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Wear a High Waisted Maxi Skirt

Wear a High Waisted Maxi Skirt

When it comes to high waisted clothing, many people are so scared that they will look fat and weird if they don't have narrow hips and thighs. This may be the case for high waist jeans, but not with a high waist skirt. If you design it right, a high waist skirt with a high waist can make you look much slimmer and taller than you usually look. It can make your legs look so much longer. In this blog post I am going to share with you some of the best high waist maxi dress outfit that can make you look absolutely chic. 

Gray high waist long skirt with black tee

gray maxi skirt with high waist

By pairing a simple black t-shirt with a gray high waist long skirt, it can make you look very naturally beautiful. With no bright colors used, you can attract a lot of attention with this outfit idea that makes you so slim and feminine. The details that are much needed to make this outfit work are the long necklace, the thin belt and the heels. 

Wear with a shoulder-cut blouse

high waist maxi skirt from shoulder cropped blouse

Pairing a high waist skirt with an edging blouse is the perfect causal and beautiful suit when summer comes. Unlike the previous outfit idea of ??the black tee and the combination with a high waist skirt, the cropped blouse from the shoulder is harder to pull off because you actually have to reveal the waist and it can be scary for many people. But with the right diet and exercise you can have a nice waist too. If you are interested in getting some tips for losing belly fat, please check out our blog post on how to get rid of love handles.  

Wear a really high waist long skirt with a cropped sweater

cropped sweater with high waist maxi shirt

The good news is that there is a way to wear a crop top without having a perfect waistline. You can still look sexy and feminine by showing just one inch of skin just above your tummy by pairing a cropped sweater with a really high waisted skirt. This outfit can really hide your love handles and make you look much taller by further moving up your waist visually. 

Floral high waist skirt with denim jacket

floral skirt with high waist and denim jacket

I've talked about some skirts in plain color and they look absolutely beautiful. But if you love to play with something more refreshing and colorful, a high waist floral maxi skirt is a good choice. Pairing the skirt with a white top and a denim jacket can add some layers and character to your outfit. 

Chiffon Maxi skirt with high waist

high waist chiffon maxi skirt

Pairing a chiffon high waist skirt with a white tank top or a white blouse is a very feminine and beautiful outfit idea. The dress usually has several layers with the outermost layer semi-transparent. The inner layer can be a skirt of different lengths. I recommend that the inner layer is a maxi skirt, or you may want the inner layer to be a knee length skirt if you prefer to look sexier. 

High waist Maxi skirt

high waist maxi skirt

If you are really digging denim and you are a little bored of wearing jeans you can try the high waist skirt with high waist which can make you look so much taller than you are wearing jeans. Pairing it with a sleeveless black top helps you visually trim away some width from the body. Pairing it with a crop top works just as well. 

Gold high waist long skirt for formal events

gold maxi skirt with high waist

Wearing a gold high waist maxi skirt is a great idea for the power dressing outfit for proms and formal events. For many other costumes, they only emphasize the "power" part but forget the "beauty" part. By pairing the gold skirt with a top in dark color, you can look beautiful and still look like a boss at the same time. 

Hippie Maxi skirt with high waist

high waist hippie maxi skirt

If you want to look stylish and relaxed, it's a great idea to pair a white crop top with a high waisted hippie skirt. The key to this hippie look is to look natural and stylish. Some details like a long relaxed necklace and some stylish bracelets can help you pull off the hippie look. 

Maxi skirt with high waist

high waist skirt maxi skirt

Wearing a white tee with a high waist skirt with a high waist gives you the student look that is so attractive to men. This is the perfect outfit idea for you to stand out from the crowd when spring arrives. 

Spotted high waist long skirt

shenae grim high waist skirt

For a more refreshing look, you can wear a white cropped sweater with a dotted high waist skirt. You can pair them with boots for a natural winter look. 

Black puffy high waist Maxi skirt

black puffy maxi skirt with high waist

The black puffy skirt is one of the most classic outfit ideas for high waist maxi skirts. The fact that it is so fluffy makes the upper body look so much thinner. You can also easily pair it with any white top, e.g. a short sleeve tee, a tank top or a crop top. 

Black leather with high waist Maxi skirt

black leather with high waist maxi dress

For those who want to try a nice dark look, you can pair a high waist skirt in black leather with a black top and black boots. It is actually fun to try the dark look every now and then. 

Wear crocheted sweater with high waist split Maxi skirt

split high waist maxi dress crochet sweater

When spring comes, you can try a refreshing look by pairing a white crocheted sweater with a blue long waist split skirt. It is a very feminine costume idea that can be pulled off with any body type. 

After sharing with you many beautiful ways to design a maxi skirt for all seasons, I hope you find some of these ideas to suit your character. They are usually very feminine outfit ideas and they make you look slimmer and taller in general. If you find this blog post useful, make sure you also check out our other articles for tips on outfit ideas, piercing ideas, tattoo ideas, fitness and much more. 


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