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Red Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas

Red Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas

Plaid was one of the most worn patterns last season. I fell in love with it, so I personally bought a blazer, pants and a skirt in black and white checkered pattern. Plaid, however, is not new. It was one of the grunge style pillars. Girls especially wore red checkered pants when they wanted to show off their punk side.
Today, red trousers with checkered print do not just have to be grunge style. There girls wear these lovely pants with crop tops, long coats, fur jackets and many more. If you are interested in seeing more, you should check out the ideas I have prepared for you. Let's start!

Elegant in red plaid pants

red plaid trousers black and white

If you're still not sure about these plaid pants, try this elegant black and white suit. Without red plaid pants, this look would be just simple and casual. But when you add these red pants you get an exciting and slightly grungy vibe, it's nothing short of very appealing. If you don't like experimenting, design this look with brown boots.

Red sweater and red plaid pants

red plaid shirt

Matching red shirt with pants is more than a good idea. It looks sophisticated, elegant and very elegant. This girl decided to go with black platform heels and a small bag. These details make every outfit interesting. You can carry this lovely combination for dinners or weekend coffee with your friends. But this outfit is also suitable for work.

Print Mix

red leopard plaid trousers

The leopard print was controversial for a long time. It was not considered suitable for work or for everyday wear. Combining checkered and leopard is also something surprising and not seen very often. Be brave and recreate these girls. She wears red plaid trousers, white white tee and leopard dress. When it comes to shoes, you should choose classic black pumps with high heels.

plaid Pants

red plaid trousers pant duit

For a matching moment, without so many works and attempts, just select the plaid pantsuit. Just a small reminder. Tights are popular this year and one of the spring trends. Perfectly tailored blazers are the must in spring. If you choose the red box, trust me, you will not be disappointed. Pair it with Chuck Taylor's for a harsh atmosphere.

Embroidered red plaid pants

embroidery with red checkered pants

Have you said that plaid is not enough for you? Oh, then you can add some embroidery to your pants. This gold type of embroidered detail makes this outfit even more interesting and unique. The matchy pantsuit is stylish so you can wear it for work, business meetings or other formal occasions. Style these pants and blazers with sneakers for the eccentric yet chic look.

Red Plaid Bell Skirts

red plaid trousers bell bottoms

The bell bottom is one of the pillars in the 90's clothing. Along with many other articles from the past, the bell bottom made a comeback last season. They are so flattering, and you will look very chic and polished in them. However, this girl decided to make a young combo. She pairs her black crop top with red plaid trousers. You can choose sneakers or heels, depending on the occasion where you want this look.

Leather jacket and red plaid pants

red plaid trousers leather jacket

The leather jacket is one of the essential pieces that you must have in your wardrobe. It works perfectly with all other staples. Black leather is elegant and sophisticated. You can mix it with checkered for a grungy look. Don't forget to add lace-up boots, a scarf and red backpack for a cozy and casual outfit combination.

Gigi in Plaid

red plaid trousers fur jacket

Gigi Hadid is known for his impeccable style. She even carries the item we are talking about today. Plaid trousers in red are combined with a furry moto jacket. Although this look may seem surprising, because of this jacket, Gigi wears this as a formal look. She added cowboy boots for the New Americana look. Trendy and polished, right?

Red plaid costume

red plaid pants suit

As I mentioned before, checkered suits are very trendy. Like the previous one, this girl chose the red plaid costume as a casual and casual combination. The blazer has a V-ring and is a belt. Belts, straps and other items are also in the Spring Trend group for 2018. This fashion blogger opted for silver metallic pointed toe shoes and stylish black clutch.

Brown fur jacket

red plaid trousers fur jacket

Fur jackets and coats were trendy this winter. They were known as teddy bears and were warm and cozy. Above all, they are very nice. This blogger pairs their skinny pants with a simple white tee and brown fur jacket. Brown details work perfectly with the rest of the look. She adds the furry bag and brown boots.

Bella in Retro Look

red plaid pants retro

The crop top combined with the leather-moto jacket is a fantastic 90s combination. Bella Hadid, one of the famous models nowadays, loves this retro style. She always surprises us with beautiful and vintage items combined with interesting clothes.

Red robe and plaid trousers

red plaid trousers long jacket

The long red coat looks very sophisticated and elegant. But when you pair it with red checkered pants and a printed tee, it can prove to be a grungy and casual item. You can design this look for everyday occasions or for certain events such as dinners or parties. Depending on the occasion, you can wear this outfit with heels or flats.

Parisian Chic

red Parisian Plaid Pants

French girls have impeccable fashion style. They possess that sense of simple and relaxed appearance, which appeals to a lot of chic at the same time. This girl, for example, combines plaid pants with black staples. She blends black baskets, sweatshirts and mules for a super polished and elegant combination. If you ask me, I will wear this for everyday and as work clothes.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas. As you can see, they are relaxed, grunge and elegant. Plaid pants are flattering, and they look fantastic with all those staples you could see.
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