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Long Cardigan Sweater

Long Cardigan Sweater

The long cardigan is a beautiful piece that you can add to your usual outfit and look better immediately. I don't see how to say it best, but I think what I mean by "looking better" means that it looks like you look more delicate, in a good way that people see that you just feel that you look very adorable out and want to protect you. I think it's a very magical item and you really want one in your wardrobe. In this blog post I will share with you some of the best ideas about long cardigans.

Tan Long Cardigan sweater with high waist jeans

tan long cardigan sweater jeans heals

Let's start with an outfit idea that is very easy to pull off. Wear a tan long cardigan with high waisted jeans and a white t-shirt. You would also like to wear a belt and black heeled sandals with outfit. 

Wear with leather pants

leather pants tanned long cardigan sweater

For an elegant and feminine look, you can wear black leather pants and black heels. The black leather pants are a very interesting piece that spices up your usual outfit. To see more leather pants clothing, check out our blog post on leather leggings outfit ideas. 

Dark gray Maxi Cardigan sweater

dark gray maxi long cardigan sweater

A maxi cardigan sweater is a good idea if you want to look more artistic and unique. Be careful not to wear it to all events that require you to walk around a lot. However, it is perfect for a relaxed house party. You can wear a dark gray maxi shirt with white tee, high waist jeans and black heels. 

Wear with White Tee & White Jeans

white jeans with long cardigan sweater

A less popular but beautiful way to wear the long cardigan sweater is to pair it with a white tee and white jeans. For the shoes, try to match the color of the shirt. The two-color outfit looks very minimal and smart.  

Wear with t-shirt dress

long cardigan sweater t-shirt dress

If you want to look more delicate and adorable, you can try wearing a black and white long cardigan with a slightly shorter sweater dress or t-shirt dress. The layering can make your legs look longer. Use footwear for the shoes. 

Gray cardigan with black thigh high boots

long cardigan sweater thigh high boots

This is a beautiful outfit to wear this fall. The color combination is simple and clean. Wear a light gray cardigan with a dark gray t-shirt dress and black thigh high boots. 

Color Block Long Cardigan Sweater

gray black long cardigan sweater

The design of this cardigan sweater is really interesting and it also looks fantastic. It uses some gray color blocks with different darkness. To better show off the sweater, it is preferable to wear all black inside, with a black top, black leather leggings and black heel sandals. 

Wear with long striped T-shirt

long cardigan sweater striped t-shirt

For a really causal girl neighbor you can wear a cardigan with a long black and white striped tee, jeans and black flats. Wear a relaxed long necklace to complement this comfortable look on the street. 

Striped cardigan sweater with denim shorts

striped cardigan sweater denim shorts

Cardigan sweaters are good for summer and spring too. You can wear thinner cardigans with white t-shirt and denim shorts. Pair with heeled sandals and a necklace to make you really stand out from the rest on a summer's day. 

Wear with Black Skort

black cardigan sweater short

Not only do long cardigans look good with shorts, they work well with a skirt as well. Check out the spring outfit with a black cardigan, gray t-shirt and a black shirt. Wear black ankle boots to make this outfit look better. 

Wear with black and white striped t-shirt dress

long cardigan sweater black white tee dress

This outfit is a wonderful way to wear the long cardigan. It can also look sexy low key, especially if you have beautiful legs. Just wear a black and white horizontal striped t-shirt dress and wear a gray cardigan that is slightly longer than the dress. A black handbag and black heels with open toe make this outfit look even more elegant. 

Wear with scarf and high boots

long cardigan sweater scarf knee boots

This is a fantastic demonstration of how to wear the long sweater for fall and winter. Wear the cardigan with a scarf and knee-high boots to keep you warm but not looking clumsy. 

Wear with thigh high boots and mini skirt

long cardigan sweater mini skirt outfit

I know it's a mini skirt, but ironically, this is a perfect winter suit for you to look beautiful and stand out from the crowd. The summary is that you are not afraid to feel the cold from your legs. Wear a dark blue or black cardigan with a black shirt and mini skirt. Pair the outfit with over the knee boots. A knitted hat will be the perfect accessory for this look. Showing just a little of your legs is enough to make you shine in the winter. 

Wear with plaid boyfriend shirt and ankle boots

long cardigan sweater boyfriend shirt

Let's talk about a really relaxed way to wear the cardigan. You can wear it with a plaid boyfriend shirt, skinny jeans and ankle boots. It is the perfect outfit if you just want to dress really relaxed to shop for food or go to quickly grab something to eat from a fast-food restaurant. 

Wear with knee-high boots and white dress

long cardigan sweater white dress knee boots

A very minimal and beautiful outfit idea is to wear the cardigan with a white mini dress and knee-high boots in leather. It will make a good autumn costume. 

So there is a list of my favorite ways to wear the long cardigan sweater. I hope you find some of them that really suit you and make you look beautiful. By the way, you might also want to check out my other blog post on long sleeve cardigan as well. I think it's an equally magical item that can take your outfit to the next level. 


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