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White Embroidered Dress Outfit

White Embroidered Dress Outfit Ideas

Embroidery became the inevitable detail in almost every outfit combination. Whether there are ethnic, Aztec or floral motifs, embroidery will always give an extra exciting look to all your items. Today we will see how to wear a white embroidered dress. It is a classy and perfect for the summer that you have to wear when the temperature jumps.
This dress looks bohemian and casual. They are usually paired with sandals, mules or flip-flops. You will see how easy it is to wear it, and much easier to feel good while wearing it. If you do not already own a white embroidered dress, fortunately after this article you will start to think about it for upcoming hot summer days.

Dress off the shoulder

white embroidered dress outside the shoulder

Sun-kissed naked shoulders look absolutely beautiful in this shoulder-white embroidered dress. The dress would be pretty classic without embroidery to make it look interesting. The ruffle neck is the perfect way to take off your shoulders, while you got lovely floral embroidered details on your lovely back. The watch sleeves also have embroidery. This girl is wearing a pretty straw bag and hat.

Linen White embroidered dress

white embroidered dress linen

Linen is the right material for the summer. Firstly, it looks very nice. But more than that, it is very flattering for your skin. When the temperature gets really high, trust me, material is most important. This dress has stylish and embroidered body parts. The watch sleeves make the dress look bohemian and relaxed. Pairing it with flats or lace-up sandals would be a good idea.

Loose and flattering

white embroidered dress straight

Straight cuts may not suit everyone. But you have to try it. They can look very nice in combination with summer boots. You get a certain music festival look without even working on it. The lace around the neckline and the sleeves look romantic. Switch to black bike boots for wild vibe instead of brown.

A-Line Ruffle

white embroidery dress one line

A line of dresses looks cute and flattering. They are windy and relaxed, perfect for everyday wear. This white embroidered dress is lovely on hot summer days. It has delicate orange flower embroidery. The dress presents a mix of traditional and modern design. When it comes to shoes, you can finish this look with lace-up sandals or mules.

Classic embroidered dress

white embroidered dress elegant

If you prefer classic dresses, this may be your choice. It has nice midi cut and home embroidery. Floral motifs provide a perfect balance between the elegant and traditional way of wearing this dress. Designing it on some formal occasions may be correct. But with flats and a little straw crossbody bag, you can also carry it as a simple casual piece.

It's sea time

white embroidered dress summer

Summer is a great chance to show off your best dresses. Make this white embroidered dress one of your favorites. It is simple yet beautiful. The embroidered body looks very beautiful, while the trap seams too. You can design it with interesting black sandals with open toes, like the girl in the picture above.

Blue embroidery and white dress

white embroidered dress blue

Blue and white combination always reminds me of summer and the sea. These beautiful blue embroidered motifs are on the body part of the halter. The cutout dress is perfect for holidays, in combination with a bikini or for beach parties. Try matching it with uneven sandals with high heels for the night, or with flat sandals for a daytime event.

Traditional white embroidered dress

white embroidered dress traditional

When the mother meets tradition, you get something similar. The wonderful embroidered dress is a perfect blend of these two styles. The dress is quite trendy while the motifs are very traditional. It's perfect for every day. You can add a belt or strap that will decorate this beautiful dress.

Pretty in red

white embroidered dress red details

Red details are sophisticated and elegant. They lift up your clothes so you can design them for formal occasions. This white embroidered dress has red embroidered flowers. They are matching with clutch and earrings. This girl stylized this combination elegantly. But you can design it with flats or platform sandals if you want to get a relaxed look.

Details in brown leather

white embroidered dress blue-brown

This lovely embroidered dress has blue details. It is paired with details in brown leather. Bag along with open toe heels looks fantastic. Together with blue embroidery, brown details make a lovely combination. This girl chooses to wear this outfit for a casual look.

Flower dress off the shoulder

white embroidered dress off the shoulder

The dress off the shoulder is another model that will show off your naked sun kissed shoulders. This dress has wonderful and neat floral embroidery while the rest of the dress is left with the elegant and low key. You can follow these girl rules and wear uneven velvet sandals and a clutch.

Pure embroidered dress

white embroidered dress clean

The trend of wearing big clothes became popular last season. But if you follow the runway shows, you can see that transparent or clean blouses and dresses are no less popular than last year. That's why you should try this lovely embroidered dress. It has white floral motifs with clean home and body.

Maxi clean dress

white embroidered dress pure maxi

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of embroidery and maxi dresses. They look beautiful, especially in summer. You can feel free and relaxed in these dresses completely. The large parts of the dress make it even more exciting and flattering. You can wear it as an everyday combination. Round it off with flip-flops or flat sandals.

Denim jacket and white embroidered dress

white embroidered dress denim jacket

In combination with a denim jacket, this white midi dress looks very relaxed and fun. On summer evenings it's good to wear something similar to the denim jacket so you don't feel cold at all.
This girl chose beige strappy sandals with high heels.

These were some of the best outfit ideas I could find for you. They look fantastic, relaxed and very flattering. You should definitely give it a try in the coming hot summer days.


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