jeans and black ankle straps with open toe heels to complete this amazing look. By the way, if you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear black ankle straps. 

Here are some of the best ideas of silk choker scarf for you. I really hope you will try to run these outfit ideas. They are fairly easy to pull off. Let's go ahead and see if they fit you well. 


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