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Style Boucle Jacket Outfit

Style Boucle Jacket Outfit ideas

When it comes to Parisian fashion, one of the staples that you will surely see on all French girls is a bouquet jacket. No matter what season it is, this staple will never go out of style. Even when it wasn't so obvious here, this staple was in many girls' wardrobes, waiting for it to get worn.
From fashion editors to bloggers and influencers, everyone wants a bouquet jacket made by Chanel. At the same time, they are one of the most popular models. But there are so many retail models that are much cheaper than Chanel. Let's talk about this beautiful jacket today. I have prepared some fantastic ideas. Let us see!

Mira Duma in Boucle Jacket

boucle jacket mira duma

This fantastic Russian girl could not resist the trend of the year – boucle jacket is paired with bell bottoms in black with the addition of stylish white tee. You can say that this is chic and casual style combined in one outfit. If you were looking for new workwear inspiration this is for you.

Black and white combination

boucle jacket black white

Choosing a black and white combination might just be a good idea. I've never seen the wrong two-tone combinations. This look is perfect for work or for a casual day out. Bell bottoms with fringed hem and white tee make a perfect combination. The elegant vibe is achieved with black bouquet jacket, retro Chanel bag and pip-toe sandals.

Colorful Boucle

boucle jacket colorful

Splashing on a cold or gray winter day can lift your mood and help you become more productive. Is there anything better than this nice colorful boucle blazer? In pairs with ripped skinny jeans and stylish pointed toe heels, you can be sure that it looks more than stylish and elegant.

Maxi dress

boucle jacket maxi dress

Boucle jacket is not just an elegant item. It can be designed in many different ways. One of them is this look. Maxi dress with delicate, colorful print seems very comfortable and stylish. The soft pink jacket gives you warmth. It will also add the polished vibe you will love.

Vogue Editor Lookalike

boucle jacket editor

When it comes to fashion, this woman is one of my idols. She paired black jeans bell bottoms and lovely tweed jacket in dark tones and with red sticks. You should follow her rules if you want to look like a stylish and elegant parent editor.

Casual in white

bouclejacka white

White jacket, tee and slim jeans – seems to be an ideal suit for Friday. At the end of the week you are tired, so it is important to wear something cozy and comfortable. That is why this outfit is the right choice. Two-tone block health is trendy this season, so don't hesitate to buy a pair.

Blank Bouclejacka

boucle jacket shiny

The trend of wearing metallists dominates winter and is extended to spring. Even the boucle didn't go away, so it started to glow. This short jacket looks very stylish in combination with black fringed jeans and elegant high heel pumps. It is the perfect look for office wear. Prepare to shine in your workplace!

Grandma Look

boucle jacket grandma style

If you think this is something bad, you have misunderstood the title. When I say grandma style, I mean tweed, plaid coats, slingback heels and oversized blazers. Take notes from your grandmother for better style. This purple jacket looks fantastic in combination with jeans and white lace blouse.

Retro colorful

boucle jacket colorful retro

Looking retro is interesting, but you should be careful. You don't want to look too old in these vintage items. Always try to add some modern detail. This backpack is vintage Chanel, while the jacket is paired with a modern white tee and black jeans. Classic and modern at the same time, right?

Italians love Boucle

boucle jacket jacket italiana

This fashionable and eccentric Italiana wears her bouquet jacket in the best possible way. She mixes old and new garments to get a fantastic chic and polished look. Jeans, white tee and cap-toe retro sandals are a great way to play this vintage game.

Wrap Jacket

boucle jacket wrapped

Oh, how much I love staples! This orange-shaded jacket is anything but ordinary. It is wrapped with a beautiful thin black belt. Small fringes make this blazer look even more interesting than it already is. Style it with simple light or dark jeans and voila! You have good work and relaxed outfit.

Bell Sleeves on Point

boucle jacket watch sleeves

When it comes to the type of sleeves that are trendy this year, the watch sleeves definitely took the throne. They look flattering and very nice. These fine weather sleeves are more than relaxed so you can design them with this elegant gray boucle blazer. You can wear it as a jacket with spotted jeans and ankle boots.

Go Matchy

boucle jacket matchy

Matching your articles is interesting and always neat. When you lack inspiration, you can simply match the material and color to get a fantastic everyday look. This shade of dark pink is perfect for both casual and formal wear.

Rainbow Boucle Jacket

boucle jacket rainbow

If you choose a more sporty-elegant look, wear denim shorts, printed tee and Chanel-inspired bouquet jacket. Blue banded sandals are a lovely detail that make this outfit unique and special. Finish everything off with a colorful bag.

Camel Coat

boucle jacket camel

If these colorful jackets were not your cup of tea, you will probably like this one. The camel jacket looks absolutely stunning, elegant and polished. You can design it with a simple pair of jeans and retro two-tone heels. Whether you decide to wear it as a casual or elegant look, you will look absolutely impeccable.


boucle jacket burgundy

Burgundy jacket in the mix with other classic staples looks more than polished. Light-cut jeans are beautiful for everyday wear, as are black stilettos. All of these important items should have a place in your wardrobe.


boucle jacket ruffle blosue

When you have to look really business-like and professional, you should go with this beautiful look. Ruffle blouse in combination with black trousers and blazers look polished and impeccable.

If you are still thinking about buying this beautiful item, hopefully, these clothes will convince you to do so. You can wear your bouquet jackets with jeans, elegant dresses and all other things you already own.


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