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Black Shawl Outfit Ideas

Black Shawl Outfit Ideas

Today I'm going to talk about the black shawl, something that you can put on almost any outfit and immediately make it look more elegant. The black shawl is really very easy to style. More importantly, it is also very easy to pull off. Still, for those of you who don't know it, I want to quickly show you how to style it. To do that, I have collected some really good ideas for black shawls for you. Let's dive in.

Black printed shawl with gray shift mini dress

To start with this list that contains so many beautiful clothes, I'll show you an outfit that is somewhere between casual and elegant. You can both wear this suit for friends and as a low profile cocktail party. To achieve that, wear only a black shawl over a gray miniskirt dress. Wear light pink heels to give an extra feminine touch.

White wedding dress with black faux fur shawl

white wedding dress black faux fur shawl

A black shawl fits perfectly with a white wedding dress. In this case, the shawl is a very elegant black fur shawl and simply makes the dress more beautiful and elegant. In practice, it can be worn to keep you warm. For the shoes you can simply wear silver with open toe heels to look a little more glossy and attractive.

Black shawl with silver flowers Printed details

black shawl with silver floral printed details

Sometimes, all you need to make your black shawl more attractive is a small silver detail because the black and silver combination can often make your outfit stand out. As an example, this black shawl comes with some nice floral printed details in silver. You can wear the shawl with a black tank top mini dress with silver open heels in silver to look simple but beautiful.

Black faux fur shawl with Gray Fit and Flare Mini Dress

black faux fur shawl gray fit and flare mini dress

As shown a little earlier, a black fur shawl can make your outfit look so much more elegant and lovely. This time it is not paired with a white wedding dress, but it is paired with a gray flared mini dress. You can pair them with open toe heels in silver case to complement a beautiful little cocktail party outfit.

Black shawl with Mini Tank dress

black shawl with mini tank dress

You can also wear a black scarf as if it were a black scarf. One of the benefits of wearing the shawl in this way is to cover the shoulders and sleeves for those who are not too comfortable with showing too much skin. You can pair the shawl with a black tank dress and black ankle strap with open toe heels to complete the suit.

Button Up black shawl with white tank top & jeans

button up black shawl white tank jeans

There are many variants of black shawls. For example, this comes in the form of a button up black shawl. You can wear it like a jacket. Pair it with a white top and dark blue skinny jeans. Wear black ballet flats for the shoes to complement the costume in a simple and clean way.

Wear with black v-neck tank shift dress

black v-neck shift dress

You can also drape a black shawl over your shoulders and pair it with a sleeveless black mini-shift dress. That way, only a few of your shoulders are displayed. It's almost like the shawl has turned the sleeveless dress into a cool shoulder dress, which, very interestingly, makes the outfit look more sexy. For the shoes you can either have open toe heels in black or silver.

Faux fur shawl over white shift dress

faux fur shawl over white shift dress

Here is another outfit that involves the black faux fur shawl. This time, it is paired with a white mini-shift dress to form an outfit suitable for cocktail parties or even formal events. For the shoes, keep the upholstery more invigorating by having white open toe heels.

Bride with white lace bridesmaid dress

white lace bridesmaid dress

A little earlier we have seen how a black fur shawl can look really good with a white wedding dress. This time, let's see what a typical big black shawl would look like with a white bridesmaid lace dress. As you can see from the above image, the result may not be as neat and elegant as the chamois version, but it still looks very beautiful. Simply pair them with silver heels to complete the suit.

Black ribbed fringe shawl with gray Mini Shift dress

black ribbed fringed shawl gray mini shift dress

If you look closely, this is not just a typical black shawl. It is actually a knit shawl made from knitwear. Moreover, its black shawl looks very beautiful and unique with its lashes. You can simply pair it with a gray mini-shift dress and gray pointed toe heels to make this beautiful low key.

Black and white plaid shawl with gray Bodycon Mini dress

black and white plaid wrap gray bodycon mini dress

To get a refreshing and relaxed look, here's a costume you can think of. You can wear a gray cotton bodycon mini dress with a pair of white thigh boots in the thigh to look minimal. To add a little elegant and feminine touch to the suit, put a black and white plaid scarf on top of the dress.

Lace shawl with black deep V-neck Bodycon Midi dress

lace shawl black deep v-neck bodycon midi dress

Sometimes, when you wear a nice dress like this black deep midi dress with v-neck, you may feel that you are showing too much skin. You may especially feel that way when your arms are not as firm as you want them to be. In these scenarios you can simply add a black lace shawl to cover some skin and also make the outfit look more elegant.

Black lace shawl over light heather gray Bodycon Mini dress

black lace shawl over light heather gray bodycon mini dress

For a ladylike and relatively casual cocktail party look, you can wear a black knotted lace shawl with a light gray bodycon mini dress. Pair them with black ankle straps with open toe heels to look more elegant. To see more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear black ankle strap heels.

Wear with white shirt & gray skinny jeans

white t-shirt gray skinny jeans

Here is a perfect demonstration of how a black shawl can easily turn an overly casual outfit into a more beautiful and elegant one. For example, you can wear a white t-shirt with gray jeans and black ballet heels to look very clean and simple. You can take the costume to the next level by wearing the black fringe shawl.

Black Shawl Shawl with Gray Halter Neck Mini Dress

black sheer gray mini dress in halter neck

This dress here is a very sexy gray halter neck mini bodycon dress. To make the overall look more natural and elegant, you can cover some arms and shoulders with a black sheer scarf. Pair them with silver colored ankle strap with open toe heels to shine in a cocktail party.

I hope you find these black shawl outfit ideas useful. One of the best ways to learn is to start by imitating and then fine-tune things here and there to make the ideas your own.

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