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Street Style Wear Outfit Ideas

Street Style Wear Outfit Ideas

What is the fashion item that is practical and stylish at the same time? To design that article you do not need hours of planning and matching with other garments. Did I tickle your imagination? Okay, today we will talk about sweater.
This article has been trending for a few years now. It is perfect to wear in all seasons. You can wear it alone or mix it with coats, jackets or ditches. The sweater dress is also known as a sweater or knitted dress. I have found so many different outfit ideas for you. Some of them are casual, and others can be worn at elegant or formal events. The girl loves this staple, so why not try wearing it?

Over-the-knee boots and jumper dress

sweater dress olive

Olive and brown mixed really makes a beautiful combination. These leather shoes have perfect balance when they hide a little under your knitted olive dress. I really like this look, so my suggestion is to wear it as an everyday combination.

A touch of gold

sweater dress gold

Wearing a gold dress during the day may not be the first thing that comes to you. But when it comes to gold engraving, it is perfectly safe. If you like this look you can also wear gold sandals as well.

Colorful details

sweater dress colorful details

If you like to wear elegant items, no problem. However, do not try to be boring with your outfit choices. The best thing you can do is to choose interesting, colorful details. This bag, for example, makes this outfit unique and exciting. You can wear this look with sneakers every day.

Grass green jumper dress

sweater dress grass green

You may think this color is not suitable to wear, but take a moment to look at this photo above. This long sweater dress blends wonderfully with black ankle boots and backpack of the same color. When you need something to make a statement, you should definitely go for colors like this.

Red and black combination

sweater dress red thigh high boots

If there is any color that is more flattering and sophisticated than red, tell me. This dress looks fantastic, especially when paired with thigh-high boots, made of black suede. The dress has long sleeves so you can wear it during the winter.

Belt bag on jumper dress

sweater dress belt

If you follow trend reports, you've probably heard that belt bags are a big trend for spring. So why not try it with a fantastic camel jumper dress? You can wear this look if you are on your way to a cup of coffee or on hot holidays.

Logos and patent leather on point

sweater dress yellow logo

Logos and vinyl are two big trends this season. This sweater dress in yellow, black and white knitwear is fantastic and great. To create a balance, design it with thigh high leather shoes. The logo of the dress is a big thing today.

Camel and black

sweater dress camel black

Camel is one of my favorite colors. It's one of those nuances that works perfectly with everyone else. This time we will see how you design it for each day. How else but with black? With two basic and sophisticated colors that turn your casual outfit into chic.

Red baggy dress and white boots

sweater dress red white boots

Giorgia Tordini is one of the Italian IT girls. She has perfect and very polished sense of fashion. But she also knows how to surprise us with bright colors and interesting combinations. Recreate this look with just two steps.

Blue Knit and Camel Trench Coat

sweater dress blue camel

This look is great for wearing in your office. It is eccentric enough but very elegant. Blue and camel make a perfect combination, even if you would never wear them together. Don't forget the belt bag, black thigh high suede boots and retro cat eye sunglasses.

Red and pink combination

sweater dress pink and red

Again, the red and pink combination is one of the biggest trends this spring. And that's why you should try it. Honestly, I'm still not sure, but I can definitely mix pink striped sweater with interesting red pumps or sandals.

Off-the-Shoulder Red Jumper Dress

sweater dress everything red everything

This all-red-everything look is perfect for hot spring days. This fashion blogger decided to go with a knitted dress and red pointy ankle boots. You can actually wear this lovely combination as an everyday look, for a coffee break or weekend food outside the house.

Large bicycle jacket and cable knit dress

sweater dress camel black

Camel and black are a fantastic combination. As you could see in a previous outfit, this mix is ??perfect for everyday wear. Biker or flying jackets are perfect for changing weather. You can choose white sneakers instead of high heels or boots.

Eccentric look

shirt dress eccentric look

Okay, the first thing I have to say is that this look is not for everyone. This outfit combination is great for fashion girls who like eccentric looks and a mix of different colors. If you are one of them it is good for you! With this outfit you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Asymmetrical camel dress

sweater dress asymmetrical

Asymmetrical dresses are beautiful. As well as asymmetrical skirts. This dress looks so interesting and unique. The stripes on the bottom are typical of sporty clothes, but it also looks perfect when it comes to casual staples.

Purple Jumper Dress

sweater dress purple

Purple is this year's Pantone color. That's why you should try a jumper dress this year. You can add some colorful details like this lovely silk scarf. Interesting boots are great for rounding off this outfit combination.

Knotted jumper dress

sweater dress knot

If you were looking for a dress that will ultimately be chic and interesting, this might be the right choice. Beige platform sneakers are fantastic and comfortable shoes that you can spend all day in.

Two Piece Jumper Dress

sweater dress gray two parts

Olivia Palermo wears this two-piece jumper dress with pointed toe black ankle boots. The dress is perfect to wear on cold winter days. It has long sleeves and max length. She adds a beautiful belt with gold buckle.

Maxi Camel Dress

sweater dress camel maxi

This beautiful maxi dress is perfect for everyday wear. This fashion blogger and photographer combines it with brown Oxford shoes. Gray crossbody bag with gold chain is an ideal choice for this outfit.

Purple short dress

shirt dress purple belt

Aimee Song is a blogger and influencer. She wears the color of the season in the best possible way. She belted her dress and styled it with black tights.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas!


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