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Slim Fit Shirt Outfit Ideas
  for Women

Slim Fit Shirt Outfit Ideas for Women

For those of you who either love to or need to wear buttons on shirts, you should know that cutting is important. Although you can definitely look relaxed and boyish with a straight stylish boy shirt, when you want to look stylish and elegant, a thin fit shirt is preferred. With the right thin fit shirt that suits you well, you can build many different clothes with different styles around it. To make it easy for you, I've compiled some of the best thin pussy shirt ideas. Let's jump right in. 

Half sleeve red and white plaid Slim Fit shirt with gray jeans

Although most plaid button shirts are considered oversized, straight-cut boy quarter shirts, you should be able to find those that are slim fit and give you a more girly look. Here, for example, is a red and white checkered slim fit shirt. You can simply pair it with gray skinny jeans and white sneakers to complement the casual outfit. 

White Slim Fit shirt with red pencil skirt

white slim fit shirt red pencil skirt

Of course, since this blog post is about shirts, there is no way I would not mention the white button up. In this case, a white slim fit shirt is chosen. It is attached in a red pencil skirt. For the shoes, you can simply wear light pink pointed toe heels to give a feminine touch to this business suit. 

White printed button up Slim Fit shirt and mini skirt in black leather

white printed button up slim fit shirt mini leather skirt

Looking playful doesn't always mean you have to carry something bag or oversized. Instead, you can wear a white print slim fit shirt to keep you tall and slim. Pair it with a mini skirt with black zipper at the front. Complete outfit with black leather heeled ankle boots to look both stylish and creative. 

Light blue striped Slim Fit shirt with straight jeans

light blue striped slim fit shirt with straight legs

With the shirt busy you can easily create a very relaxed and boyish look. For example, you can wear a light blue striped thin fit shirt nasty. Thanks to the narrow fitting insert, the shirt does not look too baggy or chunky. Pair it with straight leg blue jeans and white sneakers to complement the relaxed and elegant look. 

White Slim Fit shirt with black chinos

white slim fit shirt black chinos

For those of you who do not want to dress in a very serious and formal work, you may want to consider this black and white outfit that looks minimal and relatively relaxed. To get this outfit, you can simply wear a white slim fit-up shirt with a pair of black straight benchinos. Pair them with black ballet flats to keep the outfit relaxed and comfortable. 

Black Button Up Shirt with Ivory Chinos

black button up shirt pale pink chinos

If you prefer to look a little more serious and professional at work, you may want to opt for a black slim fit-up shirt instead. Pair it with a pair of ivory chinos. Complete outfit with pale pink heels with open toe to complete the suit. You can even have a black portfolio to look more professional. 

Black and white short sleeve shirt with denim shorts

black and white checkered short sleeve shirt denim shorts

For a cute and easily accessible look, you can wear this outfit that is perfect for dating. To form this outfit you can simply wear a black and white checkered slim fit shirt. Stick it in a pair of black denim shorts. For the shoes, I recommend that you wear the black ballet flats to elegant while you are too dress. 

Black printed Slim Fit shirt with flowy flowing shorts

black printed slim fit shirt velvet flowing shorts

Although the use of color for this outfit is quite similar to the previous suit, the difference in fabric usage makes them look quite different. For this suit, a black printed fit shirt is paired with a pair of black velvet floating shorts. To look nicer, you can wear a pair of black burners to complement this outfit. 

White floral chiffon shirt with skinny jeans

white floral chiffon shirt slim jeans

To get an innocent and beautiful look, try this all white outfit. Wear a white floral embroidered slim fit-up shirt for the top. Pair it with white skinny jeans to look skinny and refreshing. For the shoes you can wear white sandals to look even more relaxed and refreshing. 

White Slim Fit polo shirt with black denim shorts

white slim fit polo shirt black denim shorts

This isn't exactly a button button, but it's a white slim fit polo shirt that you might also be interested in learning how to design. A nice way to do that is to wear a polo shirt with black denim shorts and knee-high boots in black leather. You can also wear a black leather jacket to add an extra elegant touch to the look. 

White Button Up Shirt & Black Skinny Jeans

white button up shirt black skinny jeans

This minimal look is easily the simplest suit among the list. It is basically a black and white work suit in the simplest form possible. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a white button-up shirt with black skinny jeans. Wear black ballet flats for the shoes to complete the costume. 

White floral embroidered Slim Fit shirt with skinny chinos

white flowers embroidered slim fit shirt skinny chinos

This outfit is also a black and white outfit, but with a little fine tuning here and there, it is a little more creative outfit than the previous one. The white slim fit shirt has a nice floral embroidered detail. Pair it with black skinny cropped chinos and black pointed toe heels to complement the outfit with elegance. 

Blue and white checkered Slim Fit shirt

blue and white checkered thin fit shirt

Here is another so-called boyfriend shirt that is not so boyfriend because of the slim fit that gives the shirt a girly touch. You can simply wear the blue and white checkered sweater with blue jeans and white sneakers for a relaxed and easily accessible look. 

Slim Fit Blue Denim Shirt with matt leather pants

slim fit blue denim shirt matt leather pants

This is a great outfit. It consists of a blue slim fit denim button shirt and a pair of black leather pants in leather. Pair them with black leather boots to look completely elegant and unique. 

White Slim Fit shirt with statement necklace & jeans

white slim fit shirt statement necklace jeans

To achieve a business casual outfit that has an elegant touch, you can wear a white slim fit shirt with a silver necklace. Pair them with greyish slim jeans and black ballet heels to add a feminine touch to the outfit. 

Here are some really nice slim fit shirt outfit ideas that are actually quite easy to pull off. One of the main purposes of writing this blog post is to remind you of the importance of cutting. It can really make a world of difference. 


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