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Tie Neck Blouse Outfit Ideas

Tie Neck Blouse Outfit Ideas

Now it is official to say that the 70's is back! One of the pillars of this decade's fashion is tie neck blouse. If you're wondering what kind of blouse this is and what it looks like, scroll down for more.
Necktie blouse is an elegant and sophisticated item that you can wear for formal and informal occasions. Whether you just want to add a glamorous touch to your everyday outfit or you want a complete, elegant look, this blouse will help you achieve it. You will see some of the best outfit ideas approved by fashion bloggers, editors and influencers. So let's start, shall we?


tie neck blouse work clothes

When it comes to clothes you can wear in your office sometimes, it can be quite restrictive. There is nothing restrictive about this look. White necktie blouse is mixed with navy blue chino pants that have a wrist length and with the matching blazer. Let your outfit be low-key without attractive jewelry.

Nerdy Look

tie neckline nerdy look

Alexa Chung's famous British It girl shows us how to style blouse with cardigan and pants to get this nerdy look. If you are wondering what to wear in college and still look elegant, choose this combination. Thanks to tie-neck blouses, it is now possible to look nerdy and glamorous at the same time.

Wide leg pants

tie neck flare wide leg pants

In my opinion, trousers with wide legs are one of the most comfortable and flattering pants around the world. You can wear them as part of both casual and elegant clothing. For a more sophisticated look, try this combination. Striped trousers with wide legs, black blouse and matching high-heeled mules.

Tailor made look

tie neckline a linear

A-line skirts can be really flattering if you know how to style them. So you know what? The blazer and top with the tie neck are the right things to start with. They will give you that glam vibe, while this brown skirt will soothe the whole combination. Pair everything with flat or block-heeled ankle boots.

Glamorous in black and white

tie neckline glamorous black and white

This may be another suit for your office. It is stylish, elegant and very charming. Combine your tie-neck blouse with the black knit sweater. It looks fantastic when your tie neck picks above the shirt, right?

70s vibe

tie neck blouse puffed jeans

Colorful orange printed tie neck blouses and combined puffed jeans can make you look like you're on a time machine. The atmosphere in the 70's is obvious. What do you think about it? I love this outfit. It can be ideal for elegant occasions – cocktail parties or after-work with colleagues.

Faux leather pants

tie blue leather pants with tie

Black cheat pants may not be the easiest item to style, but you can definitely try to wear it like this girl in the picture above. Long cardigan and white tie neck blouse can be your new favorite staples for the style of trendy leather clothing. These lace-up sandals would be a fantastic choice for this lovely combination.

Navy Sailor Inspired Outfit

tie neckline navy blue inspired

If you like stripes, navy and high waisted pants, you will love this outfit idea. White blouse has short sleeves and black necks. The tie neck looks fantastic. In combination with high waist black trousers with side gold buttons. Black bag with gold chain is a great way to round out this look.

All-Black Everything

tie neck blouse all black everything

You may think that all black clothes are boring, but I can't agree with that. No other color has that sophisticated and glamorous vibe like black. This outfit is a great inspiration for business meetings, offices and cocktail parties. Try to think this way: it's all about details.

Polka Dot Tie Neck Blouse

tie neck blouse polka dot

Did you know that the polka dot trend came back through the big door? This girl pairs her elegant top with tie neck with eccentric green pants and soft green faux fur. Did you know that blue bag can be a good match with green pants? It looks fantastic!

Silk Soft Pink Shade

tie neck blouse soft pink

Soft pink is one of the pastel colors that is very trendy in spring. It may be surprising and not so common to pair it with black, but this high waist skirt looks sophisticated so it can be a good choice. This dress is excellent for elegant occasions. It may also be your new workwear look.

Faux Fur Coat

tie neck blouse faux fur

Being relaxed and chic – is it so hard to achieve? According to this girl, it's an easy job to do. When it comes to statement garments, here we have few. Faux fur skirts, gold ankle boots will definitely make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Mixture of pressure

tie neckline stars print

Star pressure has been a huge trend ever since. This girl combines her purple boot print blouse with high waist jeans and zebra printed pumps. This mix of textures and prints is surprising and quite interesting. If you have eccentric clothes, try making a mix like this.

Italian Chic

tie neckline Italian chic

Keep it relaxed with striped, not tied neckline. Confused? Just take a look at the picture above. Recreate the elegant look of Italian girl Giorgia Tordini. She blends navy blue pants with high waist and lovely black sandals. This combination seems nonchalance and chic at the same time.

Camel and orange mix

cervical cuff

Camel gives your outfit a luxurious lift. Whether you choose to style in this shade, your clothes will look sophisticated and very glamorous. High waisted orange trousers work perfectly in this camel and brown look.

White Tie Neck Blouse with Denim

tie neck blouse denim shorts

Denim shorts are considered a casual article. But it doesn't have to be that way. As you can see, Leandra Medine forms the white tie neck blouse with denim shorts. Black ornate pumps and black tweed blazers are beautiful items to complement this look.

Ruffle Tie Neckline

tie neckline ruffle neckline

If you are a fan of ruffles, you have to recreate the beautiful look. White blouses in ruffles in the neck are combined with slim jeans. Leopard printed clutch looks like an elegant accessory. This look is perfect for every day.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas!

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