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Skirt in Winter Outfit Ideas

Skirt in Winter Outfit Ideas

Can you wear skirts in winter? To answer that question, I try to answer it with two different types of answers. The first type is ideas for skirt gear that really looks good and will keep you warm, while the second type is clothing that looks fantastic when winter time comes, but only for those who are not afraid of the cold. I love the idea of ??wearing skirts in winter, compared to just wearing boring and dark clothes all the time. Let's check out some of my favorite ideas now. 

High waisted royal blue skirt and black leather jacket

winter royal blue skirt black leather jacket

Let's start with one that uses a fantastic color in royal blue. Simply wear a gray top with a high waisted royal blue skirt and a black leather jacket. Pair the outfit with royal blue heels. The fact that the skirt and shoes have the exact same bright color makes the outfit look so unique and eye-catching. By the way, if you are a fan of the bright blue color, check out our other blog post on how to wear royal blue. 

Wear a white Midi pencil skirt in winter

white midi pencil skirt black fleece jacket in winter

When I have to imagine an outfit that can match the snow perfectly, it's probably the one. You can wear a blue and white striped shirt with a black wool jacket. Wear a white midi pencil skirt, black leggings and knee-high leather shoes at the bottom. Complete this dreamy outfit with white fur cap. 

Wear black mini skirt with long skirt in winter

black mini skirt long trench coat scarf

When it comes to wearing a skirt in the winter, this outfit is probably one of the most classic. The suit consists of a white sweater, a long gray trench coat, a black mini skirt and knee-high leather shoes. Wear the black socks to keep you warm. 

Black knitted sweater & Mini Flare skirt

black knitted sweaters mini skirt leggings boots

This is one of the outfit ideas I mentioned earlier that they look beautiful in winter but don't keep you warm. That being said, you can always wear a long dive coat with it, but it would be a different outfit idea. Back to this outfit you can simply wear a black slim fit knit sweater with a black flare mini skirt. Complete look with socks and black ankle boots. If you are not afraid of the cold, I bet you will look attractive with this in the winter. 

High Waist Mini Flare Skirt & Knee High Boots

high waist mini flare skirt in winter

As a beautiful winter suit with beautiful over-function, you can wear a black and white top with a black, high waist flange skirt. Pair them with a beige leather jacket and black knee-high boots. You can really endure this while other people wear clumsy ways in the winter. 

White flare skirt with black leather jacket & leggings

white flare skirt black leggings boots

This outfit consists of the darkness of the leather jacket and the sweetness of the floral top. Add some layers by wearing a white flare skirt, leggings and black leather ankle boots. This is a less common way to wear the black leather jacket. Try this and don't look so dark all the time when winter time comes. 

Mini skirt in black leather, leggings and blazer in winter

black leather mini skirt leggings blazer boots

As both beautiful and functional winter costume, you can wear a slim fit cream knit sweater with a black blazer, a black skirt in black leather, leggings and ankle boots. Add a little sweet element by wearing a polka dot scarf. 

Gray Mini Skirt & Long Navy Cardigan

gray mini skirt long navy blue cardigan knitted hat

This outfit idea is a good demonstration of using the black, gray and navy blue color combination. The colors simply express a cold, snowy, grayish winter-like feel. Simply wear a gray shirt with a slim fit, a gray mini skirt, leggings and black ankle boots. Pair these pieces with two navy blue items in the long cardigan and knitted hat.  

Fleece knee length skirt & wool tire skirt

fleece skirt gray wool trench coat

As a more unique and creative suit, you should only wear a knee-length fleece skirt with an oversized gray wool trench coat. Again, you can complete the suit in a clean way by wearing the black leggings and ankle boots. 

Large knit sweater with black pencil skirt

oversized knitted sweater black skirt ankle

For a minimal winter costume, you can wear a gray, large, comfortable knitted sweater with high neck and a black pencil skirt. Pair with black leather boots to complement this clean and elegant look.

Twirly Frill dress with Blazer

twirly frill skirt blazer black socks

Sometimes you may want to dress girly and fun to balance the greyish winter days. You can wear all white with the white top, blazer and spinning skirt. Interestingly, it makes everything black at the bottom by wearing black leggings and leather shoes. 

White knitted sweater and mini skirt in black leather

white knitted sweater black leather mini skirt in winter

This is another outfit that keeps things simple but incredibly refreshing in the winter. Wear a white knitted sweater with black leather skirt in black leather and black ankle boots. That's all. Simple but good. 

Blue Polka Dot Maxi skirt and ankle boots

blue polka dot maxi skirt white sweater

Of course, if you want to wear a skirt in the winter, a maxi skirt is so logical. Wear a white blouse with a gray cardigan for the top. Pair them with a polka maxi skirt and brown ankle boots. This is such a beautiful winter costume that can actually keep you warm. 

Large wool skirt with Mini Denim skirt

wool coat mini denim skirt winter

For a nice look, wear only a white tee and a denim mini skirt with a large wool skirt. For the shoes, ankle boots are perfect. 

Chiffon plaid skirt and high leather knees

As a refreshing and unique winter look, you can wear a chiffon-pleated skirt with the gray high-neck sweater. Pair them with black knee-high leather shoes. 

So here is the list of some of my favorite ways to use skirts in the winter. Don't be scared because of how the skirt and winter don't logically sound right together. Get started and try some of them and bring some energy with your outfit when winter time comes. 


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