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What to Wear on a First Date
  for Women

What to Wear on a First Date for Women

The first date is important almost as the first impression. Going on a date means you have already won the ticket. Now you have to strive as much as possible to impress the person you will meet. For the first impression, it only takes a quick look, maybe three seconds. But on a date you spend with a potential partner for quite some time, that is why she / he will have time to evaluate you. During this time, the other person will form an opinion of you based on your appearance, your body language, your behavior, your ways and how you are dressed. That's why you have to be really careful about some things. Read on to see some helpful tips on how to look on a first date.

  • first date333

    first date333

What should I wear on a first date?

A first date is one of those occasions that leaves you standing in front of your wardrobe for hours. You have probably been asked yourself "What is the perfect outfit that will impress your date partner?" Of course, this is not easy, given that you only have a chance to show yourself in the best way.

We have given advice on five most common occasions for the first date; dinner, casual drink, lunch, movie and concert.

First Date: Dinner in fancy restaurant

So you are heading to a nice restaurant at dinner. Now you have the opportunity to wear something glamorous and extravagant. If you are not the type to wear heels, this is also where you have the chance to wear it, because you will sit and you cannot embarrass yourself.

  • dinner outfit3

    dinner outfit3

  • dinner outfit2

    dinner outfit2

  • dinner outfit

    dinner outfit

AVOID: Great clothes and bags, casual clothes.
DO NOT FORGET:    Red lipstick!

First date: Casual drink

The occasional drink is usually a day time. You have to look cute and elegant at the same time. For is just a drink you have to be fun and interesting, but not just in person, you have to show this also in your appearance.

  • casual look e

    casual look e

  • drink date 3

    drink date 3

  • drink date

    drink date

Avoid: Too high heels, glamorous look.
DO NOT FORGET:    Fill your look with fashionable accessories.

First Date: Lunch

Eating lunch means quickly drinking some food and returning to today's work. So you have limited time to impress your partner because you will be in a bit of a hurry. That's why you have to try extra hard to impress your date partner. This time you have to choose an outfit with a little edge, but don't overdo it.

  • lunchtime 5

    lunchtime 5

  • lunchtime


  • lunchtime 3

    lunchtime 3

Avoid: For casual clothes.
DO NOT FORGET: Use a perfume.

First Date: Movie

Movies are a great way to spend time with a date without the added pressure of making deep conversations. During movies, holding a hand is a great opportunity for physical contact. Therefore DO NOT exaggerate with accessories and bracelets.

  • biodräkt


  • bio equipment 1

    bio equipment 1

  • bio costume 3

    bio costume 3

Avoid: Rings and bracelets. Unpleasant material.
DO NOT FORGET: Wear clothes made of fabric that look and feel nice.

First Date: Concert

When the date calls for a crazy long-winded concert, it turns into a crazy crazy look. If you go to a concert where visitors are on your feet, your choice of clothing has no limit. If you are going to visit concerts in Opera etc. looking for advice from dinner in the fancy restaurant because of this is probably glamorous event. At the concert you therefore have a chance to look crazy and very sexy. This is also your opportunity to show more skin than usual.

  • concert aa

    concert aa

  • concert look 3

    concert look 3

  • concert glance

    concert glance

Avoid: Too high heels, especially if the concert will last for a few hours.
DO NOT FORGET: Add accessories.

How about makeup and hairstyle?

Do not overdo it with makeup, especially if you are going on a casual date (drink, lunch or movies). At the same time, it is allowed to improve makeup when you go on a glamorous date or concert. We give you the same advice for hairstyle. If you go on a casual date than you do not need to change your hair dramatically, you will be at a concert or dinner than you will have to look different and more special than usual. Here are some examples.

Temporary date:

  • hair - makeup - casual 2

    hair – makeup – casual 2

  • hair - makeup - relaxed

    hair – makeup – relaxed

Glamorous date:

  • glamuuur


  • glamor2


Crazy concert date look:

  • concert looks hair

    concert looks hair

  • konserthår


  • Wear something that fits your body.
  • Most guys are not in fashion and that's why they focus mostly on lips, eyes and facial expressions, so don't put too much on clothes. It is an important part of the look but still do not forget about personality and positive attitude.
  • Although the guys don't know fashion so well, they know what is hiding under your clothes, especially if you have tight pants or a skirt. So be careful to choose your lingerie properly.
  • Cherry on top is nice smelling perfume and a big smile.
  • couple4


  • couple3


  • couple2


We wish you the best of luck on the first date and we hope our advice will help you see your date again. If the first date proves to be a success, inspire partners to your personal style.


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