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Velvet Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

Velvet Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

For those of you who like to look relaxed and windy, a neck dress is often an excellent choice. A simple black slip dress is already good enough to wear for a cocktail party. But if you are looking for a little extra depth from the dress, I would highly recommend you to wear a velvet-cut dress, something that just has an extra stylish and artistic touch. Velvet dress dresses are great whether you wear them casual or for semi-formal events. In fact, I've compiled a list of some of the best velvet slip dress ideas for you. Let me share with you right now. 

White Tee & Gray Velvet Slip Dress

When it comes to a slip dress, many would think that you only wear it as it is, without a jacket over it or no t-shirt under it. In fact, you can wear a white t-shirt underneath the neckline a calm relaxed look. For example, you can wear this gray velvet tie dress over a white t-shirt. Complete upholstery with black leather heels to achieve a stylish and unique street outfit. 

Burgundy Velvet High Low Slip Dress

burgundy velvet high low slip dress

Most neck dresses you can find on the market are v-neck dresses and deep v-neck dresses. Here is a sexy dress that belongs to the latter group. It is a burgundy velvet with a low neckline that looks extremely sexy. Use black leather boots to give an elegant touch to the overall look. 

Burgundy velvet dress with black leather boots

burgundy velvet dress dress in black leather shoes

Here is another burgundy dress in velvet. This time it's a dress that has some pretty subtle cut details. Complete outfit with black ankle shoes. 

Silver Velvet Slip Dress with green turtleneck sweater

silver velvet slip dress green sweater neck sweater

After looking at two minimal clothes, let's take a look at this more creative and complex costume. For an outfit to be complex and stylish at the same time, the pieces must match perfectly with each other flawlessly. As an example of such an outfit, wear a silver cap in a dress over a green turtleneck sweater. Wear a pair of black boots with suede thighs to get a super chic look. 

White tee with black velvet tie dress

white t-shirt black velvet slip dress

For an elegant look that is more relaxed and that also has a girl feel, you can wear a black dress in a friend's dress over a white t-shirt. Complete outfit with either white sneakers or nude boho style sandals. 

Wear with black leather jacket

black leather jacket outfit

If you want to wear a black velvet gown dress elegantly, a good way to wear it is with a black leather jacket. For the shoes, a pair of black leather boots would be the perfect and most logical choice. But for this outfit the blue velvet boots are chosen instead to get a more unique and feminine look. Wear a black choker for an extra touch of style. 

Burgundy Velvet Slip Dress with gold bomber jacket

burgundy velvet slip dress gold bomber jacket

For a sexy and stylish look that can really differentiate you from others in a cocktail party, wear a burgundy velvet dress with a gold bomber jacket. Pair these pieces with open toe heels in gold and a black shocker. 

White tee with black peeled neckline dress

white tee black peeled dress at bottom

This black neck dress has some beautiful details in the peeled neckline. To design the dress in a relaxed and youthful way, wear it with a white t-shirt and white sneakers. It would make a great suit for casual dating and hangouts. 

Velvet Slip Dress with black and white striped tee

velvet slip dress black and white striped tee

For a feminine street look, you can wear a burgundy dress in velvet over a black and white striped t-shirt. Pair these pieces with black socks and black thigh high boots. Wear a black choker if you want to add some toughness to the suit. 

Orange neck dress with black tee

orange slip dress black tee

This is a very rare orange neck dress. With its own color you can easily stand out from the crowd. Wear the dress over a black t-shirt. Complete upholstery with socks and black ankle boots to give a neat and eye-catching look. 

Gray Velvet Slip Dress

gray velvet tie dress

For an absolutely minimal costume, you can simply wear this gray velvet dress with open toe heels in silver. As simple as it sounds, this outfit may be the perfect suit to wear for a cocktail party. Remember that "less is more" actually works. 

Silver Slip Dress with fluffy heels

silver slip dress fluffy heels

This is a silver velvet slip dress that looks so elegant and eye-catching in itself. Now get creative and pair the dress with white fluffy heels to make the outfit look nicer. Sometimes it is details like this that distinguish a decent suit from a good suit. 

Black velvet tie dress with choker

black velvet slip dress choker

Here is another simple and elegant outfit that is perfect for cocktail parties and proms. It consists of a black velvet gown dress, silver band heels and a black choker. Up to this point, you should have noticed that a black choker is the perfect elegant piece that can balance the feminine feel of a velvet dress. 

Black Velvet Slip Dress with gold sneakers

black velvet slip dress gold sneakers

Even though I've already shown a black velvet dress a little earlier, I still think I should show you this outfit that has an interesting choice of shoes. This dress is paired with a pair of gold and white low top sneakers. The result is such a stylish street outfit. 

Brown velvet tie dress with striped long sleeve tee

brown dress in striped striped striped long sleeve tee

This brown velvet dress is so shiny that I would even call it a gold dress. Wear it over a brown and white striped long-sleeved t-shirt and white sneakers to achieve a beautiful and casual street outfit. 

For those of you who haven't tried wearing a velvet dress before, you will miss a lot. It is extremely easy to pull off, especially that you have the option of not showing any skin by wearing it over a t-shirt. Test them and have fun styling. 


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