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Tuxedo Dress Outfit Ideas

Tuxedo Dress Outfit Ideas

Let's just assume that you are someone who has to dress formally or at least semi-formally to work all the time and now you have a corporate cocktail party or annual dinner coming up. For many ladies, this would be a great chance to actually dress in a feminine or even sexy way to look the best. But for some others, especially for managers and managers, they may just want to keep their professional image and continue to dress. In this case, the tuxedo dress would be a good choice. I have really collected some of the best tuxedo dress designs for you. Let's check them out now. 

Black tuxedo dress with Strappy Ballet Heels

To start with the list, I show you this typical black tuxedo dress. This black tuxedo dress has the usual two columns of buttons that actually make you stand out from the crowd while everyone else around you is in sexy dresses. Wear black buttoned ballet heels to complement the outfit elegantly. 

White tuxedo dress with black heels

white tuxedo dress black heels

While a black tuxedo dress is definitely an iconic dress to wear, a white one is also a nice option. You can simply wear a white tuxedo dress over a black western top. Pair the dress with black ankle strap with open toe heels and a black and white striped clutch bag to complete the black and white outfit. By the way, when you wear a tuxedo dress, you can really control how sexy the confit is by deciding which vest top to wear. In this case, wearing a deep v-neck-vest top makes this a really sexy outfit. 

Black tuxedo dress with white heels with open toe

black tuxedo dress white heels with open toe

You can wear a tuxedo dress to get a nice unisex and sexy look that can make you stand out from the crowd in a prom or cocktail party. As an example, this outfit consists of a black tuxedo dress and a pair of white open toe heels. The tuxedo dress itself is a powerful and aggressive looking piece. Still, by wearing it without a western top, the tuxedo dress becomes a deep v-neck and high split mini dress. This is a rare outfit that can make you look both sexy and aggressive at the same time. 

Black tuxedo dress with high suede boots in the thigh

black tuxedo dress thigh high suede boots

If you want to wear a smoky dress in a ladylike fashion, this outfit shows a great way to do it. Wear a black tuxedo dress that has the standard six-button design. Pair it with black thigh high suede boots to create this feminine, elegant and professional look. 

White asymmetrical tuxedo dress

white asymmetrical tuxedo dress

If you like to look a little more windy or random, you can choose a white asymmetrical tuxedo dress. The best choice for shoes would be a pair of nude sandals. This outfit would be perfect for a formal event. 

Black Dress with Strappy Heeled Sandals

black dress with buttoned heel sandals

There are scenarios that a tuxedo dress would be a better choice than a cocktail dress or a prom dress, that's when the party is held in an outdoor setting, the tuxedo dress will keep you warm. For example, if you have to attend an outdoor corporate event, you can wear a black tuxedo dress with black banded heeled sandals. 

Black sleeveless tuxedo dress with ankle boots with open toe

black sleeveless tuxedo dress with open toe boots

In addition to the more popular long sleeve tuxedo dresses, you can actually choose something that is a little less professional and more stylish, the sleeveless tuxedo dress. For an elegant look, you can wear a black sleeveless tuxedo dress with black suede with open toe. A nice elegant black handbag would fit perfectly with the rest of the suit. 

Black sleeveless tuxedo dress with cutout shoes

black sleeveless tuxedo blazer cutout boots

You can also design a tuxedo dress in a sweet way. For example, wear a black sleeveless tuxedo skier mini dress with a pair of stylish ankle boots. The pink clutch bag gives a last lovely touch to the outfit. 

White tuxedo dress with red ankle strap with open toe heels

white tuxedo dress red ankle strap with open toe heels

For a more eye-catching look, you may want to try this white and red suit. It consists of a white tuxedo dress that is worn as a deep dress in the v-neck. Instead of a more typical choice of black heels or bare heels for the shoes, wear a pair of red ankle straps with open toe heels to create some contrast with the white dress. 

Black sleeveless maxi tuxedo dress

black sleeveless maxi tuxedo dress

Most tuxedo dresses are actually mini dresses. This one is rare as actually a maxi dress. It is a black sleeveless maxi tuxedo dress that is worn as a deep v-neck high split dress. You can simply pair it with black heels to complement this unique, professional and low-key sexy look. 

Black and white asymmetrical tuxedo dress

black and white asymmetrical tuxedo dress

Up to this point I have talked about black dresses or white dresses. Now let's talk about a playful black and white tuxedo dress. This asymmetrical tuxedo dress is pretty good in itself. You can simply wear black ballet heels to complement the outfit with a touch of elegance. 

Sleeveless Midi tuxedo dress with long gloves

sleeveless midi tuxedo dress long gloves

For a cool and dark model-like look, you can wear a black sleeveless midi dress with black long gloves and knee-high leather shoes. The long gloves and sleeveless dress combinations make the dress look like a cold shoulder dress and it takes the dress to another level. 

Pale pink tuxedo dress with over the knee boots

light pink tuxedo dress over the knee boots

For a professional look that has an elegant touch, you can wear a pale pink tuxedo dress. Pair it with black over the knee socks and a black choker to complement this unique outfit. 

Blue velvet tuxedo dress

blue velvet tuxedo dress

For a look that has more depth, wear a blue velvet tuxedo dress with black heels with open toe. Velvet and smoky dresses just seem to be a good combination that can help you look good and differentiate from others.   

Red tuxedo dress with black leather jacket

red tuxedo dress black leather jacket

If there is a jacket that can match with a tuxedo dress, it must be the black leather jacket, also known as the most versatile jacket. For this outfit, a red tuxedo dress is paired with a black leather jacket. The black leather ankle boots would be the perfect shoes to wear. 

I hope you like the tuxedo dress outfit ideas that I have put together. You should at least try them out and see if they look good on you. If they don't, look for other outfit ideas on this site. We have thousands of outfit ideas waiting for you to discover. 


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