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Black Bomber Jacket for Women

Black Bomber Jacket for Women Outfits

In a way, a black bomber jacket is a toned-down version of a black leather jacket. It looks more relaxed and more down to earth. As much a fan of the black leather jacket as I am, I have to admit that it does not suit people but the charismatic and cool character. On the other hand, a black bomber jacket can pretty much be paired with any casual outfit, just like white sneakers do. In this blog post I am going to show you some of my favorite ideas for black bomber jacket. Let’s check them out.

Black bomber jacket, gray sweater & ripped jeans

black bomber jacket gray sweater ripped jeans Let’s start with a causal street outfit that has a comfortable look combination. Wear a light gray sweater for the upper part with the black bomber jacket. Pair them with ripped, cropped skinny jeans and white sneakers. It is a stylish and refreshing outfit, especially for spring.

Dress All Black with Black Leggings & Sneakers

black bomber jacket leggings nike sneakers The black bomber jacket does such a good job that you look low-key but decent. There are days when we just don’t want to pay attention. You would be lying if you said you could wear a black leather jacket without being noticed. So now you see that there are situations when you prefer the black bomber jacket over the leather jacket. Back to this outfit you can simply wear everything black with a black sweater, a bomber jacket, black leggings and sneakers.

Wear with white tee and black skinny jeans

black bomber jacket skinny jeans white tee Black bomber jackets are usually body-fit by definition. With that said, you can actually achieve a more bag and hip-hop look by choosing a slightly oversized. Simply pair the big jacket with a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and sneakers.

Plaid sweater & gray sweater

plaid shirt gray sweater bomber jacket For a look that involves beautiful layering, wear a gray slim fit shirt over a plaid shirt. Wear a black bomber jacket over the shirt and complement the outfit with black skinny jeans and sneakers.

Wear with Black Crop Top & Leather Jacket

crop top black skinny jeans leather jacket Before I go into this outfit idea, I want to warn you that this one is super hard to pull off. I only include this one because I have friends who are super fit and would like to wear in a way that can show off their perfect waist. So if you must, skip this one and move on to the next outfit idea. If you are still here, well, you must have invested a lot in keeping yourself in good shape. Anyway, for this black outfit, wear a black crop top, leather pants, a bomber jacket and white sneakers.

Black bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans and heeled sandals

bomber jacket boyfriend jeans heeled sandals This outfit idea is easily my favorite among the list, due to the fact that it makes you look high and most importantly is very easy to pull off. The trick is to wear the black bomber jacket for the top and zipper it in an attempt to make the upper half of your body look slim and raise your waist. Then you only wear boyfriend jeans and high heels.

Black and white horizontal striped tee and black skinny jeans

black and white horizontal striped cotton jacket for t-shirt I’ve talked a lot about horizontal striped tees in other blog posts because they just look great with almost all kinds of jackets and sweaters. So I will talk about that too on wearing it with the bomber jacket. You can simply choose a black and white or navy and white horizontal striped t-shirt and pair the ripped black skinny jeans and sneakers.

Black bomber jacket with gray Midi sweater dress

black bomber jacket gray mini sweater dress outfit It is sometimes very difficult to think about what to wear with a sweater dress if it is necessary to keep warm. I suggest that in this case you can wear a long gray cardigan for a more feminine look or wear a black bomber jacket for a cool look. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sneakers to complete the causal outfit.

Wear with black top and denim shorts

bomber jacket denim shorts outfit For a classic denim shorts and black tee outfit, the first thing I can think of is to wear a boyfriend’s plaid shirt to overlay the pieces. If I have to choose something else, the black bomber jacket is a close second.

Wear with half clean T-shirt dress

semi sheer t shirt dress black bomber jacket A black bomber jacket can match very well with a black t-shirt dress. This t-shirt dress in particular has a little twist in the semi-clean overlay. For the shoes, leather shoes would be the perfect choice.

White oversized Tee, Boyfriend Jeans & Chukka boots

white tee boyfriend jeans chukka boots bomber jacket As a very causal and casual outfit that you would probably wear for grocery stores, you can simply put on the big white t-shirt, bomber jacket and boyfriend. An elegant way to complete the costume is to pair with chukka boots. To learn more about outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out my other blog post on how to wear chukka boots for women.

Wear with black tee & high waist leather skirt

black top bomber jacket leather skirt A great way to show off your legs in a subtle way, you can wear a black tee and a high waist in a mini skirt. The bomber jacket plays a very important role in this outfit as it prevents the suit from being too careless.

Gray Sweater, Ripped Jeans & Open Toe Heels

gray sweater black bomber jacket with open toe heels For a typical gray tee and ripped jeans outfit, you can add more character to it by wearing open toe heels and a black bomber jacket.

Badged Bomber Jacket with Boyfriend Jeans

badged bomber jacket boyfriend jeans For a more fun and creative look, try a badged bomber jacket. Wear it with ripped boyfriend jeans for this fun and slightly tough look.

Wear with black leather pants

Very often in the films you will see an actress dressed in black leather jacket and leather pants equipment. Even in reality, you may want to set it up a bit by replacing the leather jacket with a bomber jacket. By now, you should be able to see that the black bomber jacket is very easy to design. If you are not confident enough to design it without guidance, you can try the outfit ideas from the list above and I am sure many of the ideas will work wonderfully on you.

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