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How to Wear Cheetah Flats

How to Wear Cheetah Flats

Many are reluctant to wear a cheetah, be it a dress, a coat, a shirt or even a handbag. Although I always try to be as impartial as I can when it comes to outfit ideas. I think my mission is to share as many great outfit ideas as you can, as long as an outfit looks beautiful on a group of people, I'll write about it. But I also have to admit that cheetah is very difficult to style. Honestly, you can only be weird if you don't design it right or you simply wear it at the wrong time. That being said, there is actually a low-barrier-entry way to cheetah fashion, and that is to wear cheetah flats or sneakers. To help you with styling cheetah flats, I've compiled some of the best ways to wear them. You will be amazed at how easy it is to pull off these clothes.

Cheetah Flats with Navy Blazer & White Jeans

To start with the list, I will share with you a comfortable and smart looking business suit. Wear a gray sweater with a navy sweater. Complete outfit with white skinny jeans and cheetah flats. One of the things I really like about cheetah flats is that it makes your outfit look more interesting when you look too eye-catching.

Cheetah sneakers with denim jacket & plaid scarf

cheetah sneakers denim jacket plaid scarf

If you like to wear cheetah even more relaxed you can try cheetah sneakers. Wear a gray sweater with denim jacket, black skinny jeans and cheetah sneakers for this stylish street look.

One Should shirt with scarf and cheetah flats

a shoulder sweater scarf cheetah flats

A cheetah outfit is best when there is some sexy element in the outfit. The suit is a perfect example of the subtle sexiness I'm talking about. Wear a shoulder sweater with cuffed jeans, cheetah flats and a scarf. As a picture worth a thousand words, the picture perfectly shows that there really are times when cheetah apartments fit the suit much better than black or nude apartments. It's really hard to convince people or myself that without a picture.

Green sweater & skinny jeans

green sweatshirts skinny jeans leopard shoes

If I have to mention a shocking color that looks good with cheetah shoes, I would say it's lime green. For example, use a lime green sweater with cuffed skinny jeans and cheetah shoes.

Cheetah Flats with White Button Up Shirt & Denim Jacket

cheetah flats white shirt denim jacket

This outfit is a beautiful demonstration of the drape-over-the-shoulder styling technology. To get this sleek and elegant look, wear a white boyfriend shirt with black ripped slim jeans and cheetah flats. Pull a jeans jacket over your shoulders to add a touch of elegance to the look. By the way, if you want to go deeper into similar clothing, you might want to check out our blog post on how to drape a jacket over your shoulders.

Denim shirt, green skinny jeans & cheetah flats

denim shirt green skinny jeans cheetah shoes

It is actually quite rare to see green slim jeans. In fact, I never thought that green skinny jeans could be paired with cheetah flats before trying to come up with this list. Wear these pieces together with a denim shirt to create a refreshing green and blue outfit. I can see this as a unique and decent looking business suit that you would like to wear from time to time.

Black tunic top with ripped jeans

black sweater ripped jeans cheetah flats

For another simple and casual outfit you can easily wear a black tunic top, ripped jeans and cheetah shoes. Just for my own taste, I think the outfit would look better and cleaner without a statement necklace.

Wear with white vest top, skinny jeans and long cardigan

skinny jeans long cardigan cheetah shoes

A sexy and elegant way to wear the cheetah flats is to wear them with a deep v-white vest top and black skinny jeans. Adding a long green cardigan will complement the outfit with a feminine touch.

Trench Coat, Check Button Up Shirt & Leopard Shoes

trench coat check shirt leopard shoes

For a professional work suit you can wear a black and white check-up shirt and a skirt at the top. Wear black dress pants and cheetah shoes to complete the suit.

Wear with form fitting black tee and denim shorts

cheetah shoes black denim shorts

This is an outfit idea that shows that you can actually wear cheetah shoes in the summer and look amazing. Just wear a black long-sleeved t-shirt and black denim shorts with cheetah shoes. It's a little surprising to me how refreshing and sexy this black and cheetah outfit can look.

Camel Blazer with blue shirt

camel blazer denim shirt camel flats

There is another little surprise with this outfit. It amazes me how good cheetah flats can match with a pretty unisex outfit. This outfit consists of a blue button up shirt, a camel blazer, black dress pants and cheetah flats.

Gray sweater & Camo pants

gray sweater camo pants cheetah flats

This outfit is a creative that brings together camo pants and cheetah flats. Just wear a gray sweater for the top to complement this cool outfit.

Camel Short-sleeved wool top & leggings

camel shorts wool top cheetah loafers

Here is another elegant and casual outfit. Wear a camel wool with short sleeves with leggings and cheetah flats.

Wear with black leather jacket and cuffed skinny jeans

black leather jacket cheetah flats

I always consider the black leather jacket as one of the most versatile articles in the fashion world. You can easily wear it with cheetah shoes, white print tee and slim jeans.

Polka Dot Top with yellow pencil skirt

polka dot top yellow skirt cheetah flats

As a colorful and cheerful outfit, wear only a white and black polka dot blouse with a black cardigan, a yellow pencil skirt and cheetah flats.

So I just stopped sharing with you some of my favorite ways to wear cheetah flats. For many of you, hopefully the cheetah flats now look a lot easier to pull off than before you read this blog post. We can soon increase the difficulty by exploring something like cheetah dresses and cheetah dresses.

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