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Silk Shirt for Women Outfit

Silk Shirt for Women Outfit Ideas

If you think a shirt with buttons is too formal and too unattractive, my job today is to get you thinking twice. I will talk about a specific type of button up sweater that looks shiny and smooth, silk shirt. You can easily build a stylish outfit around a silk shirt, whether you decide to make it the focus of the suit or if you wear it with a blazer. To show you how to easily design a silk shirt, I have compiled a list of some of the best silk shirt ideas for you. Let's jump right in. 

Rose Gold Silk Shirt with high waist skinny jeans

A pink gold silk shirt looks both eye-catching and feminine. But for this outfit it is used to build an elegant outfit. It is attached in a pair of high blue light blue skinny jeans. Pair them with white sneakers to create a casual yet unique look. 

White silk shirt with blue skinny jeans

white silk shirt blue skinny jeans

This outfit is very similar to the previous one but has different colors. A white silk shirt is in pairs with light blue skinny jeans. To make it a smart casual work suit, pair your shirt and jeans with a pair of black ballet heels. A black handbag can help you complement the outfit elegantly. 

Pale yellow silk shirt with dark blue skinny jeans

light yellow silk shirt dark blue skinny jeans

If you want to look more relaxed and boyish, just loosen your shirt. For this particular costume, the pale yellow silk shirt is nasty. Pairing it with dark blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats would make this a casual and casual outfit. 

White shirt with black blazer & jeans

white shirt black blazer jeans

As you may already know, you can wear a white button shirt with a black blazer to make you look smart and skinny. By replacing your typical white shirt with a silk one will only give a feminine touch to the outfit. Complete outfit with light blue skinny jeans and black flats for a casual look. 

Black Polka Dot Silk Shirt with leather skirt

black polka dot silk shirt leather

If you want more detail and creativity in your silk shirt, this black polka dot silk shirt should make you happy. Pair it with a black leather skirt and black suede ballet heels to complement this lovely and unique outfit. 

White ribbon silk shirt with black pants

white ribbon pants silk shirt black pants

A white silk shirt can be used to add a feminine touch to a black dress pants outfit. For example, you can wear a white bow-tie silk shirt with a pair of black dress pants to look formal and feminine. Wear the black ballet heels for the shoes so that the outfit looks less clumsy. 

Light gray shirt with gray pencil skirt

white shirt gray pencil skirt

Here is a typical gray pencil skirt and shirt outfit that you probably wear in the office a lot. By simply replacing your typical shirt with a silk shirt and adding a statement necklace to the mix. The unattractive suit becomes a stylish one with beautiful details. 

Rose Gold Silk Shirt with white skinny jeans

pink gold silk shirt white skinny jeans

When it comes to jeans, we often only think of blue jeans or black jeans. You miss a lot if the white jeans are not in your wardrobe. An elegant way to design the white jeans is to pair them in a pink gold silk shirt. Pair them with black ballet flats to create a more relaxed look. 

Navy silk shirt with Boyfriend Jeans

navy silk shirt boyfriends jeans

For a neat and slightly unisex look, you can wear a navy silk shirt, nasty, with boyfriend jeans. I recommend that you wear white sneakers for a really casual look or you can wear black ballet flats to add a feminine touch to this unisex look. 

White shirt with black skinny jeans & choker

white shirt black skinny jeans choker

When the black choker has become a major trend in the street fashion world, let's look at an outfit that tries to integrate a choker into a silk shirt outfit. To get this great look, wear a white silk shirt with black skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Pair them with a DIY black choker to look rough and tough. 

Dark blue silk shirt with black chinos

dark blue silk shirt black chinos

For a chic work suit, you can wear a dark blue silk shirt with black chinos. For the shoes, either silver heels or black heels work perfectly. If you want to wear a jacket with this outfit, a gray tweed jacket would be a great choice. 

White shirt with jeans and brown leather belt

white shirt jeans brown leather belt

For a simple and clean work suit, you can simply wear a white button-up silk shirt with light blue skinny jeans. Make sure the shirt is fastened and that a brown leather belt is worn. Wear a pair of black ankle straps with open toe heels for the shoes to give a feminine touch to the outfit. 

Black silk shirt with jogging pants

black silk shirt joggers

For a really cool and dark all black outfit, wear a black silk button shirt with black black satin jogging pants. Complete upholstery with black ankle strap with open toe patches and a black choker necklace to give an extra elegant touch to the elegant outfit. If you are interested in seeing more upholstery of similar shoes, you may want to check out our blog post on how to design a black heel heel. 

Black Polka Dot shirt with protruding jeans

black polka dot shirt puffed jeans

During the year it becomes very rare to see blown-out jeans. This outfit that involves the extended jeans still looks very relevant. Pair jeans with a black polka dot silk shirt and red suede loafers to create a unique and eye-catching look. 

Black printed silk shirt with jeans

black printed jeans of silk shirt

For a casual casual look, you can wear a black printed silk shirt with blue straight jeans. Wear a black belt and black ballet flats to complement the outfit with style. 

For ladies who are looking for ways to look more feminine with button up shirts, I hope the above ideas on silk shirt can answer your question well. If you find this blog post useful, check out our thousands of other outfit ideas that you can find on this site. 


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