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Yellow Plaid Skirt Outfit

Yellow Plaid Skirt Outfit Ideas

If you belong to the famous’ 90s generation Z, you will probably associate yellow checkered skirt with the movie Clueless. The lead actress in the movie made plaid famous by wearing matching skirt and jacket in lovely yellow color.

After that movie, the routine quickly became a statement garment by many girls. It is most associated with punk and rock n roll style. But then it disappeared. It was out of style, and no one is wearing it.
This year, it came back through the big door. Plaid was everywhere, on skirts, blazers and dresses. Everyone loved it! And now I’m going to show you how you can recreate a little retro and a little modern look with a yellow checkered skirt. Trust me; you’re going to love it.

Midi Yellow Plaid Skirt

yellow plaid skirt mother

Plaid has not been classic to be stylish. This is a modern version of yellow plaid skirt that is fantastically paired with a white tee and black blazer.
If you want to add some statement garments along with this lovely skirt, add gold earrings, look and round everything with metallic sandals.

Knitted pencil skirt

yellow plaid skirts

This is a skirt seen on a street style. It is fantastic and very eccentric. You can wear it with any bass shirt or top, and it will still be a head-turner outfit. Also try to combine it with socks and sandals. It’s one of the most controversial combinations you can do.
Try it and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Leather jacket and yellow plaid skirt

yellow plaid skirt leather jacket

Jessica Alba is just one of those who couldn’t resist this pleading trend. She chose the A-line skirt which looks very flattering and has midi length.
This look is very feminine and ladylike. You can wear it for events such as business meetings, work or late evening dinners. Style it with peep-toe sandals, and you’re ready.

Cozy stock with Maxi skirt

yellow plaid skirt teddy bear

Teddy bears are perfect for winter because of their coziness and warmth. They are also very versatile. You can design them with all other staples. Here you can see what it looks like with maxi A-line skirt. You can definitely be sure that you will feel very cozy in this look.
Round everything up with elegant gold platforms.

Mix the patterns

yellow plaid skirt mix pattern

If you want your clothes to be interesting and eccentric, follow these steps to achieve it.
Pair your yellow plaid skirt with blue striped and a printed tee. Mixing patterns is always a good idea, so why not try it? For extra yellow looks add yellow shoes and white socks.
Although it may look a little young, this look is very chic and elegant.

Mini yellow dress

yellow plaid skirt mini

Youngish or not, this look is perfect for hot summer days. You may not have known that blue and yellow work perfectly together. This crop top is great for styling with a mini skirt. It looks sexy, but not over-the-line.
You can design it as a casual outfit with ankle boots or flats.

Matchy Yellow Plaid Look

yellow checkered dress matchy look

Chiara Ferragni is a fashion influencer, so it’s not a surprise that she wears all the trendy garments. She chose this matching outfit combination, which is perfect for getting a young and elegant look within 10 minutes.
You can design this look with lace-up sandals, flats or even high heels. There are no limits when it comes to customizing this outfit combination.

Stock it down

yellow plaid skirt tunic

Fall is an ideal time to play with different layers and lengths. The weather is cold, but it gives you room to combine even summer garments with autumn clothing.
This black tunic is layered above my mini skirt and it looks amazing. It is suitable for work, going out or walking with your friends. Make sure to wear some comfortable shoes like ankle or shoes.


yellow plaid skirt gold

Olivia Palermo always surprises me. Let me be clear! This plated skirt with gold plating is a fantastic choice when you need an interesting and sophisticated outfit combination.
She pairs the yellow plaid skirt with a stylish white button-down and pointed toe flats for an ultimate glamorous look. You can design this for elegant occasions, weddings or birthday celebrations.

Yellow plaid skirt for work

yellow plaid skirt camel sweater

If you were wondering how to design your plaid skirt so as not to overlook the line but very sophisticated, here is the easiest way to do it.
Asymmetrical skirt with the yellow checkered pattern is a good staple for designing your work clothes. Add a camel shirt and some nice pointed toe heels.

Beyonce Love Plaid

yellow plaid skirt beyonce

After seeing Beyonce in this yellow plaid skirt, I couldn’t resist without showing you.
She pairs it with a basic printed tee and striped sandals. However, the skirt is very interesting. Along with the checkered pattern which is very modern, the ruff on the skirt joint looks very flattering and stylish.
Choose some neutral shoes and you’re ready for each day.

Denim jacket and yellow plaid skirt

yellow plaid skirt denim jacket

I love mixing patterns. The denim jacket works perfectly with a plaid skirt. While it may not be your first choice, you need to unleash your creativity. If you want to make this outfit match, just choose a yellow backpack. It looks very cute, while also very feminine and stylish.
This outfit is perfect for everyday events. However, it can be a good choice for elegant events as well.

Midi skirt with skater shoes

yellow checkered skate skater

Here is another way to design asymmetrical plaid skirt. This time it is for daily event walks, hiking.
You can design it with campus printed tee and checkered skates. Add a leather jacket for a stylish look.

The yellow plaid skirt is surprisingly very versatile staple. It works well with relaxed and elegant staples as well. You can design it for work or for fun.
I hope you also try to integrate this nice skirt into your wardrobe. I’ll be safe!
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