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Outfit Ideas Corduroy Jacket

Outfit Ideas Corduroy Jacket

Many regard the corduroy jacket as something that keeps you warm but only average. I would argue that it is at least as neat as it is functional. The main purpose of writing this blog post is actually to show how a corduroy jacket can look amazing. In this blog post I am going to show you some of the best ways to wear a corduroy jacket. Let's look at them now. 

Brown fur collar Corduroy jacket with black skater skirt

I will start with the list with a stylish and casual street outfit. As you may have already worn before, a white t-shirt, a black skater and white sneakers are a really cool summer outfit. In the fall or spring you usually wear a denim jacket with an outfit. Now let's make the suit a little more feminine by replacing the denim jacket with a brown fur collar jacket. The result is a neat and adorable look. 

Brown Corduroy Blazer with black and white striped shirt

brown corduroy blazer black and white striped shirt

Another way to design it is to wear a corduroy blazer to replace your typical blazer in your work equipment. It just creates a warmer feeling of the professional look. As an example of such an outfit, a brown corduroy blazer with a black and white striped button-up wears shirt for the top. Pair them with skinny jeans and brown bread slices to get this down-to-earth professional look. 

Brown Corduroy jacket with gray sweater

brown corduroy jacket heather gray sweater

Here is another work suit but this one looks a bit more formal and feminine. Wear a white shirt with a white gray sweater and a brown corduroy jacket. Complete outfit with skinny jeans and brown oxford shoes. For an extra feminine touch, you can replace the brown jacket with a fur collar. 

Brown fur collar with white and pink striped tee

brown fur collar jacket white and pink striped t-shirt

People call the high waist light blue jeans "mom jeans" because of the slightly chunky cut. According to logic, a corduroy jacket should be called "mom jeans", as well as usually a little big and chunky. It is both surprising and amazing that these two items really look good when put together. As an example to show it, wear a brown corduroy jacket with a white and pink striped t-shirt for the top. Complete outfit with mom jeans and white sneakers. 

Black Corduroy jacket with white knit sweater

black corduroy jacket white knitted sweater

I usually call a black and white look a nice look, but this outfit is definitely a lovely one instead. Wear a white fluffy knit sweater for the upper part with a black teddy collar corduroy jacket. If you look closely, the sweater is a cropped one that shows you about half an inch of the waist. Pair these pieces with black skinny jeans and black ankle boots. 

Black fur collar jacket with sweater with high neck and flat cap

black fur collar jacket high neck sweater flat cap

For an artistic look, you can wear a white knitted sweater with high neck and a black fur collar corduroy jacket for the top. Pair them with a front button on denim and black leather boots. For a final artistic touch, wear a brown flat cap to take this outfit to the next level. 

Black jacket with white vest top and black denim shirt

black jacket white vest top denim shirt

Here is a stylish and relaxed black and white outfit. Simply start a white vest top with a black corduroy jacket for the top. It comes with a white fur collar. Complete the outfit relaxed by wearing a black denim mini skirt and white sneakers. 

Wear with White Crop Top & Sky Blue Jeans

white green top sky blue jeans

For a look that is both refreshing and sexy with a low key, you can wear a white crop top with a black corduroy jacket for the top. Just wear a pair of sky blue skinny jeans and white sneakers for the bottom. 

Corduroy jacket with brown fur collar with high waist plated skirt

brown fur collar corduroy jacket high waist plaid skirt

I mentioned a little earlier that there are lots of people who think corduroy jackets are just for warming up and they are not for you to look good. I think this beautiful suit is probably the best answer to that belief. This wonderful suit consists of a black top, a brown fur collar jacket and a black and white waist with high waist. It is also linked by black socks and black ankle boots. All these seemingly complicated pieces glue perfectly together to create this amazing outfit. 

Wear with white knitted sweater and gray wool skirt

white knitted sweater gray wool skirt

Compared to the previous suit, this one is much simpler but equally stylish. Easily wear a white knit sweater with a brown fur collar jacket and a gray wool skirt. To keep the elegant feel consistent, pair these pieces with brown suede boots. 

Wear with white printed sweater & cuffed jeans

white print sweater cuffed jeans

This is an incredibly adorable look. I'm pretty sure you can start to see the beauty of a corduroy jacket if you've reached this point in this blog post. Wear a white print shirt for the top, with a brown corduroy jacket. Complete outfit in style by wearing cuffed skinny jeans and brown oxford shoes. 

Wear with black skater skirt

black skater dress outfit

There seems to be some special chemistry between a black skater dress and a brown teddy collar corduroy jacket because they only look amazing when put together. You can simply pair these pieces with a gray sweater and brown suede boots. You can also wear the white sneakers instead of a younger and more energetic look. 

Brown Corduroy jacket with striped tee and black jeans

brown corduroy jacket striped t-shirt black jeans

For a windy look, you can wear a brown teddy collar jacket with a black and white striped t-shirt. Wear a black denim skirt with black leather bottom boots. 

Blue Corduroy jacket with all white outfit

blue corduroy all white outfit

This is an interesting attempt to pair a blue corduroy with a completely white outfit consisting of a white vest top, white skinny jeans and white sneakers. The result seems to be good and unique. 

Here are the ideas I would like to share with you. Hopefully you would find some of the clothes that fit you and add them as part of your everyday clothes. 


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