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Stretch Jeans Outfits Ideas
  for Women

Stretch Jeans Outfits Ideas for Women

Many people think that stretch jeans and slim jeans are the same. It is not true even if a pair of stretch jeans usually comes in the form of a pair of slim jeans. With all stretch jeans, the type of jeans made of high elasticity denim. It can be flared jeans, straight jeans, and usually skinny jeans. Basically, a pair of stretch skinny jeans is a pair of very, very skinny jeans. To better show you how to style them, I've put together a list of some really nice stretch jeans outfit ideas. Let's jump right in. 

Gray T-shirt with Ripped Blue Skinny Stretch Jeans

gray t-shirt ripped blue skinny stretch jeans

Let's start with a super simple and casual outfit. All you need is a gray t-shirt and a pair of light blue ripped skinny stretch jeans. Make sure you tuck the t-shirt into jeans to make the waist more visible, resulting in a narrower look. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sneakers to look casual and stylish. 

White and navy striped long sleeve top & blue skinny jeans

white and navy striped long-sleeved top blue mouth stretch jeans

To get a look that is both refreshing and elegant, you can wear a white and navy horizontal striped relaxed fit with long sleeves. Pair it with blue skinny stretch jeans. Wear a pair of brown mock shorts instead of white sneakers to make the outfit more stylish. 

Striped chunky sweater with gray stretch jeans

striped chunky sweater gray stretch jeans

For a very cozy and lovely look you should try this gray and white outfit. Wear a chunky gray and white horizontal striped sweater for the top. Pair it with gray skinny stretch jeans. Finally, wear a pair of white sneakers to look simple and minimal. As simple as this clothing looks, it is easily one of the most beautiful clothes on the list. 

Wear with orange sweater and green short jacket

orange sweater green short jacket

To get a happy and colorful business suit, you can wear a pair of gray-blue skinny stretch jeans with an orange fitted knit sweater. Wear a gray short jacket over the sweater to make the outfit look nicer. Just wear black ballet heels for the shoes to look elegant and simple. 

Purple and white baseball T-shirt with stretchy pants

purple and white baseball t-shirt stretch skinny pants

For a youthful and relaxed look, you can wear a white and purple baskets for a half-heated t-shirt for the top. Pair it with dark blue skinny stretch jeans. Instead of just wearing regular white sneakers, you can try a pair of tall white white sneakers to look even more stylish. 

Pale pink leather jacket with ripped stretch jeans

light pink leather jacket ripped stretch jeans

To get a look that is both feminine and stylish, a pink leather jacket can definitely help. For example, you can wear a gray t-shirt with a light pink leather jacket for the top. Pair them with blue ripped skinny stretch jeans and a pair of pink heels. If you want to see more outfit ideas of similar jackets, take a look at our blog post on how to design a pink leather jacket. 

Gray skinny jeans with white chiffon vest

gray stretch skinny jeans white chiffon vest top

Some people might ask, what's the difference between a skinny jeans and skinny stretch jeans? My short answer is that a pair of stretch skinny jeans should be very skinny that it looks like a pair of leggings. This pair of gray slim high waist jeans is such a good example. Doesn't it look like leggings? You can simply pair it with a white chiffon vest and white open toe heels to create a simple and elegant look. 

White Chiffon Cap Sleeve Top with Blue Skinny Jeans

white chiffon cap sleeve top blue skinny jeans

Here is a feminine and casual outfit. For the top, you can wear a white chiffon top with a boat neck over a black vest top. Pair them with blue stretchy skinny jeans and black lace-up leather heels to complete the suit. 

Crepe leather jacket with blue jeans

crepe leather jacket blue jeans

For a very stylish and slightly unisex look, you can wear a white t-shirt with a crepe leather jacket. Pair these pieces with light blue skinny stretch jeans. For the shoes you can either wear white sneakers for a relaxed and sporty look or white sandals for a more refreshing look. 

Wear with green short sleeve casual fit blouse

green short sleeve relaxed fit blouse

An easy way to make the legs look narrower is to wear a loose fit or an oversized top. In this case, an olive green short sleeve relaxed fit is chosen. Pair it with blue stretch jeans and light pink flats to look casual and feminine. 

Light blue sleeveless blouse with dark blue stretch stretch skinny jeans

light blue sleeveless blouse dark blue stretchy slim jeans

To form a super casual outfit that is perfect for casual hangouts, you can simply wear a light blue casual fit sleeveless blouse with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Just pair them with white sneakers to complete the suit. 

White knotted cropped sweater with Baby Blue Skinny Stretch Jeans

white knotted cropped sweater baby blue skinny stretch jeans

Here's a sexy low key look that lets you show off your waist. Wear a white fit knotted and cropped sweater for the top. Pair it with baby blue ripped stretch jeans. Wear a pair of light gray suede short boots for the shoes to complement this amazing outfit. 

White sweater with colorful fringe knitted scarf

white sweater colorful fringes knitted scarf

Here is an interesting outfit that uses a very colorful knitted scarf. To get this look you can wear a white fitted knit sweater with gray skinny stretch jeans and light pink glue bags. It would have been a very beautiful and refreshing outfit already. Still, you can wear a color block knitted scarf to outfit to another level. 

White Linen Boyfriend Shirt with Blue Ripped Stretch Jeans

white linen boyfriend shirt blue ripped stretch jeans

For a sexy look with a key, you can wear a boyfriend's shirt with white linen, nasty and with the two or three buttons not allowed. Wear a pair of light blue seriously ripped stretch jeans and pale pink pointed toe heels to complement this elegant and sexy look. 

Black skinny stretch jeans with leather jacket

black stretch skinny jeans with leather jacket

For a dark and cool outfit, you can wear a gray t-shirt with a black leather jacket for the top. Pair it with black skinny stretch jeans and black lace up heels to complement this outfit. 

I hope you find the above stretch jeans ideas useful. You can simply treat them like regular slim jeans. They are just a little skinny that makes your curves look more obvious. 


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