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Green Cocktail Dress Outfits

Green Cocktail Dress Outfits

If you run out of ideas on what to wear for your next cocktail party, how about wearing something other than the stylish black, red or silver dress and instead wear a green cocktail dress to achieve a more refreshing and unique look. Green is probably not the color type that comes directly to mind when we talk about cocktail dresses. But it can be a color that makes you stand out from the crowd. To show you how to style it, I've compiled some really nice green cocktail dress outfit ideas. Let's check them out now.

Green cap sleeve backless lace Midi skater cocktail dress

Let me start with this list with a very lady-like look that uses the beautiful pink and green color combination. To achieve this look, you can wear a green cap sleeve lace backless skater midi dress. Wear a very small and stylish pink shoulder bag and a pair of pink and black heels to complement the beautiful suit. 

Mock Neck Mini-green cocktail dress with silver open toe heels

mini green cocktail dress with mock neck with open heels in silver

This is a very minimal outfit that is especially for you who are minimalists. To create this outfit, you can simply wear a light green mini-swing dress with hair loss. To spice up the costume just a little, wear a pair of silver metallic patches with open toe. 

Green three-quarter sleeve skater cocktail dress with high boots in the knees

green three-quarter sleeve skater cocktail dress with high knee boots

This cocktail dress has a very comfortable design that you can actually wear it as a street outfit or even a business casual outfit. In detail, it is a green three-quarter sleeve skater mini dress with a crossed front detail. Pair it with knee-high boots in green leather to complement this super chic look. 

Green halter collar waist mini cocktail dress with statement necklace

green halter gathered waist mini cocktail dress with statement necklace

For those looking for an elegant outfit for your next cocktail party, look no further. This green halter mini pleated skater dress already looks so pretty and attractive in itself. Pairing it with a silver necklace and silver open heels in silver makes this a very elegant and eye-catching outfit. 

Green Silk Tube Mini Skater Cocktail Dress

green silk tube mini skater cocktail dress

If you want to be more eye-catching, how can you try a shiny dress made from silk. Here, for example, is a green mini-skater dress of silk tubes that looks simple yet very eye-catching. Pair a pair of gold heels with an open toe and a silver clutch bag to further push the envelope. 

Green cap sleeve Chiffon Midi flared dress

green cap sleeve chiffon midi puffy dress

To look dreamy and unique, here is an outfit you should try. In detail, the dress here is a midi-laced green cap dress made of chiffon with some very pretty silver sequin details. To complement the outfit elegantly, wear simple black suede patches with open toe. 

Green Deep V Neck Skater Cocktail Dress

green deep v-skater cocktail dress

For those who do not like to wear sophisticated or stylish clothes, sometimes a simple dress can make you look refreshing and innocent in a cocktail party. For example, here is a very simple green deep v-neck mini skater dress. Notice that being simple doesn't mean you're not sexy. Pair the dress with silver heels to complete this minimal and low-key sexy look. 

Sequin Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress with black leggings & boots

sequin with long sleeve bodycon mini dress with black leggings and boots

This is a very interesting outfit. Although almost no skin appears, it is a very eye-catching outfit. This is the kind of outfit that a manager or manager can wear if she still wants to look something powerful in a cocktail party. Wear a long-sleeved green sequin bodycon mini dress with black leggings and black suede boots. 

Dark green lace dress with three quarter sleeves

dark green three quarter sleeve lace dress

To look more mature and vintage, you may want to wear this dark green three-quarter sleeve gathered waist lace dress at the waist. Wear a pair of vintage earrings and a pair of green silk ballet heels to complete the outfit. 

Olive Sleeveless Lace Bodycon Midi Dress

olive sleeveless lace bodycon midi dress

Here is another mature cocktail dress that has some lace element in it. In detail, it is an olive sleeveless lace midi bodycon dress. To make this outfit a bit more eye-catching, wear silver metallic ankle strap with open toe heels to complement the outfit elegantly. 

Green cap sleeve mini cocktail dress with black statement necklace

green cap sleeve mini cocktail dress with black statement necklace

This is a very beautiful cocktail party outfit that involves a simple dress and some nice accessories. To form this outfit you can wear a mini dress with a green cap that is slightly blown out. Pair the dress with black heels, a silver and black floral embroidered clutch bag and a black statement necklace. 

Green long-sleeved suede cutout Front Bodycon Mini dress

green long-sleeved suede cutout front bodycon mini dress

This green bodycon long sleeve mini dress has beautiful cut out details just below the shoulders which makes the dress look like a halter dress. To build a beautiful outfit around the dress, wear a pair of green ankle strap with open toe and a pink leather clutch bag to complete the outfit. 

Green Halter Bodycon Midi Cocktail Dress

green halter bodycon midi cocktail dress

This is another very simple cocktail dress. If you've put a lot of effort into getting your shape in a good shape, a simple dress like that can already make you glow at the party. For details, to form this outfit, wear a green halter bodycon midi dress with green ankle strap with open toe heels. 

Green Scalloped Hem Three Quarter Sleeve Skater Cocktail Dress

green scalloped home three-quarter sleeve skater cocktail dress

For a girly and lovely look, you can wear this green, scaled half-skirt dress with three quartz sleeves. Pair it with a beautiful necklace with gold and silver and open toe heels in silver to get a beautiful and elegant outfit. 

Cutout Back Lace green cocktail dress

cut back lace green cocktail dress

For those of you who have beautiful skin, this is an outfit that lets you show off your strength a bit. The dress here is a green lace cocktail dress with a back detail. Just pair the dress with silver open heels in silver to achieve a sexy and stylish look with a key. 

I hope you like the green cocktail dress ideas I just shared with you. For those of you who are a little bored of wearing the more popular black dresses or white dresses, the list above can give you some good options to make you look good in a cocktail party. 


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