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Tweed Pants for Women

Tweed Pants for Women

For those who have to dress formally to work, do you have black dress pants or black pencil skirts all the time? If you are, here is a blog post that can help you add some variety to your work attire. I'm going to talk about how to design the tweed pants for women. To show you the best ideas I have collected some nice sweatpants and put them in an exciting list. Let's check it out now. 

Crepe Long Wool Coat with gray tweed trousers

To start with the list, I will show you a beautiful and professional winter costume. To achieve this remarkable look, you can wear a white top with a long crepe wool coat. Pair these pieces with a pair of gray tweed wide leg trousers. As a little surprise, wear black oxford shoes to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Gray plaid tweed pants with sleeveless blazer

gray checkered tweed pants sleeveless blazer

This is an adorable and formal work suit. I know these two words rarely appear together but the fantastic costume deserves it. To get this look, you can wear a chambray shirt with a white knit sweater. Wear a sleeveless gray wool blazer on top of them. Wear a pair of gray plaid tweed trousers and ivory leather for the bottom to complement the outfit in an elegant and unique way. 

Black sweater with gray skinny tweed pants

black sweater gray skinny tweed pants

After looking at a pair of winter clothes, let's look at a minimal autumn costume now. You can definitely wear a pair of tweed pants as part of a simple outfit. For example, you can pair a pair of gray painted tweed pants with a black shirt and black short sleeves. That's all. If you want to look a little more elegant, you can carry a white leather clutch bag.  

Wear with gold sweater and black floral wool coat

gold sweater black floral wool coat

This is a very interesting attempt to wear the weed pants as a street outfit. The result is surprisingly good. To get this look, you can wear a gold sweater with a black wool coat that comes with floral print on the sleeves. Pair them with a pair of straight-legged tweed pants. Complete the suit with another surprise in the cheetah ankle boots. 

Light gray wide leg tweed pants & black moto jacket

light gray wide leg tweed pants black moto jacket

For an elegant and stylish street look, you can simply wear a gray t-shirt with a black moto jacket for the top. Instead of pairing these pieces with black slim jeans or black leather pants to get a cool and dark look, pair them with gray high waist tweed pants. Hide a pair of black heels under your pants to look tall and slim. For more outfit ideas of similar trousers, check out our blog post on how to design the high waist with wide leg dresses. 

Crepe Wool Coat with gray tweed pants & striped shirt

crepe wool coat gray tweed pants striped shirt

This is a formal and adorable work suit. Wear a black and white striped button up shirt with a slightly oversized crepe wool coat. Pair them with gray tweed trousers and brown loafers to complement the outfit. By the way, don't miss the details. You should wear a brown leather belt so that you look smarter and slimmer.   

Cigarette cut gray tweed trousers with black blazer

cigarette cut gray tweed pants black blazer

This pair of gray tweed pants looks like a pair of straight leg pants, but it's too skinny fit above the knees so it reminds me of a pair of cigarette jeans. To wear the tweed pants in style, you can pair them in a black sweater and a black blazer to look cool and smart. For the shoes, you can simply wear black pointed pumps.

Gray Tweed suit with white button top

gray tweed suit white button up shirt

For those who need to wear a suit to work every day, you may be trapped in a place that thinks costumes are boring. Not at all. I hope you agree with me after seeing this elegant suit. It consists of a light gray tweed slim fit blazer and a pair of tapered tweed trousers with legs. Pair the costume with a white button shirt and a pair of white heeled sandals to look stylish and beautiful. 

Black boat neck sweater with tweed wide leg pants

black boat neck shape matching sweater tweed wide leg pants

For a sleek minimalist look, you can wear a black sweater with a boat neck shape that fits the top. Pair it with gray wide leg pants and black leather heeled boots. Carry a green handbag so that the outfit looks a bit more eye-catching. 

White suede sleeveless knit sweater with cuffed tweed trousers

white mock neck sleeveless knit sweater cuffed tweed trousers

It's hard to imagine how you can style your tweed pants in a beautiful way. This outfit showed me the answer. To look absolutely adorable, you can wear a white mock neck sleeveless knit sweater and pair it with a pair of casual fit tweed pants and cuff them. Pair them with a pair of white oxford shoes to complement this simple and beautiful white and gray look. 

Wear with Cap Sleeve Black Top

cap sleeve black top outfit

For a cool work suit, you can simply wear a top with a sleeve. Pair it with extended gray tweed trousers and black ankle strap with open toe heels to complement this simple outfit. 

Wide leg pants with leather boots in Mid Calf Heeled

wide leg trousers in the middle of the leg heels

Here is a nice look that has a pair of black leather with high heeled boots. You can pair the boots with a pair of gray tweed trousers with a wide leg and a black suede-shaped sweater to complement a simple but beautiful outfit. 

Red and black plaid shirt with gray tweed wide leg trousers

red and black checkered sweater gray tweed wide leg pants

It is very interesting to see how a pair of formal gray tweed trousers can work together with a red and black checkered shirt that is probably a casual item. The result is surprisingly good and attractive. 

Brown Baggy Tweed pants with oversized blazer

brown baggy tweed pants oversized blazer

For a slightly unisex and stylish outfit, you can wear a white button-up shirt with a slightly oversized black blazer for the top. Pair them with brown baggy tweed pants and black leather shoes. 

Neon Pink sweater with gray tweed trousers

neon pink sweater gray tweed pants

For a feminine business-casual look, you can wear a neon pink sweater and pair it with gray tweed trousers. Complement the outfit with black lace-up heels to give an elegant touch. 

Here are the ideas for outfit with tweed pants that I think can spice up your work days. If you are not satisfied with how you dress for the job, the list above should be a good place to start. 


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