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Off The Shoulder Peasant Tops
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Off The Shoulder Peasant Tops Outfit Ideas

If you want to look stylish and low-key sexy in a relaxed way, is a very good way and easy way to do it to wear one off the shoulder. It is something that is very easy to style. You can basically design it the same way you style a t-shirt and you will see some surprisingly good results. If you want to look even more sexy and youthful, you can even choose a cropped version to show some extra skin at the waist. Anyway, to better show you how you can style it, I've put together a list of some really chic of shoulder-pinned top outfit ideas for you. Let's dive in. 

Black of shoulder farmer with green wide leg trousers

black off shoulder farmer top green wide leg pants

A very typical peasant top is the white one. Still, to give you a little surprise to start with this exciting list, I'll show you how to design a black from the shoulder peasant. You can wear the top with a pair of green trousers with wide legs. Pair them with white ballet flats to keep the suit relaxed and airy. 

Red shouldered farmer top with floppy hat

red cropped pawn floppy hat hat

Now let's look at a very eye-catching and low-key sexy outfit. For those who have both beautiful shoulders and waist, this outfit is especially for you. Wear a red cropped pawn top with dark blue skinny jeans and black heels to form this outfit. You can even wear a floppy hat to look creative and artistic. 

White cropped of shoulder peasant with dark blue skinny jeans

white cropped by shoulder top dark blue skinny jeans

Now let's look at how to design the iconic white from the shoulder peasant. This special is a cropped one that allows you to show some skin at the waist. You can simply pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and pale pink pointed toe heels to look stylish, low-cut sexy and refreshing. 

Black off shoulder top with Blue Denim Mini Shorts

black from the shoulder pawn top blue denim mini shorts

Here is a minimal outfit that is extremely easy to pull off. The only barrier is that some of you may consider wearing one off the shoulder is a little too sexy. If you are willing to dress a bit in your comfort zone, you can simply wear a black top of shoulder strap, denim mini-shorts and white sneakers to get this relaxed and beautiful look. 

Burgundy off shoulder top with denim shorts

This blouse differs slightly from those mentioned above. It is a wine red by the shoulder farmer who has relatively low cutting. You can carry a statement to balance it. Complete outfit with blue denim my shorts and nude heel sandals to look refreshing and youthful. 

Semi-Sheer Off Shoulder White Top with Black Tribal Printed Leggings

This is a white semi-gloss from the shoulder peasant that looks refreshing and beautiful. You can wear it on top of a black vest or a black tube top. For the bottom, wear black tribal printed leggings and uneven sandals with bare heels to add some tribal style to the mix. 

White off Shoulder Peasant top with Boho Style necklace

Sometimes all you need to spice up a very simple outfit is to wear a long stylish necklace. Here, for example, is a minimal outfit consisting of a white from the shoulder peasant, a pair of cuffed blue denim shorts and nude sandals. Now wear a long boho style necklace to make this outfit more stylish and eye-catching. 

Black shouldered top with white skinny jeans

black from the shoulder farmer top white skinny jeans

If it is something new for you to wear a shoulder top, you may want to start with the black shoulder strap which only reveals the shoulder legs and only the upper parts of the shoulders. Pair it with white skinny jeans and a pair of white heeled sandals to look refreshing and minimal. 

Plaid shoulder blouse with white skinny jeans

plaid shoulder blouse with white skinny jeans

Here is a beautiful shoulder blouse that is filled with a mini-checked pattern. The blouse looks so beautiful and attractive in itself that you just need a few simple pieces around it to look good. Just pair the top with white skinny jeans and white sandals to complete this remarkable look. 

White two-piece set with Off Shoulder Top & Peasant Midi skirt

white two-piece off shoulder top farmer midi skirt

This is a pure stylish white two-piece set consisting of a white from the shoulder peasant and a white peasant midi skirt. To complete this minimal and low-key sexy look, you can easily wear a pair of nude sandals to keep the outfit simple and invigorating. 

Wear with dark blue ripped skinny jeans & black heels

dark blue ripped skinny jeans black heels

Although this outfit looks very pretty and smart, it is still a bit too much to wear an off-shoulder top to work. But you can definitely wear this outfit to any informal cafe business meeting. To get this simple yet stunning look, you can wear a white peasant blouse with dark blue skinny jeans and black heels. 

White floral printed shoulder farmer with black flowing shorts

white flowers printed by shoulder top black flowing shorts

A nice way to look girly and youthful is to wear a white from the shoulder peasant with a pair of black floating shorts. This way of dressing can make your legs look extra long and slim. You can pair these pieces with a pair of open toe pink heels to add a feminine touch to the overall look. 

Yellow printed from the shoulder top with white jeans

yellow printed from the shoulder peasant with white jeans

To get this happy look, you can wear a yellow of the peasant blouse that comes with some white printed details. Pair the top with white sneakers and nude sandals to make this refreshing and attractive look. 

White lacing of the shoulder peasant with light blue denim shorts

white lace of shoulder strap top light blue denim shorts

If you want to look nicer, you can add a lace element to your outfit. For example, you can wear a white from the peasant lace top to give the feminine touch you are looking for. Pair the top with blue denim mini-shorts and nude sandals to complement the outfit in a refreshing and minimal way. 

Here are some elegant yet easy to pull off the shoulders of the farmers. For those of you who don't care about showing shoulders and shoulders, there are some really beautiful outfit ideas that you can try. 


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