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What is Casual Chic Style

What is Casual Chic Style

Fashion conscious woman wants to be beautiful and trendy not only when she is at work but also when she enjoys leisure time with family or friends. Therefore, she cannot neglect everyday moments where she wants to be a little more relaxed, but she still has to be focused while choosing the right wardrobe. Everyday chic or rather casual chic is the right answer to this, it can be used both for coffee with friends as an afternoon stroll or for work, but you must especially make sure that your style is still sophisticated and complete to the smallest detail. And what exactly is casual chic style? It's a combination of comfortable pieces, such as jeans or a plain top. It is modern and elegant fashion, together they produce fantastic results.

All women want to look like they just rolled out of bed beautiful. The unfortunate truth is that a little thought is necessary, especially when it comes to fashion. But once you know how to handle your own clothes, you will rock in all clothes. If you follow our steps you will definitely leave the house every day looking elegant, without any problems.


If you did not know it, we must tell you that our hair is one of our most valuable accessories, as it can completely change your appearance. We all have these lazy days when we don't want to go out of the bad. Those are the days when we stand in front of the mirror and move our hair. Or the morning when you wake up late and just don't have enough time. Quick tips for desperate casual-chic feshionista: hold a spray bottle on hand on your bathroom bench and use it to quickly fix the bed head. This is especially useful if you have curly or curly hair. Otherwise, you need to make sure you have clean, well-groomed hair. If you have longer hair you can sometimes get away with ponytail. If you have enough time you can experiment with your hair – every now and then it is nice to make a change if you have long straight hair you can curl it or vice versa.

And if you want to be true casual chic girl aEnhance your wonderful hair. Clips or barrettes can be a great compliment to your hair. Coordinate them with your clothes or your personality.


Play your eyes and you will see that all eyes will be on you. For cherries on top of cream add a little lipstick or shine. If you want to get out of the relaxed zone a bit, put on red lipstick and don't forget to wear a big smile.

STEP 3: Mix and match your clothes

For a consistent causal chic look, avoid wearing any style from top to toe. The key to mixing and matching the right clothes is to combine different fabrics and styles. Throw on a tailored jacket with a pair of jeans and heels. Or wear a ruffled blouse with your favorite bag pants and flats.


Casual chic style is one fantastic everyday alternative for ladies who, despite their busy schedules, are unwilling to give up stylish every day! Therefore, we will present to you some basic clothes that every woman with that type of style wears.


Blouse is the right answer on many occasions. This year's fashion spring / summer is colored in the trend of the 70s, which of course means fun, extreme and especially bohemian pieces. We will again wear trousers, skirts cut in A and finally blouses. In addition, we must emphasize that blouses have a huge addition plus because they can easily be combined with many outfits, they are the right wardrobe for business opportunities and a completely everyday, casual look.


Lines can be worn per hundred and one ways. Jeans or safari pants, no cold and particularly hot season does not go without basic fashion rules, among which is without doubt the wardrobe with lines. These are actually constant for each spring and summer, but you simply cannot imagine the relaxed style and sunny days. Lines are worn by young and even older ladies. We can simply say that they are timeless. Trends this year dictate lines per hundred and one ways, wide and thin, basic blue and white, and even more colorful.


White T-shirt is a perfect choice for both daily and evening occasions. During this transition period, it can be transformed into many combinations in stock. Keep the simple cotton shirt or borrowed from the closet for your guy. Here are some street style photos that will help you present another casual chic style.


Dark or light jeans – one of the best and favorite choices for this type of style, light skinny trousers can be rolled up to the ankles, for example, in combination with casual T-shirt, sandals with a heel or ultimately sneakers and with a small suitcase.


In addition, in this flood of must have pieces are also jumpsuit. Clothes you will surely find on the shelves of trendy stores with clothing in countless versions. You can choose from animal patterns, flowers, black and white combinations or simply monochrome. This is again a real hit. How not, when they are so comfortable, practical and beautiful. You just add the shoes and the look is complete. So this is also one of the haves for women with casual chic style.


The highlight of the casual chic style is also accessories. But don't overdo it. As Coco Chanel said: "Remove a piece of jewelry right before you leave the house." Stick to a statement necklace, dangling earrings or a cocktail ring – just don't go out of the house with your entire jewelry collection.

This style can also be inspired by fashion icons or celebrities. We included some photos of famous people who can help you get this style.

Cara Delevingne

Gwen Stefani

Nicole Richie


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