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Silver Strappy Heels Outfit

Silver Strappy Heels Outfit Ideas

To look elegant and skinny, black footwear heels and heels with silver ankle straps are probably the best or at least the most popular shoes to wear. Today I will talk about an interesting version of the silver: the silver-banded heels. Not only do they make your outfit more elegant and eye-catching, they can also add a little boho style to your outfit. To show you how to design them, I've put together some of the best silver-colored patter outfit ideas as a list. Let's check it out now. 

Silver Strappy heels with white crop top & skinny jeans

For starters, here is a casual and low-key sexy outfit that is perfect for casual hangouts and dating. Wear a white crop top with slim high waisted jeans. Complete outfit with a pair of silver colored heels to add a touch of elegance. 

White mini dress & gray blazer with silver strap heels

white mini dress gray blazer silver band heels

Here is an outfit that you can both wear it casual or wear it as a business suit. Wear a white mini dress with a gray blazer. Pair them with silver banded heels and an elegant black handbag to get a smart and elegant look. 

Wear with cropped light blue blouse & cuffed skinny jeans

cropped light blue blouse in cuffed skinny jeans

For a super chic street look, you can wear a cropped light blue of the shoulder blouse with cuffed and ripped skinny jeans. Complete outfit with white sneakers or nude sandals would have already made this outfit look great. But now, instead, pair the outfit with silver-banded heels to take the outfit to the next level. The black choker is the icing on the cake. 

Black velvet top & shorts with silver heels

black velvet top shorts silver heels

To get a minimal look, you simply see a two-piece set consisting of a black velvet with long sleeves and shorts. Pair them with silver banded heels and you would have a simple and pure elegant-and-silver elegant outfit. 

Half Sheer Chiffon Blouse & Red Pencil Skirt

semi pure chiffon blouse red pencil skirt

This is a very creative outfit suitable for formal events and proms. Wear a half-red chiffon blouse with a red pencil skirt. However, the pencil skirt has a very creative design. It has a high low cut like a long floating tail. Use silver-banded heels to match with the eye catching red pieces. 

Red Satin Backless Maxi dress with silver strap heels

red satin backless maxi dress silver striped heels

To look feminine and mature in a cocktail party, you can wear this red satin with open back maxi dress. The dress itself has a nice silver element in it. This makes the dress a perfect match with the silver heels. 

Silver Metallic Bodycon Mini dress with silver heels

silver metallic bodycon mini dress heels

Here's a sexy outfit that doesn't actually require you to show a lot of skin. It consists of a silver dress in metallic bodycon and silver heels. Although an all-silver outfit may sound like a weird outfit, the result is actually surprisingly natural and beautiful. 

Silver silk top & mini skirt with strappy heels

silver mini body with smallest skirt

To show you that an all-silver outfit really works, here's another one. This time the silver banded heels are paired with a silver cup and a matching mini skirt. I personally prefer the former all-silver outfit which has a tougher structure and a more stylish feel. 

Wear with White Shift Dress & Silver Metallic Long Blazer

white shift dress silver metallic long blazer

This is easily my favorite outfit on the list. I always like minimal clothes that consist of pieces that fit perfectly with each other that makes the outfit feel just right. This stunning outfit consists of a white shift dress, a long metallic blazer and silver band heels. With the stylish silver necklace and the white clutch bag, this is truly the perfect outfit you can wear at a cocktail party. 

White floral shift dress with silver strap heels

white floral dress dress silver band heels

If you wear this white floral dress for a cocktail party, you would definitely look so refreshing especially among people who wear formal or sexy dresses. However, this floral dress may be a little too casual, so it's a good idea to pair it with silver-banded heels to give a touch of elegance. 

Silver Sequin Tube Dress with Strappy Heels

silver sequin tube dress banded heels

For a formal and sexy look you can wear this silver dress knee length tube dress with silver band heels. You can't really go wrong with this all-silver outfit. 

Silver Sweetheart Neckline Sequin Bodycon Dress

silver darling neckline sequin bodycon dress

Here is another dress designed for proms and formal events. This time it has a very creative and unique design. It is a silver colored sweetheart neckline knee length dress with a white chiffon long flowing tail. Pair this dress with silver band heels for an elegant look. 

Silver sequin crochet mini dress with strappy heels

silver sequin crochet mini dress strap heels

This silver-colored bodycon mini dress has such beautiful crocheted details. Just wear it with silver-banded heels to complete this stunning look. 

Wear with white belt dress

white belt blazer dress outfit

If you are a manager or a manager who is used to dressing when you go to work, there is a good chance that you still want to keep the formal and professional feeling when you go to a corporate event like a cocktail party. A blazer dress can be a good choice for you. This particular in this outfit is a white blazer dress with black belt. Pair it with silver-banded heels to complement this professional outfit with a touch of elegance. 

White and silver collar waist dress with strappy heels

white and silver belt sequin dress strappy heels

To look great in a walk, you may want to wear this white and silver gathered waist deep v-neck sequin dress. To design the dress in an elegant way, wear it with a white faux fur scarf and silver banded heels. 

I hope you like the silver-colored patches-outfit ideas that I just shared with you. The silver-banded heels are so versatile that they can look good with clothes in different styles. There are only many possibilities that I can only scratch the surface here. So now it's time for you to continue exploring. 


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