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White Boho Dress Ideas

White Boho Dress Ideas

Boho style (boho comes from the word Bohemian) always plays a huge role in the fashion world. It is the traditional style of clothing that is so timeless and wonderful. Talking about all bohemian clothing tips will probably take a book, so today I will focus on my favorite article: white boho dresses. There are so many styles of boho dresses and let's look at some of the most amazing styling ideas.

When do I wear a white Boho dress?

Before we look at all the different beautiful dresses you may have the question in mind: isn't a white boho dress just for wedding pictures? When do I actually get another chance to wear it? The somewhat surprising answer is: you can wear it on many occasions, because boho is just a style. Boho style comes in the form of cocktail dresses, walking dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses and many more. 

White Boho cocktail dress

In a previous article I talked about how yellow cocktail dresses can make you stand out from the crowd. A white boho dress, on the other hand, makes you look more relaxed and beautiful. You know what a girl looks like standing in the wind on the beach? It's the natural and wonderful feeling that the right boho cocktail dress can give your style. Let's take a look at some of the nicest designs of cocktail dresses:

Casual cocktail dress with short sleeves

white boho casual short sleeves

This is the type of design that you can wear at a cocktail party and looks so natural, but key yet wonderful. This will not get you as much attention as some of the other patterns but it will definitely make you feel very comfortable and natural while enjoying the party. 

Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

white boho cocktail dress off the shoulder

Dress off the shoulder is the choice for you if you want to look sexy but don't want to show too much skin. 

Boho cocktail dress with watch sleeves

white boho cocktail dress watch sleeves

There are some beautiful dresses that have watch sleeves like the above design. But personally, I don't think the watch sleeves fit the boho style perfectly. More importantly, it removed the uncomplicated boho style and makes you feel a little uncomfortable when moving into a cocktail party. 

White Boho wedding dress

Boho dress is the perfect dress for pictures before weddings and beach weddings. Most brides still prefer a more traditional wedding dress. I understand it and agree with it. But who says you can only have one wedding dress for your wedding photos and your outdoor wedding? After seeing the following designs, I'm sure you will love getting a boho dress because one of many looks for your wedding pictures. 

Boho Long Flowy Wedding Dress

white boho wedding dress long flowing

Imagine taking pictures before the wedding of you running with your hubby on the beach. Fluffy dresses never get old when it comes to wedding photos.

Deep V-neck, backless Boho wedding dress

white boho wedding dress v neckless back

It is probably one of the most iconic designs for boho wedding dresses. For those of you who didn't really show that much skin, taking wedding photos just once in a lifetime can be a once in a lifetime experience. 

Boho Lace & Crocheted Wedding Dress

white boho wedding dress lace

white boho wedding dress crocheted

Lace and crochet wedding dress makes you look really sexy without showing too much skin. And they make you look wonderful on the beach, under the sun. 

White Boho bridesmaid dress

white bridesmaid dresses

For bridesmaid dresses, remember that the first rule of thumb is: you must not look better than the bride. The second rule is: don't forget the first rule or be prepared to lose a friend. Don't show too much skin and stay subtle. 

Boho Flower Girl Dress

Boho dresses work very well for flower girls. A simple, cute design will work beautifully. 

Now I have stopped going through some wonderful and typical designs of boho dresses. Let's look at some other unique designs. 

White Boho floral embroidered dress

white boho embroidered floral dress

white boho floral short dress

Boho floral embroidered dress is stylish and relaxed. It can easily be both your favorite cocktail dress and everyday dress. 

White Boho Babydoll dress

white boho baby doll dress

Not only does a boho baby doll dress make you look cute, it also helps you hide your love handles a bit. It can be your savior for your next party if you run out of time to get fit.

Two-piece white Boho dress

two white boho dress

Two-piece is the perfect dress to show off your slim, curved waist. If you belong to the very small group that actually strives to get rid of love handles, you can look fantastic in a two-part boho dress.

White Boho High Low Dress

white boho high low dress

The imbalance of a high low boho dress makes you look more stylish and relaxed. It makes you look more unique among peers. High-low cut looks good for both boho wedding dresses and cocktail dresses. 

Boho Festival Maxi dress

white boho festival maxi dress

sienna miller vit boho

A boho maxi dress also suits a formal occasion. In the example above, you can see that Sienna Miller, an English actress and model, wore an absolutely wonderful boho dress in a formal event. She simply looked amazing. Finding outfit ideas for your next formal event can be stressful. But now you have your next one that is safe to try and gives you a wonderful result. 

White Boho maternity dress

boho white dress for photography of motherhood

Last but not least, white boho dresses work beautifully when your mothers are photographing clothes. With a boho dress, you will somehow show off your feminine side that you don't usually notice in yourself. It can make you the most beautiful and adorable mom to be for your photography of motherhood.

As you can see from all the aforementioned ideas, boho styles can be found in dresses of different styles and cuttings. They can make you look fantastic for occasions from cocktail parties to beach weddings. As fashion lovers, be adventurous (in fact, the ideas are so safe to try, since white boho dresses are beautiful but subtle) and have one for your next party. 

Hopefully, the above ideas will help you choose the perfect dress that suits your style and body type. There is so much to talk about boho style, and I have just covered the topic of white boho dresses in this blog post. I certainly hope to write more about different parts of the boho style. If you think this article provides your information and tips you need, make sure you also check out our other articles on the site for some great tips on fashion, beauty and fitness information. 


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